News: Harvey Korman, Madison, Clay Aiken, ExxonMobil

road.jpg University of Wisconsin-Madison to become largest university with a gay leader: “Cornell University Provost Biddy Martin was recommended Wednesday to be the next chancellor at UW-Madison, a top national research university with 40,000 students. Martin, the No. 2 official at Cornell since 2000, is a professor of women’s studies and German studies who wrote the 1995 book: ‘Femininity Played Straight: The Significance of Being Lesbian.’ About eight to 10 openly gay people have become college presidents and chancellors but mostly at small colleges, said Candace Gingrich of the Human Rights Campaign.”

Kormanroad.jpg R.I.P. Harvey Korman.

road.jpg DADDY: Clay Aiken impregnates woman through artificial insemination.

road.jpg Gay activist from Madison, Wisconsin stabbed to death in Mexico: “[Felicia] Melton-Smyth was known for an annual holiday fundraiser that raised money for gifts for people with AIDS. ‘She respected and loved all the people within the gay community of Madison,’ Finhert said. Finhert said a celebration of her life is being planned and a foundation is being set up for donations to organizations in her honor.”

road.jpg Netflix nabs exclusive rights to LOGO shows. What, no iTunes? Certainly a disappointment for those of us with Apple TV.

road.jpg Kiss nearly gets lesbian couple tossed out of Safeco Field in Seattle: “Sirbrina Guerrero says she only gave her date a peck, but a mother sitting with her son complained to security and, as a result, they were told to stop or leave. ‘And he (the security guard) goes ‘there’s a lady whose son says he saw you guys making out, and I did, too. And you have to stop.’ And I said ‘well, we weren’t making out, but we were kissing and I’m not going to stop,’’ said Guerrero…. ‘(The security guard said) the mom doesn’t want to explain to the kids why two girls are kissing. So I said ‘well, I’m not going to stop, so you’ll have to kick me out. So he said ‘so I suggest you leave then,’’ she said.”

Chaceroad.jpg A slew of Gossip Girl guy candids.

road.jpg David Beckham gets a cap in a box.

road.jpg Rudd government in Australia introduces bill removing discrimination from superannuation laws: “Legislation introduced to Parliament today will extend to same-sex couples and their children the same rights under superannuation enjoyed by married or de-facto couples. ‘This bill will take equality for same-sex couples and their children to the next level by introducing long overdue Commonwealth reforms, removing discrimination from superannuation laws as the first step,’ Attorney-General Robert McClelland said. ‘It will allow reversionary death benefit to be paid to de-facto same-sex partners and their children where they currently have no entitlement.'”

Poshroad.jpg Hot, tranny, or just mess?

road.jpg L.A. Times editorial: Gay marriage gaining ground. “And why not? Surely the trailing edges of society will soon reflect on the resistance to this phenomenon with chagrin and more than a little embarrassment. It is bracing, after all, to realize how recently much of this nation blanched at interracial marriage, and thrilling to recognize how quickly most of us buried that prejudice, first in law, then in custom.”

road.jpg U.S. News and World Report explores anti-gay hostility in Russia.

road.jpg Holocaust academic pans gay memorial to Nazi victims: “For many years after the war I had the impression that the Germans understood the immense scope of the crime of the Holocaust which they had committed … But this time, they made an error. The location was particularly poorly chosen for this monument. If visitors have the impression that there was not a great difference between the suffering of Jews and those of homosexuals, it’s a scandal. “A sense of proportion must be maintained.”

road.jpg ExxonMobil shareholders reject resolution to add ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ to Exxon’s non-discrimination statement: “Approximately 40% of Exxon’s outstanding shares voted in favor of the clause, but it was not enough to send the issue to the oil company’s board of directors. The shareholder resolution has come up every year since 2000, when it got 8.2% approval among shareholders. The percentage that voted in favor of the resolution has grown every year since then.”


  1. Michael Bedwell says

    Earth to Israel Gutman: A major player of the More Shat Upon Game is neither an “academic” nor a “scholar.” Your claim that “exclusively German” homosexuals were the only ones abused has only relative truth [the Nazis tended to, but did not always, ignore gays in occupied countries as they thought their presence would help weaken their enemies]. And your shameles lie that many gay victims of the Nazis were simply Nazis themselves who lost internal power struggle makes you a bedfellow with the worst kind of homophobic Holocaust denier.

    You are a BIGOT, Sir. 10 plagues upon your house!

  2. Pugzz says

    God rest Harvey Korman. He made me laugh so hard back in the days with Carol. It sad to see his generation pass away. I bet Carol is so sad. I am too.

