1. crispy says

    I am looking forward to seeing a gay wedding on TV. Anyone know if this is the first one?

  2. Funbud says

    I don’t know what the “first” gay wedding on TV was, but Roseanne’s boss got married to his long-time partner on “Roseanne”.

  3. rudy says

    A nearly perfect episode. So good to see the characters grow and to have them portrayed by such fine actors. Cried throughout the entire last scene. Lost it completely when Kevin went down on one knee to propose and Scotty “clutched the pearls” and said “Yes”.

  4. CLEMSONAJ says

    So this is the music nerd in me, but what song is that playing in the background?

  5. Zeke says

    WOW, just WOW!

    I’m SICK that I missed this episode.

    That clip just made a sloppy mess out of this Mississippi redneck. I can’t wait for the husband to get home to see it. The words he used hold so true in our relationship so I REALLY lost it when he said that he even loved the things he hated about him. My husband said something very similar in his proposal to me and it is the ONE line that I can remember WORD FOR WORD from that day.

    Is there anywhere where I might be able to see the whole episode?

  6. rudy says

    Zeke, Go to (Google “Brothers & Sisters”. They have already posted the entire episode. I have watched it twice already. Enjoy Bubba!

  7. Alan Jones says

    To Zeke:

    You can watch full episodes of Brothers and Sisters on every Monday.

  8. says

    Okay, I’m really glad we have a mainstream, popular, primetime “drama” on tv that portrays gay people well and with dignity, not purely reducing us to stereotypes and actually giving us interesting lives. That’s wonderful.

    But, that doesn’t change the fact that Brothers and Sisters is pure cheese, and not the good, well-aged French kind. Cheese of the American thin-sliced 100% processed variety – the kind that tastes as bland as it looks.

  9. realitythink says

    Yes, it was a great scene and a good episode. It put that ridiculous Desperate Housewives to shame. That was the most disgusting display of stereotyping I’ve seen in a while. I felt like I was watching a bad 70’s sitcom.

    Marc Cherry clearly doesn’t like himself.

  10. says

    I thought the episode, and particularly the last scene was amazing.

    If out is only going to focus on entertainment for the Out 50, then Greg Berlanti did deserve to be the only gay guy on the cover.

  11. Butter says

    OMG that was the cutest scene EVER. I wonder if I can start watching the show from now on or if I’ll be completely lost in the story line. Anyone care to give a quick recap of what newcomers should know?

  12. Jack Scribe says

    Thanks for the clip. I’ll start watching B/S again. I thought it – along with Desperate Housewives and House – had “jumped the shark”. The writing talent in Hollywood is pretty thin.

  13. alex says

    That big sucking sound you hear are the collective asses of the Right Wingnuts tightening up at once!! The best part of this scene is that all the “NORMAL” folks in the show are so totally screwed up as you hear him describe the various characters in the show, while he shows how kind and sensitive and loving his partner is to come home too! Very interesting turn for TV….. Can’t wait to see how they handle a “Gay Marriage on TV”!!

  14. alex says

    That big sucking sound you hear are the collective asses of the Right Wingnuts tightening up at once!! The best part of this scene is that all the “NORMAL” folks in the show are so totally screwed up as you hear him describe the various characters in the show, while he shows how kind and sensitive and loving his partner is to come home too! Very interesting turn for TV….. Can’t wait to see how they handle a “Gay Marriage on TV”!!

  15. alex says

    That big sucking sound you hear are the collective asses of the Right Wingnuts tightening up at once!! The best part of this scene is that all the “NORMAL” folks in the show are so totally screwed up as you hear him describe the various characters in the show, while he shows how kind and sensitive and loving his partner is to come home too! Very interesting turn for TV….. Can’t wait to see how they handle a “Gay Marriage on TV”!!

