1. crispy says

    That’s a nice ad, and kudos to Macy’s for supporting our community.

    But my partner and I actually did register at Macy’s, and it was awful. They sent us a cookware set with baking sheets that were bent and rusty. When we returned them to the store, the clerk charged us shipping to have them replaced.

    And once you register with, you can expect to receive spam every day for the rest of your life. Sometimes twice a day. I love getting bridal suggestions as much as the next guy, but after a few weeks I started growing breasts.

  2. Bill in Denver says

    That’s it, marriage equality is one step closer. Once corporate America finds that same sex marriage helps boost the bottom line, fundamentalist opposition will be marginalized and full marriage rights will be forthcoming. We will still have to fight every step of the way, but with corporate backing from the alter of the almighty dollar it will be a little easier.

  3. ichabod says

    I always said we’d win America’s hearts and minds through their wallets. (Sorry for sounding cynical –go Macy’s!)

  4. ichabod says

    I always said we’d win America’s hearts and minds through their wallets. (Sorry for sounding cynical –go Macy’s!)

  5. Randy says

    Doe$ anybody get the feeling one of the BIG reasons gays want to get married is to have a blowout wedding…You can hear them now, PRESENTS PRESENTS PRESSSSSSENTSSS….

    Margaret Cho said it best “”any government that denies a gay man the right to bridal registry is a fascist regime!”

  6. Voet says

    I got rid of my Macy’s charge card in 2006 when they removed the mannequin with the Pride flag wrapped around it from their Boston store window. I have not set foot in a Macy’s since. Now that we have the opportunity to marry, they want us to register in their stores. My partner and I have decided to ask our family and friends to make contributions to a couple of LGBT charities instead.

  7. Zeke says

    The ad seems like a nice gesture but I don’t really see how anyone can interpret it as a sign of Macy’s support of gay marriage.

    Placing an ad asking gay people to send their wedding bucks to Macy’s seems to be much more about making money for the company than it does about supporting a step forward for gay rights.

    If Macy’s was really supportive of marriage equality they would have placed ads supporting our right to marry BEFORE the CA ruling and without attaching their phone number and website address for to let us know that it’s really our money that they support. Hell, even Wal-Mart wants our money, that’s no testament to their support of us.

    I know I’m being cynical but I just see this as another marketing tool to get more pink dollars, nothing more; especially in light of their little display window incident a couple of years ago when they put up a manequin wearing a rainbow towel around it’s waiste to draw in the pink dollars during gay pride but quickly removed it the second a couple of fundies complained.

    Sometimes I think the gay community is so desperate for approval and support that we view any brazen appeal for our money as a statement of support for our community.

    I think Macy’s could have at least had the good taste to disguise their intentions better. They could have placed full page ads of congratulations with absolutely no mention of registering at their store. Then a week or so later they could have dropped the other shoe. They would have gotten the same result but would have at least given the impression that their first thought wasn’t, “Hmm, how do we cash in on this?”

  8. crispy says

    To be fair, the Macy’s registry did include “Commitment Ceremony” as an option long before the CA ruling. So they’ve always been somewhat gay inclusive.

    And it’s a little naive to think that a corporation who’s sole mission is to make money for its shareholders should support a cause simply because it’s the right thing to do.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, the Log Cabin boys probably approve of Macy’s gesture.

    CRISPY, some gay men like tits…No mammary bigots here please! When it comes to male physical beauty we’re open-minded now…since last week’s discussions we better be.

  10. farfromhome says

    I agree Crispy.

    Macy’s are putting themselves out front and center just buy running this ad saying we “accept” same couple marriage, even if in their case it is only for the sake of commerce.

    While I don’t feature many beer swilling, lower middle class
    homophobes shopping at Macy’s (Walmart is more to their liking) Macy’s is still putting their name on the line. Here in California many on the (R)ight do have the money (and taste) to patronize Macy’s.

  11. TOSOFBS says

    Hey, since we’re getting a fresh start on this wedding business could we all perhaps forego the tacky extortion of bridal registries altogether?

    Grownups shouldn’t ask for gifts from the friends and families. Decline ’em or organize a collective donation everyone can feel good about. Be creative.

    –tired of shelling out for baking sheets (rusty or otherwise)

  12. John says

    Schwarzenegger said it himself.