    Yes! Boycott Exxon/Mobil for anti-gay prejudice, helping to destroy our planet and making huge, insane, profits while people starve.

  3. Denis says

    Uh, HULLO! About the UW-Madison that headline should read “the largest university with an OUT leader.” When I was going to law school there, Donna Shahala was the Chancellor.

  4. farfromhome says

    Perhaps if Rabbi Israel Gutman had been a gay member of the Nazi party in the 30’s he would feel differently of perhaps he wouldn’t be here to b*!ch about it at all.

    Every single life is valuable. One death is as important as 2

    Thank you for all the laughs Harvey, you will be missed.

  5. Yeek says

    “A sense of proportion must be maintained.”

    Well, take a look at this picture of the Berlin Holocaust memorial (honoring primarily Jewish victims):

    Or how about this aerial shot:

    It looks like Mr. Gutman has a gigantic memorial to his preferred Jewish victims, and a small monument about the size of an economy Winnibago dedicated to the homosexual victims. Seems pretty proportionate to me.

    We all know what he’s really saying though….

  6. peterparker says

    Someone please take away Israel Gutman’s victim card…he has clearly crossed the line and taken up where the Nazis left off in persecuting homosexuals. Shame!

  7. Trevor says

    All the information i have come across about the treatment of homosexuals by the nazis was that it was on par if not worse than the treatment of jews…yah we know that there were more jews than homosexuals persecuted, but i think this man wants to sweep that part under the rug… he sounds like a homophobe, and i think that any aknowledgement of past crimes in a progressive way is a good thing, how he cant see that is beyond me. its offensive. PLUS everyone knows about the fact that the jews were persecuted, not many people know about all the homosexuals that lost their lives, because they dont have family that passes down this information the same way a heterosexual family passes stuff down to children.

  8. Matt says

    So Andy, when are you going to tell us that you were going to the Democratic National convention. Too bad we had to find out from another blog bad mouthing this site:

    Towleroad is not known for racial diversity, trans inclusion, or its lesbian audience. It is a site for wealthy gay white men – the HRC demographic.

    When was the last time you saw serious in-depth political coverage on Towleroad or committed coverage of an issue from multiple angles or guest posts from members of Congress and Presidential candidates?

    Towleroad has a niche – upperclass white gay men; it’s not that diverse. Maybe there are too many letters for the DNC to spell LGBT. When we first launched, Alex would often use the line, “Not everything queer is marriage, martinis and Madonna.” Maybe we should have stuck with the big 3 Ms after all.

  9. John in Manhattan says

    “Hot, tranny, or just mess?”

    Andy, why do you continue to promote the defamatory term “tranny” in your posts? It’s disgusting and insulting. Perhaps Bilerico has a point re: Towleroad’s diversity

    I love reading Towleroad regularly which is all the more reason I want to throw up when I read this offensive slur against our transgender brothers and sisters, on your terrific site. It’s beneath you and akin to having some juvenile “fag joke” thrown in the middle of a movie you were enjoying up until that point. I’m disappointed and would hope that you’ll rethink using hateful terms in the guise of humor in the future.

  10. peterparker says

    Oh…and by the way…I recently spent an afternoon at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. While the museum seems a thorough accounting of the atrocities committed by the Nazis against Jews, Gypsies and the developmentally disabled, I did come away with the feeling that the persecution of homosexuals had been glossed over. In the entire massive museum, I saw two mentions of homosexuals and one picture of a someone who was identified as homosexual accompanied by a pink triangle. I hate to get into the game of complaining that we aren’t well represented enough in a museum that documents hate and suffering but you know they did use us for target practice.

  11. ggreen says

    That photo from the best legs competition! I totally remember that from when I was a kid, Lyle Waggoner won! Harvey Korman was a great comedian he did drag with at the drop of a hat and I never remember him being homophobic about it like say Milton Berle.

    That Marc Jacobs dress makes Victoria Beckham look like a toilet paper fairy/cozy.

  12. Zeke says

    Rest In Peace Harvey. You brought me many much needed laughs over the years. I hope you’ll team up with Tim Conway on the other side. If heaven is full of fundies then lord knows they need someone there with a sense of humor.

    How ironic that Israel Gutman repeats the completely unfounded Nazi styled propanda pushed in the rabidly homophobic book “The Pink Swastika”.

    PETERPARKER, I came away from the Holocaust Museum in DC with the very same feeling. Gay persecution and extermination still seems to be a topic that people don’t want to acknowledge or talk about.