  16. randy says

    While indeed the big kiss was interesting, the conversation between Kevin and Saul moments before was extraordinary. Saul reveals that he is homosexual and asks the question of how he can deal with that at such an advanced age. The last ten minutes of Brothers and Sisters was brilliant. It’s a show that is often laughable in its excess drama (there is no such thing as a quiet reaction). Greg Berlanti get more interesting by the minute. Eli Stone has become a fascinating ride into a spiritual landscape, while B&S, has touched on (finally) some gay subjects with remarkable humanity and depth.

  17. thomas e oneal says

    i have watched this show from the begining. it is in my oinion one of the best ever. this scene had me, as usual, in tears. i love this show. it always seems to renew my faith in people after a long hard week. but after this scene it had me longing for wht these wo men shared. honesty, compassion, and love. something gay or straight, we all need exercise.

  18. Anonymous says

    This was an amazing episode. The writers should strike more often if they come back and deliver this kind of material. This is one of the few well-written and well-acted shows on American television. And this portrayal of Kevin and Scottie is something that we happily long-term-partnered gay men can relate to.. :-)

  19. John says

    Good for them. But of course, we’ve seen same-sex unions on TV before.

    Starting with Roseanne, we’ve had a lot of commitment ceremonies for minor characters on sit-coms. Even the tame Will and Grace had a Vermont “civil union ceremony” (also minor characters though). This is less threatening to the straights on because it is “funny.”

    There has been some non-comedic stuff on cable though. Michael and Ben got married in Toronto on QAF. And MTV’s the Real World had a commitment ceremony between one the roommates and a local.

    I do believe this is the first time we’ve seen a California “domestic partnership thingy” depicted on screen though. As the Real World was back in the early 1990s (long before the DP law was enacted).

  20. says

    jesus….I can barely see THIS screen through my own curtain of tears…just beautifully and so tenderly written, acted and shot. (sob)…

  21. Strepsi says

    I loved it. It reminded me of my family: every single straight person divorced, the only one happily married once is the gay son. If straight people want to “Protect marriage” why don’t they ban divorce? Or go to the next sentence in Leviticus and advocate for the Death Penalty for adultry? Brothers and Sisters is back! And Luke Macfarlane is adorable and now OUT! 😀

  22. anon says

    I’m way behind on my episodes and the ABC thingy doesn’t work on my computer, so I guess I’ll wait for the DVD. However, I’m not too fond of Scotty and was annoyed when they admitted they write shows based on reactions from focus group panels–which is apparently why Scotty came back all of a sudden. Ugh. The writing was off this season too up through the eps I saw.

  23. says

    Brothers and Sisters is absolutely one of the best series on television right now.

    Last night, I remained glued to the television. I am enthralled with all the characters as they transition and transition.

    One thing I thought this morning, regarding Kevin’s character: The writer’s of the show have created a character, a gay man, brother, boyfriend, lawyer, etc. that is, well, ordinary. And when I write ordinary, I mean it in the best way.

    Kevin’s character is so human, so real, and so authentic. But then again, as you take a look at all the show’s characters – they also have that real factor.

    I also love the interaction Kevin has with his brothers.

    What more can I say? I love this show!

  24. soulbrotha says

    You know, I read these comments and I realize how utterly invisible people of color are on television. I don’t think that I have EVER witnessed two people of color in a same sex union on prime time (or day time for that matter). And the few gay characters of color that I do see, are always stereotypes of some sort. They are either ultra-fem finger-snappers, drag queens or “downlow” married men. They’re never portrayed as normal as the characters in this clip. Why is that?

    If I am incorrect (and I hope that I am), please give me examples to the contrary.

  25. Michael Bedwell says

    Clarifications/corrections of some comments:

    The commitment ceremony on MTV’s “The Real World” was between Cuban PERSON OF COLOR Pedro Zamora and AFRICAN-AMERICAN Sean Sasser in 1994. I don’t know if they registered as domestic partners but they could have, as San Francisco’s DP law became a reality in 1989.

    You can watch video from the series about their ceremony at:

    The incredible Zamora passed of AIDS a few months later. Antichrist Bill Clinton called him on his death bed and his administration arranged for family members still in Cuba to visit him.

