1. Zeke says

    Unfortunately I don’t think many people are going to care about his endorsement at this point. It just looks like he’s jumping on the bandwagon now.

    I still hope Obama pursues him as his running mate though.

  2. Bosie says

    Lame…you obama supporters are makign a big deal …Because you guys knwo it ain’t gonna happen…he wont get the nomination, just because you want him to. That will do NOTHING> …Clinton is proving to everyone…Just because she is a woman don’t count her out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Obama OUT …HILARRY TOTALLY IN!!!!

  3. Mary, Really Late Dowager Queen of the British Empire, Ireland, Empress of India, etc..... says

    I like the Breck Girl. VP will do fine with me…….

  4. Zeke says

    After listening to that speech I am more convinced than ever that Obama should pick Edwards as his running mate.

    With Edwards on the ticket all the “blue collar, hard working white voters won’t vote for Obama” arguments will go down the drain. Edwards is the populists’ candidate.

    I can’t imagine any rational Clinton supporters holding out hope for her winning the nomination after tonight.

    It’s time to come together and begin the fight against McSame.

  5. Zeke says

    Oh, and I take back my doubts that his late endorsement would make any difference at this point. That speech no doubt won over many working class white voters.

  6. Rafael says

    Zeke, the rationale to justify Sen. Clinton as a pick for VP, is based on identity politics and her women base. But it could be argued that women will stay behind the democratic candidate. Female voters will not support a candidate who actively seeks to revert Roe vs. Wade.

    If you saw Edwards’ endorsement, there was a certain chemistry when Sen. Obama and Edwards stood together on the stage. More importantly Edwards brings comfort to the question marks surrounding Obama. He made a point of saying, that in the course of this campaign he got to know very well the top candidates, he is assuring the American people that there is nothing to fear and that it is time to move forward, I’m sure many got his message.

  7. patrick nyc says

    Edwards bombed twice running for the nomination and did not help Kerry at all in his run for VP, not even carry his own state, granted Kerry was the main reason. If Obama is smart he will strengthen the ticket by picking someone who is strong where his is very weak, on national defense. Sen Webb is ideal. Not only conservative, worked in Reagan’s administration, is from the military, his son is serving in Iraq and he’s against the war, was from the start.

  8. sparks says

    I usually avoid commenting on politics, but I just lost much respect for Edwards. Having withheld his endorsement until there was a fairly clear frontrunner, it looks like he just wanted to position himself to be an obvious choice for running mate for either candidate.

  9. Rafael says

    There may be a better choice for VP, or there may not. We will rather soon know how this all unfolds. But it is also fair to state, that the Edwards we know today is positively different from the one who ran for the spot in the past. Much of this is due to the fact that we now know him a lot better, and that is precisely what is needed in the Obama ticket, someone we feel we know.

  10. Jimmyboyo says


    I feel ya

    Months ago I would have been all a ga ga for Edwards as VP. His waiting so long really turned me off. I am still holding onto Obama/ Clinton

    Anyway; as far as endorsments go, NARAL endorsing Obama today does more than Edwards in my crazy opinion.

  11. John says

    Although Webb would be a very strong candidate, the Democrats might not want to risk it (with a 51-49 Senate).

    If Webb resigns from the Senate to run for VP, the Democrats might lose that seat in Virginia. Warner’s already running for the open seat this year.

    Of the state’s three Democratic representatives, Moran and Scott are more liberal than Virginia in general. And Boucher’s not charismatic in the slightest. Gov. Kaine can’t very well appoint himself to the job.

  12. Jimmyboyo says


    Hasn’t Webb already stated that he doesn’t want VP?

    I could have sworn he has.

    I realiy liked Andrea Mitchell telling Pat Buchanan over at MSNBC that he was out of date.

    That was worth it all :-)

  13. jesse says

    The timing of this endorsement is to counterbalance Hilary’s sweep in W.Va and the sense that Obama can’t win lower middle class whites. Obama won’t pick Edwards as his VP, nor will he pick Clinton (nor would she have it). He’s gonna go for Kathleen Sebelius, the Governor of Kansas. She’s female, mid-western, has the support of lower middle class whites. Covers all the bases.

    Edwards’ endorsement is important only in that it shows the Democratic Party rallying around Obama and centering themselves behind a candidate instead of waiting through more primaries for the what now seems a foregone conclusion. Edwards helps put Obama on the national front and lifts him out of these state to state battles.

  14. Noel says

    If Obama has the balls to pick a woman (other than Hillary) for VP, he can say goodbye to all hope of getting Hillary’s supporters.

    Women are not interchangeable. Sebelius was a wooden dolt in her response to Bush’s SOTU speech.

    And to be fair, Hillary, if she was the nominee and chose a black man (not Obama) as a running mate, you can bet she’d have lost massive support from the AA community.

  15. silverskreen says


    While I am almost certain that I’ve never agreed with your political views, that comment about being 18 to vote = F’N HILARIOUS!

  16. Andy says

    I love Hillary.

    She such tenacity, drive, and steel. And brains. That is what our country needs now.

    Too bad all these catty pundits and impatient party members are completely clueless about that.

    I still think what the media has done to her is disgusting – and to Geraldine Ferraro or that matter.

  17. Husky says

    I have yet to see any plans or outlines of this “Change”. What is it? Does anyone know what it is other than a buzz word right now? I think people should really take a look at the candidates records on bills and such. Just as a point of information any people with Partners who are foreign born and have a temporary status should be examining things quite closely.