  13. Zeke says

    MATT, I’m sure DERRICK IN PHILLY and THE QUEEN and others will be suprprised to hear that Towleroad isn’t diverse and is an exclusive playground for upper class gay white men

  14. Matt says

    Ha. I’m sure they will. It’s so funny. If you read this whole blurb that he wrote he said he is one of Andy’s biggest fans and serfs this page constantly. I didn’t know there was such blog hostility between a blog of all things. I personally don’t care. I don’t really get involved in the political process so it’s all moot to me.

  15. DCN says

    A site with the tagline “More than gay news for more gay men” isn’t known for its lesbian audience? Why, I’m gobsmacked!

    Should we also be concerned about the lack of straight readership?

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    I don’t understand. There are many topics discussed here…why else would I…

    JOHN IN MANHATTAN, you have a point about the term “Tranny”. I too thought it was insulting, but I’ve never heard a transsexual, or transwoman, or transgendered person come on the blog and object to it; and so, I never said anything.

    Who is Belerico? Is he found of black transpeople? Bless him.

  17. John C says

    Hey Matt, let me know when I’m due some of this wealth, my bank account has been under some strain lately. Thanks.

    John (not rich or “upperclass”, not even American for that matter.)

  18. ian says

    i think that comparing the homosexual monument to a jewish one is a little irrelevant. you’re creating a memorial to remember those lost. not to remember who had it worse.

  19. Michael Bedwell says

    In defense of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in DC, I’m convinced the problem is NEITHER a homophobic nor homo-indifferent attitude. I know that politically aware/active gays were very involved in convincing its founders to include us.

    And if you go to their online site, you can find entire sections devoted to the victimization of gays and there has been a traveling exhibit sponsored by the Museum devoted exclusively to gays. The first link below is to the results of a search for the word “gay” on that site, resulting in multiple hits:

    The link below is specifically to info about the traveling exhibit. And here is where it can be seen this year:

    Until June 9, 2008 at
    Omaha, NE
    Temple Israel

    June 20, 2008 through July 30, 2008
    Bay Shore, NY
    Long Island GLBT Community Center

    August 18, 2008 through September 30, 2008
    Burlington, VT
    The University of Vermont Living/Learning Gallery with Outright Vermont

    October 10, 2008 through December 10, 2008
    Madison, WI
    University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries with GSA for Safe Schools

    It’s fair to say that the proportion of things one sees in the museum itself is the result of two facts:

    1. One can still find exaggerations to the contrary, but the latest evidence indicates that less than 200,000 gay men were directly, legally affected by the Nazis of which perhaps 15,000 ended up in the camps [versus regular jails/prisons or being released]. Again, estimates vary, but the figure one most often sees is that as many as 60% of that 15,000 died.

    By contrast, in addition to the millions of Jews murdered, the estimates of Roma or Gypsies killed start at 90,000 and go up and up. Estimates of the mentally ill/diabled killed start at 20,000 and rise to the hundreds of thousand. Murders of non-Jewish Poles were in the millions.

    2. The amount of material demonstrated is also disproportionate because of how little exists. In the “smokestack” installation at the Museum, one can see countless photos rising to the sky of entire families, entire villages of Jews who were exterminated. Despite the legend of every night in pre-Reich Berlin being a cabaret, old chum, gay lives were not only “singular” but also, just as sadly still true today in many places even in the US, closeted beyond the sound of Sally Bowles voice.

    Would I like to see a brighter light shined upon even what little evidence exists? Absolutely. But as much as I’m often criticized for yelling that we’re not doing enough to demand respect and rights I don’t believe in hollering before one is hurt either.

    PS: GREAT response to the petty, self-deluding jealousy pouting at BILE-rico, Peter, where the inmates have long been running the asylum. ;- )

  20. John in Manhattan says

    A transgendered person doesn’t need to post on Towleroad that “tranny” is offensive for it to be so. It’s common sense that this is a derogatory term. Even the dolts over at GLAAD realize this:

    I discovered the Bilerico site for the first time today although GERm took a crap in his manties speculating “when the bitter Bilerico people would arrive”. Whatever that means.

    Again, I love reading Towleroad. It’s addictive. But enough already with putting down transgendered folk with “tranny”. Shirley there’s a witty phrase in describing Marc Jacobs’ dress on Victoria Beckham than resorting to slurs against the GLBT community.

  21. dezboy says

    Not sure if they still do this but…When the Holocaust Museum first opened each visitor was given an identity card replica upon entering the museum. It was an identity card from a real person who was put in a concentration camp during The Holocaust. At the end of your visit you found out what happened to the person whose identity you had assumed. Ironically, I had been given the id card of a Pink Triangle homosexual who had escaped from the concentration camp and was still living at that time in Europe. It was a very moving experience.

