Greek Isle Mayor Hopes to Conduct First Same-Sex Wedding


Mayor Tassos Alfieris of the Greek island of Tilos hopes to officiate the first same-sex wedding ceremony in Greece:

“Tilos Island Mayor Tassos Alfieris says he would carry out the ceremony for two gay men who took the first official step toward marriage by posting a wedding notice in a Greek newspaper. No date has been set for the service. Greek civil ceremonies are conducted my municipal officials. Greece’s Orthodox Church has expressed strong objections to gay marriage in the past. In March a lesbian organization discovered a loophole in a 26-year-old law that does not specify gender in civil wedding. The two men on Tilos would be the first pair to test it.”

Greek Islanders of Lesbos Want the Name ‘Lesbian’ Back [tr]


  1. globetrotter says

    My partner and I traveled to Greece several years ago.

    The only country in which we were treated with MORE HOSTILITY than Greece was Spain – YES, gay marriage Spain.

    We travel abroad often. As naturally beautiful as both these countries are we will not be returning to either, ever!

  2. Caligula says

    I am from Hellas and I am neither for or against gay marriage. If my fellow gay Greeks wish to marry, then I think they should have the right to marry under the state, but not under the Greek Orthodox church. That would be ridicoulous. My country has become very nationalistic over the last few years. Due to thousands of refugees, border issues and the EU. Greece is a friendly country and I don’t see my people being agressive. However, if someone in Greece is homophobic to someone they are usually Albanian, Russian or Macedonians of Greek origin that have migrated back to Greece over the years. We are having a terrible time with them, as are they with us.

  3. Yeek says

    I absolutely loved Greece, but it was clear while we were there that there were a few areas where it was okay for gay people to be open and affectionate (i.e. parts of Mykonos) but nowhere else. It just sort of seemed to be an unspoken understanding that the gay and straight worlds did not cross.

    The other thing that was considered very poor taste was for anyone (and it was usually foreign visitors) to refer to same-sex activity during classic Greek civilization. The general reaction was not denial, but a terse acknowledgement and a painful look as if you had just taken a cheap shot or something.

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