Suspended UT Administrator Crystal Dixon Fired, Will Sue

Earlier this month, I posted about University of Toledo associate vice president of human resources Crystal Dixon, who was suspended after writing an article in the Toledo Free Press slamming gays. Late last week, UT decided to fire her. 13ABC interviewed Dixon on Friday, about an hour after she was let go, calling the decision a “lack of courageous leadership.” She also says she’s suing the university.

DixonSaid Dixon in the article, “As a Black woman … I take great umbrage at the notion that those choosing the homosexual lifestyle are civil rights victims. I cannot wake up tomorrow and not be a Black woman. Daily thousands of homosexuals make a life decision to leave the gay lifestyle.”

She concluded: “My final and most important point. There is a divine order. God created human kind male and female (Genesis 1:27). God created humans with an inalienable right to choose. There are consequences for each of our choices, including those who violate God’s divine order.”

Said Dixon: “I have great faith. This is a far bigger picture than just Crystal Dixon….I have a wonderful, absolutely wonderful legal team. I have received hundreds of emails from across the country. Even received an email from Iceland, today. Basically encouraging me, basically telling me to stand strong…There are three issues – first of all, my right to free speech. Anyone has the freedom in this country to express their opinion as an individual. And secondly, clearly, religious discrimination, and also race discrimination at the very least.”

As for what she wants from the university, Dixon said: “We’re just going to see how this plays out.”

UT administrator fired for speaking out [13abc]


  1. says

    Nor can she wake up tomorrow and not be IGNANT.

    She’s forever doomed because she so desperately needs to feel like a victim.

  2. Nathan says

    Race discrimination? Nice one, Crystal. As if there isn’t enough true race discrimination in the world… you need to water-down your bogus suit by pretending you’ve been fired due to the color of your skin, rather than your oppressive, uninformed, and just plain stupid comments? You do a huge disservice to People of Color everywhere.

    Just slink off to your Fundamentalist Church and sulk. God will comfort you. Better yet, move to Iceland–they seem to love you there…

  3. Marco says

    Of course she quotes the bible to back up her homophobia. Get some new material, honey. The book God somehow wrote is as much of a defense as bringing Santa’s naughty and nice list into court.

  4. says

    She is completely right. She has all the right in the world to spew vomit from her mouth and call it words… she also has the right to her religious freedom. Her employer also has the right to not employ her.

  5. Bart says

    She wasn’t fired for her comments. She was fired because her comments proved her to be so constitutionally stupid on a plethora of levels that there was no defending her.

    I love when stupid people open their mouths and prove that their hate rhetoric is backed up by years and years of gross ignorance and as my grandmother would say, “just plain dumb.”

    You can’t argue with a fool. But you can laugh at them.

  6. Richard S says

    Really? Gays are defecting every day, what does this naive woman possible have to offer a student. This is like Castro shipping out the fags(and convicts) in the early 80’s as that was a symbol of capitalist decadence.

  7. Yeek says

    How interesting that she pulls the old “I can’t change my race” argument, but then immediately complains about religious discrimination.

    You can change your religion, can’t you? It happens all the time – much more successfully, I’d say, than people who “choose” to not act on homosexual feelings.

    You can’t have it both ways, lady….

  8. peterparker says

    As hateful as the words in her article were, I do not believe the university should have suspended or fired her. I do believe they should have done a thorough accounting of her work at the university to determine whether or not she was discriminating against homosexuals in admissions to a public university. If so, then they have the right to fire her. So long as she was not acting on behalf of the university (and it does not appear that she was) then she should be free to express whatever hateful, horrible things she wishes to express.

  9. Max says

    I know she is not trying to pull the race card. Now I will give her freedom of speech, but the race card. Homophobe please!!! I am a black gay man. Do not pull the race card with me.

  10. says

    She’s still speaking? I thought she’d know by now. Note to Dixon: Expressing your “opinions” is what got you into trouble in the first place!

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    You know, a lot of holy rollers used to be pure whores back in their youth (male & female). They either become so afraid of their vices that they’re about to loose their minds; or they get old and afraid of dying, and so they turn to Jesus. Men aint been good to this broad. She tried, and so now she’s bitter but oh, so holy.

  12. JT says

    “Diversity, integrity and teamwork.” Those three words are at the core of the University of Toledo’s mission. Ms. Dixon proved, by her writing, that she is incapable of respecting the mission of the university. As a public university, the University of Toledo is not able to employee an executive who is so clearly intolerant of a minority.

