1. ggreen says

    WOW three ass hole judges that haven’t had what this kid has since the Nixon Administration. You Rock kid> “All I want is to show myself. I just want to get attention from people, that’s all.” says it all.

  2. Jimmyboyo says


    You are thinking with your dick

    The 1st out of the bottom 4 vids was amazing and TALENTED!

    The italian kid is a cute face that probably strips at strip clubs and knows like 2 1980’s break dance moves.

  3. says

    The asshole is the Italian. The lecture he got was spot on. There’s a lot of talent, out there; and he IS talented. But, in the home stretch, when a director or choreographer is choosing between men of equal ability, it’s the know-it-all that sees the door.

  4. Michael says

    During a recent visit to L.A., I saw the Italian performing on the street with a buddy of his along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He was just as cocky and full of himself there, beating his chest and such. Talk about quite the surprise to see him on the show last night!

  5. JLS says

    Wow I really want to punch him in the face. Or hate-fuck him, but maybe not because I get the impression he’s like 5’4″. (NOT THAT THERES ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT – just not my type).

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, JIMMY, I’m thinking with GGREEN’s dick too. The Italian kid is gorgeous and his confidence is sexy. TRADE is cocky–what do you expect? Even clean-cut, educated TRADE like Barack are cocky.

    The judges were revolting and more arrogant than the kid. The one that made the Freudian Slip couldn’t fill the thong of any decent “queen”.

  7. Jimmyboyo says



    Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed. A competitor in a dance contest?

    I wouldn’t call him confident. He is cocky which is different from confidence. Confidence is usually quiet / doesn’t advertise itself

  8. Paul says

    I loved this Italian guy. I honestly do think he had more talent than other people they put through. They just didn’t like his attitude — which is what would have gotten him through on most reality shows because it makes good tv. Seriously though, someone give him his own show!

  9. Nutella says

    This kid most likely left Italy for the same reason many other young Italians do — there was no future for him there. And if he is trying to make a living as a street performer in L.A., he probably doesn’t come from money. He may have a great deal to learn, but I applaud his audacity and courage. On another note, I hope he’s gay because he is going to be nothing but trouble to the ladies!

    I find it interesting that his particular interpretation of the American dream is very much a reflection of our time. Those self-satisfied judges make me sick! Reality television has lowered the bar – more people can climb aboard, but the reward for cheap celebrity is all the more shallow and ephemeral.

  10. marvelboy74 says

    The Italian did try to rip off a few Michael Jackson moves, nothing terribly original. Some people are easily impressed by style but the judges saw no substance to his performance.

  11. Stephen says

    They DID put the Italian guy through – just not to Vegas… he had to go to the choreography audition where they have to follow a choreographer’s instructions (where Travis from Season 2 taught them the routine) and he didn’t make the cut. That’s the thing I love about SYTYCD: there’s no faking this kind of talent. I’m all for a little bit of arrogance too but make sure you have the talent to back it up!

  12. Br!on says

    What everyone is missing is the fact that Robert the incredible popper is actually passionate about what he is doing.

    Talent comes from risking and practicing and doing something until the desire to do that thing overrides everything else. The artist derives pleasure from the experience and is able to pass that on to an audience.

    Italian guy has none of that. . . Just another worked out body like every third person in LA. The popper guy has actually taken the time in his life to make an art form of his moves.

    Hope he is richly rewarded in a society that now seems to reward stupidity.

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