  22. Derrick from Philly says

    Well…last Friday, here on Towleroad, I was told that I was insensitive to heavy people and oh, so very shallow. This Friday, I’m told that I don’t have enough “common sense” to know that “tranny” is an offensive slur towards transwomen.

    I’m gonna’ stop coming here on Fridays.

  23. banjiboi says

    @ MATT

    As a “geigh of color”, I can attest that although Towleroad might me geared towards a specific audience(those geighs like me!), I have never felt as if Andy hasn’t covered a diverse array of subjects as they pertain to my sensibilties – and to paraphrase Erykah Badu, I AM sensitive about my shit! And although the majority of content here might appear to appeal only to one audience, I’ve always considered TR as a resource for mainstream news, mixed with gay interest articles.

    Andy also does a marvelous job of posting items that focus on minority issues if they are newsworthy. In my opinion, it’s the comments section that indicates the real mood of a blog. And as far as I’ve been voicing my opinions here, I’ve never felt like I was in the “wrong place” so to speak. Much like Rod 2.0 which is geared towards the African American gay audience, I think that these blogs and their creators have ALL our best interests at heart, regardless of our race and cultural differences. And, I must say, I’ve had some of the best dialogue with the fine people here at TR. I’ve learned quite a bit as well.

    On a lighter note –

    Lyle Waggoner: I remember a Playgirl pic of him from the 70’s and daddy is BLESSED, if you know what I mean.

    Harvey – I miss watching you, Vicki, Tim, Lyle and Carol trying to hold it together and stop each other from cracking up during skits!

    Posh: She just looks like a leather-doll. Totally overrated. The best fashion icons manage to make it look effortless. She, however, ALWAYS appears to be trying to hard to be a queen.

  24. Christopher says

    RE: Rabbi Israel Gutman. This is so sad. When someone like this tries to hoard suffering and expropriate it wholly for themselves they just turn away people who might have empathized with them, if not for their unseemly, myopic and uncharitable exclusion of the suffering of others.

  25. Banjiboi says

    @# Derrick

    I wouldn’t have known that term was offensive myself, being that at first only gays said it. Personally, I don’t find it any more offensive than the term “faggy”.

    Or could it be that those who take offense find it insulting only when straight people say it. To each his/her own, I suppose.

  26. peterparker says

    MICHAEL BEDWELL: Thank you for that information regarding not only the Holocaust Museum in DC but also the traveling exhibition devoted to the persecution of gays by the Nazis. I am somewhat relieved to hear that another gay person had the same experience of the Holocaust Museum regarding the perceived minimization of suffering of queer people at the hands of Hitler and Co. I was afraid I might have been being a bit self centered in the face of enormous suffering of others. And yet, I couldn’t help but feel that the story of homosexuals being murdered by the Nazis didn’t get much ‘press’ at that museum. I think what exacerbated that feeling for me is that on the day I visited the Holocaust Museum it was Spring Break and the building was PACKED with every middle school student on the Eastern Seaboard. I kept thinking, “It is so great that this place exists to teach these impressionable kids about the horror of hate. But I wonder if they are getting it that hatred is directed not only at those who are different because of race/ethnicity/religious background, but also because of sexual orientation? Are they getting it that it isn’t okay to be homophobic?” Hopefully, they saw it.

    I agree that the number of queer folk persecuted by the Nazis pales in comparison with the persecution/murder of millions of Jews. It puts one in a difficult and awkward place when we, as members of a group that was not the ‘prime target’ of the Nazi killing machine, say “Hey, we were victims too!” It begs an attack from those whose numbers were greater than ours. But it is impossible to compare the human suffering of one group with that of another. I would posit that all of humanity, even those not targeted by the Nazis, suffered because of their hate.

    And thanks, MICHAEL BEDWELL for your compliment on my post over at bilerico. I guess I feel a bit protective of Andy and his excellent site.

  27. Alan says

    GLAAD also thinks Fag is offensive, and I call myself that sometimes.

    It’s their job to be hypersensitive, but that doesn’t mean we all have to be.

    The word ‘tranny’ has come into vogue with Project Runway & Christian Siriano… and he used it in the phrase ‘hot tranny fierce’ I don’t think it’s necessarily derogatory.

  28. says

    the fact that a vacuous twit like Christian Siriano uses “tranny” in such a tired insipid uninspired way is reason enough to avoid inappropriate use of that word.