    This same-sex marriage business means big bucks for California — especially San Francisco and Los Angeles. Since there’s no residency requirement, anyone can come and get married.

    So, why wouldn’t Macys – the biggest department store chain in California – want to cash in on this opportunity? They’re a corporation. And the purpose of a corporation is to make money.

  13. crispy says

    I actually agree with you on that (despite your comment coming off as kinda dickish).

    But what happened to me, and I suspect to a lot of couples, is that every guest we invited to our ceremony asked us where we were registered. Believe it or not, people actually like giving gifts.

  14. FizziekruntNT says

    That Macy’s is a commerce/for-profit operated business is stating the obvious. What we should be doing instead of thumbing our noses at them is thanking them for opening another door for additional opportunities. The more accepted and mainstream these things become, the less flack we take in state and local elections. Eventually we gain economic status and corporations like Macys have the ability to change attitudes IF and when they choose to do it, and pray they do it well. Their involvement, let’s face it, is directly related to economics and when money is involved, one way or another, businesses change culture.

    Either way, I’m registering at Neimans.

  15. FizziekruntNT says

    And congratulations, Crispy…and to any of you who have gone through with a ceremony. I celebrate each and every one of you because in life, it’s difficult enough to find someone to love and one who can love you back the way you would want, much less to commit your love to one another and be able to make it work (work being the operative word). I wish each of you all the best and many happy returns. 😉

  16. Zeke says

    I think some, if not all, of you missed the last part of my comment which was:

    I think Macy’s could have at least had the good taste to disguise their intentions better. They could have placed full page ads of congratulations with absolutely no mention of registering at their store. Then a week or so later they could have dropped the other shoe. They would have gotten the same result but would have at least given the impression that their first thought wasn’t, “Hmm, how do we cash in on this?”

    Does anyone really disagree with that?

    I also think it was clever how they implied support for same-sex marriage without actually saying it outright.

    FIZZIEKRUNTNT, can you tell me exactly how this ad is “opening another door for additional opportunities” and why we should be thanking them for it? We should be thankful to them for publicly offering us the opportunity to register and spend our money in their store? I’m not quite following this line of reasoning.

  17. DrTheopolis says

    ICHABOD: That is precisely why I’d like the opportunity to marry — People could celebrate ME (& my future partner) for a change! It’s reminiscent of the SATC episode where Carrie registers herself at Manolo Blanik after her shoes are stolen at Tatum O’Neils; Carrie laments on why she shouldn’t be celebrated after lavishing gives on all her friends’ bridal & baby showers, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, etc. etc. I’ve certainly been in that situation as all my straight male and female friends have gotten married and had kids. Granted, those events should be celebrated, gays have been left out of the celebration for too long, relegated to the backseat, paying for gifts but never on the (legal) receiving end.

    Dr. Theopolis

  18. John says

    If they don’t mention the store’s wedding registry, it would be an advertisement for same-sex marriage and NOT Macys.

    They’re not the Harvey Milk Democratic Club or Empire State Pride Agenda. They’re a business. In truth, they probably don’t care about gay rights in the slightest. But they do care that some of their customers are gay, have disposable incomes, and are now allowed to marry.

  19. Chris says

    This ad was in the LA Times, which is great. (you are on the money Crispy.) But, the question is, was it in the Orange County Register? (That’s where the GOP Lysol Ladies live in southern Calif.)

  20. Zeke says

    Interestingly enough JOHN, that was the point I was trying to make; that this isn’t Macy’s showing their support for gay rights or gay marriage as some seem to believe. It’s an ad to make money which is fine and to be expected from a company that’s in the business of making money. It just seems silly to me that people are reading so much good will into sales pitch.

  21. westcoastkid says

    I get the LA Times daily here in conservative San Diego, home to several large Macy’s and I didn’t see the add in today’s paper.

    I believe if they did play it here there would be a picket line around Macy’s stores in the county within hours of it’s hitting the streets.

    It must be aimed more at the West Hollywood crowd.

  22. Pekemo says

    Jesus, why does this community have to be so fucking pessimistic? If you don’t want to look at the bright side of this ad then shut up and let the rest of us enjoy the situation, can’t you guys at least be happy that we’re being recognized in a very positive by a major corporation, even if it is for a profit?

