News: PTown, Derek Jarman, Sao Paulo, Diet Coke, Birmingham

road.jpg Two men charged for sodomy using “crimes against nature” law in North Carolina.

Alreynoldsroad.jpg Did Al Reynolds, Jr. get some new Manhunt shots?

road.jpg Cleveland-bound pilot sees “an object with a flaming tail and a trail of smoke” fly past cockpit shortly after take-off from Houston: “The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force is involved in the investigation, but officials said they believe the object seen by the pilot just east of Houston’s airport on Monday was a model rocket.”

road.jpg First California same-sex marriages to take place on June 14?

road.jpg POLL: More than half of Californians support ballot measure ban on same-sex marriage. “Fifty-four percent of registered voters would back the measure, according to the survey by The Los Angeles Times and KTLA-TV. Thirty-five percent oppose the proposed measure, which is expected to be on the November ballot. The measure, sponsored by a coalition of groups that favor traditional marriage, would define marriage as ‘between a man and a woman,’ and effectively overturn a May 15 decision by the California Supreme Court that voided two state laws that forbade recognition of same-sex marriages. The poll, published on Friday, found 52 percent disagreed with that decision while 41 percent agreed.”

road.jpg Mario Lopez hits the beach

road.jpg Alan Ball developing British prison drama Bad Girls for HBO.

Jaranroad.jpg New Provincetown police chief Jeff Jaran promises fresh focus on preventing hate crimes.

road.jpg Glitterbox: Derek Jarman DVD box set to be released. “Mr. Jarman once lamented that heterosexuals had so colonized and despoiled the screen — his actual phrasing was less polite — ‘that there’s hardly room for us to kiss.’ He made it his mission to create that room.”

road.jpg Excerpt from Hiding in Plain Sight, the story of Raymond Burr’s secret gay life: “…Raymond had been living a closeted life in Hollywood for over a decade without even the whiff of anything ‘untoward’ about his lifestyle. Part of that had to do with his status as a supporting actor in the shadows, out of the spotlight’s direct glare. Leading-man types—Cary Grant, Randolph Scott, and Errol Flynn among them—were grist for the rumor mill, but Raymond had always flown under the radar. Until now. His much-publicized relationship with Natalie Wood helped his straight-arrow image, and he was well liked among the major gossip columnists, especially Hedda Hopper. And with her sonny boy making a name for himself on Perry Mason, Hedda had extra incentive to ensure Raymond’s name was kept away from ‘those’ rumors…”

Baleroad.jpg The Details on Christian Bale.

road.jpg Massive: Sao Paulo Gay Pride parade draws between 3 and 5 million people, but has it become just a dangerous street carnival?

road.jpg Pete Wentz sells advertising…on his face.

road.jpg Leona Lewis and David Beckham to close Beijing Olympics with London hand-off.

road.jpg Birmingham, Alabama Mayor Larry Langford says he won’t interfere with plans for a gay pride parade there on June 7: “Langford on Friday he would not sign a proclamation, allow banners on city property or sign a parade permit. The mayor said he rejected those requests because it was inappropriate for government to endorse a lifestyle. Today Langford said he will not block the police from issuing the parade permit. That permit is not normally signed by the mayor. Previous mayors have quietly signed the proclamation and allowed the banners. ‘I thought I had stated my position very clearly. If I were to sign the permit to put up banners on city right of ways I would be condoning that which I don’t condone,’ he said. ‘To give a proclamation is totally under the purview of the mayor.'”

road.jpg If you’re a wounded bird and Jodie Foster’s around, don’t look weak.

road.jpg Drink up: Diet Coke to drop DNA-damaging additive Sodium Benzoate.


  1. jeff says


    A vast majority of Americans opposed interracial marriage before “activist” judges did the right thing and equalized the playing field. Naturally, public opinion soon caught up. No one would now dare utter opposition to interracial marriages.

    Our civil rights should not be left to a vote.

    Otherwise, put a ban of divorce on the ballot. I’d like to make sure marriage stays as sacred as the haters claim it to be.

  2. MikeinSanJose says

    Ouch, Andy!!

    Give us a warning when you’re sneaking in links to Poo-rez Hilton. My computer has a little too much integrity to force browsing to that site. It causes seizures in bodies with brains.

  3. Paul R says

    Sodomy laws were overturned. How can they prosecute it?

    Those CA polls are depressing. I just hope we can come up with an effective way of changing people’s minds—and register and get out a lot of younger voters.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    ,Well, the mayor of Birmingham is what he is: a skunk. As I’ve said before, bigots come in all flavors: chocolate & vanilla,
    ‘bama caramel puke, etc.

    “Lifestyle”– don’t you hate it when people use words or terms and don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about? Jeeez, I’m glad that I’ve never been guilty of such a thing.

  5. thin mint says

    A big, big lawsuit against the Raleigh, North Carolina police department needs to be a priority of gay-rights organizations.

    This cannot be allowed to happen unchallenged. Of course the charges will probably be dismissed, but the police harassment of the victim remains — and the possibility of real sexual assault will never be investigated.

    Not only have the Raleigh police openly and knowingly defied the law, not only have they insulted an humiliated a law-abiding citizen, they have sent the message that a gay man should expect no protection from sexual assault.

    This just couldn’t be worse — I think it’s time for a huge test case based on Lawrence v. Texas to be brought.

  6. says

    Paul, those numbers aren’t depressing at all! 54% means we only need to convince 4% of the voters to stop them from overturning marriage equality. There’s the entire summer to do that.

    Sure, you’d like for the polls to suggest 70% support the decision, but it’s going to take some time for people to get used to it. Seeing their neighbors, friends, family and coworkers get married will probably be enough to get that 4%, never mind an entire message campaign.

    We overcame larger odds in Massachusetts; I’m confident the people of California can do the right thing too. (And our process in Mass was even more difficult – we had to go from a majority against equality, to convincing 3/4s of the entire House and Senate to support it… which is what we accomplished).

  7. Paul R says

    Ryan, unless I’m not understanding something here, the poll indicates that 35% support same-sex marriage, 54% are against, and the remaining 11% are presumably undecided. So in fact, we need to do more than 4%—we need to get 15% to support marriage. I think that might be tough, but hopefully I’m wrong.

  8. matt says

    Why exactly are faith-based initiatives allowed to be on any states’ ballot? Someone please explain this blatant unification of church & state and why it is legal? Also, why isn’t anyone putting forth similar amendments against divorce, trophy wives, and similar hypocrisies of straight men?

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