    There are plenty (too many) Christian schools that she can go work at.

  13. DC Guy says

    Gotta go with PeterParker here….Dixon certainly has an offensive pie hole, but doesn’t appear to have broken any laws or dones anything to merit her dismissal.

    Perhaps the U of Toledo lawyers have more evidence than the media reports indicate, but I’d wager they’ve got a major problem on their hands.

  14. jzn says

    Sweetie you were not fired because you are black, a woman, or even over your religious beliefs, you were fired for being ignorant and an embarrassment to your employer!

  15. Tony says

    Pfft. She says that shit, then complains about being discriminated against? Well then, go suffer for your art, honey. What would happen if any one of use strolled into work tommorow and said “hey, you can choose not to be black, the Bible mandates you should’t exist” and NOT expect to be fired?

    Good riddance. Once again, suffer, honey. I’m tired of being expected to be nice in these instances.

  16. says

    Yeah, she has the right to freedom of speech.

    I just wish people who use that excuse would realize while you can say whatever you want, you also have to GROW UP and learn to deal with the consequences of what you say.

  17. says

    Good for UT (which is in my backyard). The University is moving in the right direction, having just merged with the Medical College of Ohio, they’re figuring out how to apply the (greater) partner benefits to everyone in the merged University, and there are growing pains but I’m confident they’re heading in the right direction. Hateful atmospheres are no place for learning.

  18. CB says

    I love how people like Crystal Dixon & Sally Kern use the Bible to voice their prejudices. You can find almost anything in the Bible to justify your prejudices. She/he who is lives by the Bible should abide by the Bible…

    1 Timothy 2
    Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing.

  19. Mark says

    @ PeterParker: I agree. If, as it appears, she wrote this article outside of her capacity within her employer’s human resources department, and if her job performance was (and continues to be) free of fostering hiring discrimination, then she should retain her post.

    Like it, or not, the First Amendment and due process applies to those with whom we disagree just as much as those with whom we agree.

  20. anon says

    I think we would be horrified if she were being fired for being gay and talking trash about religion, but she’s religious talking trash about gays, so then it’s okay according to everyone here to fire her. That doesn’t strike me as consistent or fair. (Now you can’t argue that both are bad because you are trashing her religion freely here.)

    I think her problem from the UT perspective is that in her position as a spokesperson for UT she was putting the UT in a “bad light”. That is, she was not properly separating her private views from her role as university spokesperson. Likewise, she has a duty to not embarrass her employer and its wisdom in hiring her or others through egregious private acts, such as when Eliot Spitzer hired a prostitute. So, she can’t get fired for her beliefs, whatever they might be, but because she put those beliefs in conflict with her job. There’s jokes about baptists owning all the best whorehouses. Vegetarians probably shouldn’t work at slaughterhouses either, so she should realize that she doesn’t really belong at UT.

  21. says

    Considering her intolerance/hatred of gay folks I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of her coworkers/subordinates will have a few valuable insights to share with the jury.
    What a sad woman.

  22. Mike in the Tundra says

    Hmmm. This isn’t good. I agree with PeterParker. Personally, I want to scream at the woman, but she does have the right to say such things away from her job. However, I would love to point out to her that most people that leave homosexuality leave all sexuality. They simply become asexual or chronic liars.

  23. Landon Bryce says

    It is not possible for someone who has stated her bigotry to work effectively in human resources. Although the comments she made were not part of her job, UT would have to automtically hire and promote every gay applicant or be sued out of existence by everyone who could prove based on Ms. Dixon’s published opinion that it was impossible for them to be treated fairly as an applicant at the school. She has also proven herself to be a repellent and stupid individual with whom many members of the UT community will be very uncomfortable. Sure, she’ll sue, but she made litigation inevitable when she wrote a piece that stated her moral objection to doing her job.

    What makes me angry is that people will agree with her contention that she is being fired in part because of her race. I’m actually suprised that no one at Towleroad has yet to make the ridiculous suggestion that a white person would have made these comments with impunity.

  24. ekay says

    What about my religious right as a (gay) Christian to get married and have the legal right to protect my family from harm? There’s no one out there fighting in the courts for my religious right to get married to another man, the one I love, the one to whom God has led me. I’m sick of people crying out about “free speech” when they are just out to promote hate. I would rather God judge me for loving too much than for promoting injustice.

  25. says

    She can too wake up tomorrow and not be a black woman. She can have a sex change and it looks to me like she could pass, at least for Latino.

