Lance Bass Hires Himself a Shirtless Bodyguard


Just what every high-profile celebrity gay needs. Actually, he’s coming out of the Equinox at South Beach, so it’s most likely a trainer or workout companion. But it’s much more amusing to believe that Bass is surrounded by a shirtless security detail ready to beat down anti-gay thugs at all times. More at Just Jared.


  1. hamp says

    Why is Lance Bass a celebrity? Why would he even need a bodyguard? What does he do? I know he used to be in a band a long time ago. What does he do now?

  2. Caligula says

    Lance Bass is a personality now. He is like Paris Hilton. A bodyguard is not a bad idea for anyone in LA, especially at night if you can afford one. Being known and wealthy is reason enough. I would have one or two if I lived in the US. We don’t really need bodyguards in Monte Carlo and Athens, people don’t pay attention to you.

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