  18. Michael Bedwell says

    Y’all have missed the REAL reason of the timing:

    It’s actually because Edwards wanted to give Andy Towle a smile to wake up with on his birthday tomorrow.

    :- )

  19. Zeke says

    Webb is a social conservative. I don’t think he would be a very good pick as far as the gay community is concerned.

    Does anyone know where he stands on gay rights, civil unions, etc.

    Since he is from Virginia and married to an Asian woman, it would seem that he would be sensitive to the gay struggle for marriage equality in light of his state’s and his marriage’s connection to the Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court ruling. But as we’ve seen so many times before, we can never count on people who should have special understanding of our situation to be allies.

    I’m not suggesting that he would be publicly supportive of marriage equality. That would be political suicide; especially in Virginia. I would however hope that he at least shares Obama’s position on Civil Unions if he’s going to be considered for VP.

  20. Ada says

    That speech just reminded me have much I love John Edwards. He would have made a great president but I will be really happy if we get Obama elected.
    As far as the few remaining Clinton supporters here: It’s over, get over it. It’s time to rally behind our parties nominee so we can beat McCain.

  21. Jimmyboyo says


    I am an Obama supporter, but the words “get over it” towards Hillary supporters is not helpful.

    Sorry, it just isn’t.

    What is worse than a sore looser? An arrogant winner!

    Again 60% to 33% of dems as of this moment want Obama to pick Hillary as VP. Since Obama is winning, obviously a large chunk of that 60% is Obama supporters themselves.

    Kumbya and we are family , but seriously Hillary supporters are not our enemies nor should they be dismissed in such a manner as “get over it”

    Politics = compromise
    democracy = compromise


    Webb is socialy conservative and from what I remember from the elections 2006 he does not support gay marriage. He used to be a repub and actually worked for reagan. I am proud he is a dem, though conservative, but not the best liberal on social issues.

  22. AdamN says

    It wasn’t meant to be arrogant just firm. I’ve just noticed a lot of negativity, hostility, and anger from the Clinton supporters toward Obama and his supporters on this site. It’s unhelpful and hurting our party. At this point its obvious who the nominee is but some people here not only refuse to accept it but gleefully rip into Obama every chance they get. So I’m a little frustrated with all that.. Sorry.
    Oh and I don’t know how my name got chopped up, I’m not Ada

  23. silverskreen says


    Truth be told, it’s comments like yours that keep me on the fence(in a good way) because in the past few weeks I have mostly decided that there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell I’d vote for Sen. Obama. Big picture be damned, I’ve been thinking. But reading your statement reminds me that by not voting for him, it would make me much more arrogant and wrong than the Obama supporters and surrogates I can’t stand.
    So, thank you…

    (oh, and 316% more? Wow! Those are the most impressive numbers you’ve posted. Sign me up! With Nic, of course 😉 lol)


    I don’t know about any of your other posts, I’m only going by the past two…well, more so about the “I’ve just noticed a lot of negativity, hostility, and anger from the Clinton supporters toward Obama and his supporters on this site. It’s unhelpful and hurting our party.”

    If we’re honest about the whole thing, both sides are incredibly nasty towards the other. It might not appear so if one agrees, to a certain degree, with the person doing the attack, but it’s still an attack.
    So, if one side is hurting the party by this, both sides have to share the blame.

  24. AdamN says

    I don’t comment that often but I don’t think in general I’ve been on the attack towards Clinton supporters on Towleroad and, AGAIN, I didn’t mean to come off as arrogant. But Silverskreen, I would have to disagree with you on the equal blame thing. There have been some pretty nasty comments from Clinton supporters on here and I don’t see the same level of nastiness coming from Obama supporters on Towleroad. For instance, I don’t normally see Obama supporters making misogynistic remarks but I do see a disturbing pattern of racism coming from some of the other side on this site. Have you read Johnnylane’s posts?
    But, yet again, I apologize. I was going for party unity but I’ve gotten myself attacked by my fellow Democrats. Oh well, better luck next time…

  25. Jimmyboyo says


    Johnylane in no way is even a dem with the remarks he has posted. Just some racist log cabinite trying to stir up trouble

    Have Clinton supporters said shity things? YES

    Have Obama supporters said shity things? YES

    But in the end we have to all come together and defeat mccain and the repubs.

    Kumbya :-)

    Hillary herself defended Obama today. It was a good sign of party unity. She totaly blew away the hamas schtick and defended Obama on his stance towards Israel.

  26. ger says

    You Americans are crazy. Obama, Clinton, Edwards, hell, It’d be better than what you have now. Look at the big picture, and support those that don’t hate us (how sad is that statement).

  27. silverskreen says


    Not trying to attack ya by any means, bubb. Was just trying to make a point. So, my apologies if it came off that way.
    But I will disagree that there haven’t been any as nasty as the Obama remarks…
    No need to repost them, but just think of all the nasty things you can call a woman you hate…because they’ve all been said out of hate.

    In any event, I’ve gotta get my happy ass to bed.

  28. says



  29. says

    I was watching this speech yesterday live while I was at the gym. At first I thought that Edwards was endorsing Clinton, with all the accolades he was dishing out to her. I guess its good, but I am sooo happy that he finally ‘came out’ and endorsed the Big O.

  30. Jimmyboyo says



    I didn’t play nice at first myself. It was thanks to other posters who called me out on it that I tried to change.

    It is all good.

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