  23. Zeke says

    PEKEMO, how’s about you start your own blog where you can restrict people from expressing their opinions to your hearts content.

    Forgive me if I happen to see an ad as an AD without getting all excited and teary eyed reading something more into it.

    You clearly don’t know the difference between pessimism and realism.

  24. FizziekruntNT says

    Zeke, I’m assuming that your disgust with commercialism and your own personal insult by the very thought that someone would want your money blinded you to the rationale that I was clearly stating in my post. It appears that your comment flew prior to any reading comprehension that should have followed past my second sentence.

    Commercialism changes cultures. That’s it, plain and simple. No good will, no kind gestures; people just acclimate and eventually accept (within reason!).

    So that I’m not accused of some sort of Pollyanna wisdom (or lack thereof), I realize that there will NEVER be complete acceptance of anything. I’m not sure the human race will survive itself, but I DO know that the flock mentality of the masses is easily influenced and nationally branded establishments like Macy’s have the capacity to affect change.

    I understand your frustration, Zeke. If anyone wants anything of me, I don’t want it to be solely because I am a man in love with another man. I desire people to want things from me that I can provide because of who I am as an individual. However, discovering and taking advantage of the opportunities in a new market is a very fundamental principle in which a capitalist economy exists.

    The larger picture is that Macy’s, allowing for registration of male/male, female/female couples is basically creating a win-win situation. We get recognition and become “normalized” over a period of time, and Macy’s makes a profit while being big enough to say “screw you” to fundamentalists that would seek to conform us all in their undying need to bend the will of the universe to their own immature microcosm.

    (For those of you who are economists, I realize that my description of capitalism is a broad generalization, but I’m trying to simplify a point.)

    Email me any time, Zeke. I always enjoy your input and I think that as a fellow Towleroad reader, your expressive viewpoint is a window into a segment of our world in which “family” takes on the mentally retarded assumptions of the masses and defies all to define you anything but “normal”. You are a man whom I would certainly be proud to call my brother.

  25. says

    Yeah, but we could register at Target in 2001.

    I’ll still hate ads that equate materialism with love, no matter the gender they’re targeted to…

  26. Zeke says

    FIZZIEKRUNTNT, I understand what your saying. I think you have misunderstood what I was saying. I have nothing against capitalism, it’s been quite good to me and my family. I don’t have ANY problem with Macy’s ad from a business point of view. It was a brilliant job of recognizing an opportunity to expand a developing market and exploiting it (in the most positive sense of the word) quickly and very effectively. I salute that. I never had an issue with that.

    My issue wasn’t with them so much as it was with people reading too much into their intentions acting as if this was an endorsement of marriage equality.

    I totally agree with you that such ads do have positive consequences in the greater scheme of things because they do promote a sense of “normalization”. My reading comprehension is just fine but your earlier comment didn’t explain what you thought they did that was special and why we would should thank them. When I asked you to explain what they did that we should be thankful for I was very sincere. You gave me a good answer that I hadn’t thought about. I appreciate that.

    I still believe that had I been on their ad team I would have suggested placing an announcement of congratulations without the registry ad first and then followed it up a week or so later with the registry ad. But that’s just my opinion.

    Regardless I appreciate the effort.

    Thanks again FIZZIE and I would be proud to call you “brother” as well.

  27. says

    Well it’s not an indictment of marriage equality, like we have in Michigan. If you think Macy’s doesn’t have to be supportive of gay marriage to want money from gay people who get married, think again. There is a beautiful wedding chapel in the northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan called Castle Farms. I went to their bridal show, I got on their mailing list. I almost got married there. Then I saw, in fine print at the bottom of some page in their information, that they don’t allow commitment ceremonies on their property. Their excuse for this is that gay marriage is illegal in Michigan and they don’t want to be involved with anything illegal; the trouble with this is of course that saying words in front of a crowd and having a party afterward is not illegal, and unless the couple in question were actually defrauding the state they would not be in violation of any laws.

    In contrast a straight couple’s vow renewal isn’t a legal marriage either but they allow those.

    This place stands to make about $15000 on average off every wedding that takes place there. But if the two people throwing the party don’t have a penis and a vagina between them, Castle Farms doesn’t want your green American dollars. Macy’s does. And for that I applaud them.