EU Called on to Look at Moldova Following Gay Pride Terror


UK Gay News reports that MEP Raul Romeva has called on the European Union to “reconsider its relations” with Moldova following last weekend’s terrifying assault on a bus filled with participants observing Gay Pride festivities there. I posted about the incident on Monday.

RomevaAccording to UK Gay News, “Fifty participants of the parade were blocked in a bus surrounded by several hundred aggressive protestors shouting ‘Beat them to death’ and ‘Don’t let them escape’. After being forced by the neo-fascists to destroy their pride materials – colourful balloons, posters with anti-discrimination slogans and flags of the EU – Pride participant’s bus was eventually allowed to go. Police forces merely observed the violence and attacks and did not bother to intervene.”

Said Romeva: “It is unacceptable that Moldova exposes its own citizens, along with foreign visitors, to such violent attacks. Perhaps the European Union should reconsider its relations with a state so gravely breaching International Human Rights Obligations.”

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