1. rudy says

    So proud. This country remains a place where one can pull one’s self up by the bootstraps, even if they are the only part of the boots with which one is born. I pray that Sam Adams will turn the good will and power with which he has been entrusted into programs that help those who are still struggling, against poverty, homophobia, and other societal ills.

  2. Daffyd says

    I actually met him once at the Oregon Queer Youth Conference(he was our key note speaker), and I couldn’t be prouder to have him be the mayor or Portland.

  3. Oscar says

    Great for Portland.They will have the best Mayor in the USA.I wish him and the city the very best.
    Congratulations Sam.

  4. PDXMARK2 says

    To give you an idea of his appeal, one of my [straight] friends was bragging to me a couple of weeks ago that Sam had “eaten a fruitloop off his donut” outside Voodoo Donuts at a late night campaign event. Portland rocks.

  5. Bud says

    I voted for Sho! Sam spends money like a drunken sailor on shit this city don’t need.

  6. Bud says

    I voted for Sho! Sam spends money like a drunken sailor on shit this city don’t need.

  7. Miles says

    Once again, I am so proud of my city.

    The amazing thing is, Adams’s candidacy didn’t raise an eyebrow. No one, as far as I could tell, had the slightest issue with the fact that our probable new mayor was gay.

    The world has come a long way since I was a closeted kid in the mid-west in the 80s.

  8. FunMe says

    Congratulations Portland!

    So wonderful to see change in every aspect of America.

    I truly believe in the near future being gay, straight, bi, whatever is not going to matter.

  9. says

    Actually, he’s the first elected mayor of a top 40 city. Toni Atkins served as Mayor of San Diego for nearly a year after the mayor resigned.

    Congrats to Sam Adams.

  10. Paul says

    As a current resident of Dallas and a former resident of Portland, I was saddened we didn’t elect Ed Oakley here in Dallas. Congrats to Mr. Adams, though!

  11. Ted says

    This is terrific news. I must say I really like what’s going on out West – maybe Gavin Newsom or Sam Adams will run for President some day.

  12. devilgirl says

    I’m proud of my hometown! Sam Adams is fair and will fight for the rights of all Portlanders. He was chief of staff under former mayor Vera Katz so he knows what he’s doing. Go Sam!

  13. Mary Basombrio says

    Congratulations to Sam Adams.This would have been unheardable during a good portion of my life that an openly gay man would be mayor of major large city. The “gay” is one aspect but Sam was not raised with a silver spoon & entitlements of the well-off.A kid raised not from the rich but to represent ALL shows some American dreams still hold true. I look forward to the Adams years of inteiiigence & vision. Mary Basombrio, Portland, OR.