    Probably she can’t wake up and be any smarter, though. Human resources is certainly not her calling. Can you imagine hiring an open racist or misogynist for that position on the grounds of free speech?

  26. mikeinmaryland says

    I woke up this morning and considered pulling the parachute on the Gay lifestyle but then realized: Holy Toledo! Who is going to plan Crystals’ pity party in Iceland? Also, everyone should support efforts to free her heart from the Icelandic glacier in which it is imprisoned.

    UT’s case against her will rest on her role as a human resource professional and her publicly stated belief that homosexuals are not entitled to civil rights. UT will argue that some of their customers and employees are Gay and that they cannot trust Ms. Dixon to treat them fairly. Free speech has consequences and we see those consequences when a politician or celebrity loses their job or credibility when they spew out hate. Why should Ms. Dixon be treated differently?

  27. Olaf- says

    I dont know why I find the expression “as a black woman”… or better yet
    “as as strong black woman” so amusing… blah… blah… blah… As a strong gay white handsome man I blah blah blah. not as catchy

  28. says

    I’m black and I’m gay and I hate this woman like poison. Love to have nickel for those just like her I’ve tripped over in my 61 years — kicking every one that I couldn’t manage to grab hold of personally and bitch-slap silly.

    Hey Crystal — your God is a greedy, manipulative bottom!

  29. yoshi says

    The same free speech right that protects us also protects her. She shouldn’t be fired for having an opinion. She should be fired for comparing the incomes of a college educated gay male to a non-college educated black male. Now that is just stunningly idiotic.

  30. John says

    Michael Jackson went to sleep and woke up a white woman and so did LaToya.

    Also, EQUAL OPPORTUNITY does not benefit me as a White Gay Man. Maybe Ms. Dixon should thank her lucky stars that she landed the job she had because I am sure she was hired because of EQUAL OPPORTUNITY! UT passed over much more qualified candidates because she was born an IGNORANT BLACK RACIST WOMAN.

    There I said it! YES AFRICAN AMERICAN’s/ BLACKS can be and are RACIST!

  31. neff says

    ANON and LANDON BRYCE are correct. This woman is casting a VERY negative light on the university, especially if they are trying (as most colleges are) to attract out-of-state faculty, students, and staff.

    DP benefits look great to potential collegians; bigoted HR personnel – not so much.

    The university did the right (and, since it deals w/ their reputation and future ability to hire personnel and attract PAYING students) and LEGAL thing in this case.

  32. AngryGayMan says

    I can not believe Ms. Dixon! Can’t we deport her to Iceland?

    Dear Ms. Dixon.

    My Great Grandfather was taken in the middle of the night from his home and family by the Nazi’s in 1942 and sent to the Sauchenshousen Concentration camp. He was tattooed and a Pink Triangle was sewn onto his camp uniform. My Grandfather was a Political Advocate a Lawyer who stood up to racism for Jews, Foreigners and his fellow Germans, but was branded a Homosexual by the Nazi’s because THE BIBLE SAID Homosexual’s were BAD and because it was EASY for the Nazi’s to say to eliminate those that stood against their policies of extermination and racism.

    My Grandfather was rectally violated, subjected to medical experiments that included the removal of one of his kidneys and a portion of his liver. All so the Nazi’s could find the Gay Gene. He was beaten, starved and eventually sent to Auschwitz for castration by the Nazis. All because the Bible said so and he dared to stand against Racism, Genocide and hatred.

    He died in Auschwitz. My Grandmother was too afraid to claim his remains for fear her children would be taken by the Nazi’s! When the war ended and my Grandmother and my father and uncles moved to the United States they did everything they could to eradicate HATE around them.

    My Grandmother marched with M.L. King! To her Hate was Hate.

    Dear Ms. Dixon. When I came out as a Gay Man my Grandmother cried. Not tears of pain , but tears of JOY because my Grandfather died so I could have Equal Rights and could be proud to be myself. Ms. Dixon you disgust me!

    Finally, ever last Nazi Doctor from the Camps had a Great Legal Team too! Good Luck, god bless and I forgive your words. I hope you can live with yourself.

  33. MikeinSanJose says

    It’s amazing how everyone in this nation has freedom of speech… UNLESS you question someone’s “right” to spew their “religious dogma” and belittle, insult, or offend someone who doesn’t hold the same beliefs.

    Question a X-ian, question a cathlick, then you’re a mean, old, nasty bigot. A hater.