  26. John says

    Perhaps Pedro and Sean did sign some sort of local registry. But San Francisco’s domestic partnership ordinance wasn’t that comprehensive. There are only so many rights a local government can provide.

    For California, the real significant piece of legislation was AB 205 in 2003, which transformed the statewide domestic partnership scheme into the equilvalent of civil unions.

    And like Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton was never homophobic in his personal life. However, both presidents pursued anti-gay policies when it suited their political purposes to do so. Even George W. Bush isn’t that homophobic (according to Barney Frank). They’re all opportunists, first and foremost.

    I think the last “proven” homophobic president was Richard Nixon.

  27. nic says

    you can’t rain on this parade. scotty is adorable and the saul/kevin conversation was quite poignant. the proposal scene even had this jaded bitch crying. i’ll leave any criticism of the show for a later date, than you.

    you’re a lucky man.

  28. Derrick from Philly says


    There has been some progress lately, but not enough. Yes, we to see more gay people of color on TV and movie screens. Hell, when it comes to network TV, I guess ALL gays (including white gays) could complain about the scarcity of positive images of gay people.

    There is a new gay network on Cable called HERE!. They’ve renewed the series “The DL Chronicles”. Now, I know the title turns some people off, but the show is actually about GAY men of color, and why some of them still must choose not to live openly gay lives. It’s created, written and directed by a black gay couple, and show is well done. So, there’s hope.

    you know me–I’m not angry that they show stereotypical “ultra fem finger snappers” or “drag queens”, I just don’t like the way my kinda’ gay folks are presented. Why can’t they give depth to these so-called stereotypes…Harvey Fierstein, Tony Kushner, Manuel Puig & STEPHEN WINTER have managed to do that, it can be done some more.

  29. Vintagevamp says

    I’ve never seen this show (I know, I know!), but that seen makes me want to start! I don’t know those characters from Adam, but I was totally crying with joy. I’m such a sap. 😉

  30. soulbrotha says

    Thanks for the info Derrick. I don’t have cable. Is the show on DVD?

    As for other snide responders, it’s a shame that you had to go back a whopping 14 years to dig up a so called “clarification/correction”, even though a “reality show” (which basically is a coin toss as to the outcome) is NOT the same thing as a show with characters created and developed by writers with SPECIFIC INTENT.

  31. Derrick from Philly says


    “The DL Chronicles” 1st season is on DVD.

    Oh, and the actors are…well, they only range from handsome to beautiful.

  32. matt-chicago says

    The power of television. My 70 year old mother called me after watching last nights episode and said, “that last scene, thats what I want for you.”

  33. Michael Bedwell says

    While there’s much to admire about Barney Frank, ANYONE parsing between the homophobic ACTIONS of an individual and their “personal feelings” is flaming horseshit.

    The George Bush Fils Reich has been gay baiting at least since he ran for governor of Texass when they spread rumors that Ann Richards was gay. As President, he not only denounced gay marriage equality in more than one State of the Union address, but called the press in to declare, “the Defense of Marriage requires a constitutional amendment. An amendment to the Constitution is never to be undertaken lightly. The amendment process has addressed many serious matters of national concern. And the preservation of marriage rises to this level of national importance. The union of a man and woman is the most enduring human institution, honoring — honored and encouraged in all cultures and by every religious faith. Ages of experience have taught humanity that the commitment of a husband and wife to love and to serve one another promotes the welfare of children and the stability of society.”

    His administration has refused to observe the job protection regulations for federal employees that Pres. Clinton established by Executive Order. While AIDS is not a ”
    gay disease,” of course, gays are among those affected by the Bush Reich flatlining Ryan White CARE Act funding which, due to inflation, effectively means that AIDS prevention and treatment funding has been reduced during the seven years he’s been in office. His insistence that at least one-third of the millions in “PEPFAR” funding go to teaching abstinence is one third that is not going to prevention and treatment. Thus, countless infections and deaths can be traced to his moralism.

