Chelsea Clinton to Hit Lesbian Bar with Sophie B Hawkins?


Barring any unforeseen changes in the Clinton campaign schedule, it looks as if Chelsea will be continuing the gay bar crawl she began at Portland’s Red Dress Party and extended to Center City in Philadelphia when she returns to Portland before Oregon’s primary.

Williamette Week‘s Byron Beck reports: “Just got word there is a very strong possibility that my new friend Chelsea Clinton is heading back to Portland for a very special appearance on Tuesday, May 13. Chelsea will be collecting ballots alongside out and very proud recording artist Sophie B. Hawkins.”

Chelsea Clinton’s Ass Grabbed in Philadelphia Gay Bar Crawl [tr]
Chelsea Clinton Hobnobs with the Muscle Marys [tr]


  1. says

    This is a typical political move, one that reeks of self-importance. Hmmm, let me see enter a gay bar with gays and get more votes…I know the gay community is not that simple-minded. There are MAJOR issues that NEED to be tackled. Going to a gay bar and swinging a few back is the way you reach our community. Do we not deserve the respect of a town-meeting to discuss issues or are we conveniently located at a watering hole waiting for a Clinton to appear.

    What next Chelsea dons men clothes and invades a bath-house for support.

    It is shameless pandering and it is embarrassing. Clinton please do step aside prove that you are NOT a cry baby and concede defeat so that this country can move forward with a democratic nominee.

  2. LD says

    I’m not a Hillary supporter, but I think those Clintons raised a smart, self-possessed daughter. Sure her visits are political, but isn’t this a campaign? It’s great to see a politician’s daughter reaching out and getting involved, unlike those gum-snapping airhead girls-gone-wild Bush twins. I like her. She seems genuine.

  3. says

    lighten up, people. lots of young women like to frolic with gay men, and have gay male friends, and even lots of male friends, who are straight. Personally, most of my best freinds (BFF’s) are women, of all orientations. who cares? Theres not enough love in this world, and too much hate. Like John Lennon sang “Imagine”.
    so let the young lady enjoy her summer. she’s earned it, both in the wall street “greed is good” meat grinder, and the campaign trail( which is hard work, but fun too. besides, marijuana is legal in Oregon. reason enough to visit. send me a plane ticket, ms. clinton, and save me a seat. what man wouldnt love to be your friend- gay, straight, older or whatever…
    (Ed Rendell’s a lucky dog!)

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