  29. nic says

    so! am i the only brown (well, aperlado, heehee) man who will come to andy’s defense? i don’t see a lack of diversity on this site at all. and speaking of politics, i will grant that the majority of opinions stated here are left of center, but i have yet to note anyone shut down for purely a rightist or a contrary point of view.

    i rather enjoy the exchange of ideas between my gay brethren and gay sistren. we learn from each other constantly. that’s a good thing. when we overstep, we get called on our bullshit. that’s a good thing, too.

    in that spirit, i call upon the anti-hillary people to explain to me why the newest assault on hillary by a white catholic priest who supports obama is not sexist. how many times and how many chimps flinging shit from their cages at hillary does it take for you guys to admit that there is something wrong here?

    ZEKE, helloooooooooo? noah?

    i just grow so tired of people feeling sorry for themselves but not defending others. i feel like throwing both arms up in the air in despair. i will vote for obama in november, but my money will stay in my wallet. i cannot support misogyny anymore than i can support racism.

  30. Bob R says

    Harvey Korman, R.I.P. You brought a lot of people much joy and laughter. The world will be a sadder place without you.

    As for the monument to Gay victims of the Holocaust, I find it rather vulgar and not much of a monument at all. It should also be noted that Gays continued to be persecuted in Germany under Paragraph 175 well into the 60’s. Although no longer sent to Concentration Camps (because they no longer existed) Gay Germans were still subject to arrest, mistreatment and humiliation. There are Gay holocaust survivors who are still denied treatment for physical and mental wounds inflicted on them by the Nazi’s. To demean one victim of the Nazi reign of evil is to demean all victims. Do we really want to play the percentage of suffering game?

  31. Zeke says

    Jesus Christ NIC, what exactly is it that you want from me?

    First of all I don’t appreciate you calling me “anti-Hillary” simply because I don’t support her. I challenge you to show ONE example where I have been sexist, misogynist (GOD I’m sooo sick of the misuse and abuse of that word), disrespectful, impolite or uncivil to Senator Clinton or her supporters.

    And what the heck am I supposed to do about a Catholic priest, whom I don’t know, whom I’ve never met and with whom I don’t even share a line of Christianity? Why do you demand that I respond to every word spoken by an Obama supporter that you find offensive? I don’t demand that you or any other Clinton supporter answer for every off color word spoken by every Clinton surrogate.

    I’ve only heard bits and pieces of the sermon that you’re talking about. Fox (which, strangely enough, seems to have become Senator Clinton’s best friend lately) is playing the edited clip in a loop every quarter hour. In the clip I’ve seen the priest says that Hillary was angry because a black man came out of nowhere and stepped on her presumed coronation which she felt was hers by right of her being white and her being Bill Clinton’s wife. I can see where that would upset Clinton supporters but forgive me if I don’t see the sexism in that. There seems to be a stronger (but terribly weak) argument for racism or nepotism but no so much for sexism. Maybe I missed the part that you’re talking about or maybe this is just another example of people screaming “sexism” and “misogyny” at EVERYONE who dare says anything negative about Hillary.

    Heck, I saw a report tonight where a Hillary supporter said that Oprah’s ratings were down because she supported Obama and Hillary supporters saw that as turning her back on women. They’re now claiming that OPRAH FREAKIN WINFREY is a misogynist because she isn’t going ga ga over Hillary. That’s just NUTS.

    What’s even more nuts is that there are DEMOCRATS, gays, women and so called feminists that will be secretly, and not so secretly, hoping and praying for Obama to lose in November just so that they can have their “I told ya so” moment in spite of the fact that such a result will hurt women and gays most of all. Well I personally am going to do everything in my power to deny them the satisfaction of the loss and the horror of the consequences.

    NIC, I will only feel compelled to defend or speak on behalf of all the crazy or offensive things said by various Obama supporters if you’ll agree to do the same for all the people saying crazy and offensive things by Clinton supporters.

    On second thought I won’t agree to that at all because from this moment forward I’m done talking about Senator Clinton and/or arguing with her supporters. It’s a silly waste of time and energy. My focus from here on out will be on the Democratic nominee Obama and his campaign against McSame. I’ll be happy to discuss the general election and any other topic with you but I’m not going to stress over this nomination any more.


  32. alex from Germany says

    I have to repeat my self. the victims of the Nazi-dictatorship envy each other. They seek attention to their own groups and watch closely if others get too much attention. the major fault was to remember in separate memorials rather than in one. One memorial could’ve been a sign that their pain is indivisible. the single solution was rejected by the different interest groups. Quantification is a fault.

  33. says

    I loved Harvey Korman on “The Carol Burnett Show”. Just watching him trying not to laugh at Tim Conway each episode was a particular highlight and something I’ll never forget. He will be missed very much!

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