    Neither do I need any documentation of Ronald Reagan ever using the F-word to know that he was as homophobic as anyone wielding a baseball bat at us. And that is not just because, months after their friend Rock Hudson had died of AIDS, Ronny & Nancy laughed on fucking national television during the 1986 Statue of Liberty rededication at this “joke” by Bob Hope: “I just heard that the Statue of Liberty has AIDS, but she doesn’t know if she got it from the mouth of the Hudson or the Staten Island Fairy.”

    The year before, in his first public comment, Reagan only added to public paranoia when asked in a press conference about “casual” transmission and public schools and he said he could “see both sides.” While already Science knew better by then, Reagan advisor and now US Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, anticipating such a question due to the Ryan White story, prepped Reagan to hedge because he himself was not convinced. The next day, the head of the CDC called a press conference to diplomatically deny Reagan’s denial. [His Surgeon General has since said that he wasn’t allowed to discuss AIDS with Reagan for years.]

    Reagan’s greatest sin, for which I would like to believe he will ever roast in the fires of Alzheimer’s Hell, was INaction.Between June 1981 and May 1982, the CDC spent less than $1 million on AIDS, but $9 million on Legionnaire’s Disease. By then there had been 1,000 deaths among 2,000 known AIDS cases and fewer than 50 deaths from Legionnaire’s Disease. As thousands more died, as thousands more became infected, the President of the United States still made no public address about it until six years after the first cases were identified. By the time he gave that speech, 36,058 Americans had been diagnosed with AIDS and 20,849 had died. The disease had spread to 113 countries, with more than 50,000 cases. There are now over 30 million worldwide.

    I’ve lost too many loved ones to AIDS, including friend Leonard Matlovich who was arrested in front of the White House in 1986 protesting Reagan’s failure, to countenance any crap about how he wasn’t “personally antigay.”

    PS: While there’s much to criticize about MTV, the casting of out AIDS educator Zamora and the inclusion of his relationship with Sasser was no toss of the coin and is to applauded to this day. As evidenced in the second video below, seeing a REAL gay couple, as well of one of color, is ultimately far more effective than any fictionalization, however admirable and moving as that on “B&S”

  34. crispy says

    Could someone please go to Michael Bedwell’s house and refill his Lithium prescription for him?

  35. peterparker says

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why people bitch and moan about Michael Bedwell’s posts. Bedwell is a better writer than almost any regular poster here on towleroad. His comments are engaging, interesting and easy to read. He almost always puts current events in a historical perspective, helping elucidate situations in a way that almost no one else here seems equipped to do. I enjoy his posts and hope he continues to share his knowledge and opinions.

  36. RJ says

    Michael Bedwell, while I don’t always agree with your opinions, nor read through everything you write, I must concur with your position on this issue.

  37. crispy says

    peterparker, you’re absolutely right. We shouldn’t make fun of the mentally disabled.

  38. Chad says

    Why oh why can’t Justin be the gay brother on that show? He is so much cuter! I am in lust for him.

    But a very good episode. The whole ‘marriage proposal’ thing was a bit corny for me, since I don’t really believe in love or marriage, but I’m sure ABC will milk it for everything it’s worth.

    Great show, though.

  39. scar2 says

    I also cried & I’m jaded when it comes to romance. One of their best episodes ever & not just because of the gay storylines. The rest of the show was also top-notch. I’m glad they’re going to have 27 episodes next season to make up for the writers’ strike. I can’t wait for the wedding next week.

  40. anon ( says

    Like I said, I haven’t seen an ep in several months. If Scotty is no longer annoying then that’s great!

  41. says

    altho a progressive scene to watch, let’s not forget that the character Kevin is ultimately a dweeb and usually quite unlikable, and he could easily revert to character and spinelessly back out of the union with Scotty before the season is over.
    and with the season winding-up in mind, let’s hope Saul does not commit suicide.

  42. mwf says

    The problem with the show is their use of music. It’s SO nauseating. They set up what emotions they want you to feel while watching it based upon their music selection. Whether it’s cutesy or melo-dramatic. Barf.

    It just makes me want to vomit.