    Just ask Bill “I can’t read my tele-prompter! How can I battle the War on Xmas?” O’Lielly

  34. Darren says


    There was a time, not very long ago, that if you dared to look disrespectfully at a White Man or Woman you were considered in violation of God’s Divine Order.

    There was a time, not very long ago, that if you dared to speak to a White Man or Woman you were considered in violation of God’s Divine Order.

    And the KKK would tell you right before they slipped the noose around your neck and set fire to the cross. “Cynthia. God gave you the right to choose, but you choose wrong. Now deal with the consequences.”

    I agree with AngryGayMan. She just wants to further polarize America. Create another Nazi regime. I was stationed in Frankfurt Germany for 4 years and let me tell you Cynthia – The new NeoNazis given a choice between beating a Gay or a Black. They’d pick the Black Man or Woman.

    You are full of hate and need deported.

  35. Chris says

    The Nazis didn’t believe in the Bible. They were against gay people because they believed in eugenics.

  36. Ugh says

    I hope she realizes that all she is doing is serving the Hate Mongers in Politics. Giving them strength!

    There will come a day when Cynthia Dixon will think that she’s invited to the Oval Office for her service to rid America of the Big Ol’ Gay Threat and the Secret Police will be waiting for her. She will then learn that it is the White Man, the Blue Blooded American, that needed her hate to come to power, but they’re done with her inferior skin color or genetic make up. And waiting for her will be a cattle car to take her to a nice friendly work camp. There she will meet the new Dr. Mengele. She might go to sleep a Black Woman, but the new Dr. Mengele will douse her with battery acid, bleach and other chemicals. She’ll wake up a white woman, but be half dead and suffering on her way to the gas chambers!

    You worked at a University! Check out the library! Learn about history! Hate groups use people like you to come to power then they cast away everyone that is not like them. Why don’t just blame Jewish people too!

  37. rjp3 says

    “The Nazis didn’t believe in the Bible. They were against gay people because they believed in eugenics.” …. THE party leaders MAY have not believed in the bible – but the GERMAN PEOPLE who ALLOWED the NAZI thugs to remain in power – allowed them to remain in power IN THE NAME OF GOD AND THE BIBLE. The GERMAN PEOPLE were made to believe supporting NAZI POWER was following the word of GOD – just like what is happening in this country today. It is not the NAZI PARTY that is to blame for the 1940’s attrocity in Germany and the world – the GERMAN PEOPLE who believed the GOD LIE and believed a POLITICAL PARTY that said it was GODS PARTY. Just like BUSH and the NEOCONS are not to blame for the destruction of America in this decade. The people who voted for Bush are to blame(rigged elections or not). The people who support lie of RELIGION in POLITICS are to blame.

  38. says

    As VP of Human Resources, she would be responsible for carrying out the university’s equal opportunity policy, which covers both sexual orientation and gender identity. Her comments indicate that it is questionable as to whether or not she could faithfully adhear to the policy, and therefore be unable to perform her job. Also, as an officer of the university, she is a representative to the public and any actions on her part, whether or not in an official capacity, reflect on the university as a whole. So I do think that her statement does constitute a valid reason for possible dismissal.

    Her speech evidences her inability to do her job so I don’t think this is a free speech issue at all.

  39. RJP3 says

    Why is bisexuality – and the bisexuals who decide to live “straight” – never addressed by these people.

    Gays do not become straight.

    Bisexuals decide to suppress their same sex desired and claim to be ex-gay – or gay people delude themself and become assexual.

    No homosexual has ever become straight, or they were not homosexual.

  40. Pragmatist says

    She’s right on at least one count. I’ll give her the free speech one, cause while what she said was hurtful, it wasn’t particularly hateful. But this is hardly religious/racial discrimination although she’d like it to be. It has nothing to do with her blackness and everything to do with her being misinformed. And that has everything to do with her taking her scientific information from a book that at its oldest predates the guy she sees as the central figure: Jesus. It also has everything to do with her not looking at the world around her.

    The question is: can she believe as she does and still make fair decisions? I’m doubtful. People generally don’t leave their biases at the office door. And people with prejudices are apt to have more than one prejudice. (Ever notice how the Klan seems to hate everybody?)

    It is an interesting point about black civil rights being intertwined with gay ones (imagine the world gay black men live in.) And she’s right that some gay people choose to live straight lives. Some gay men live amoral, unsafe lives and cry discrimination. But she overlooks some things. Like the fact that many mixed people lived under the radar, passing as white. What of that? Is it that its more obvious when a person is black than when a person is gay? Well, then she dismisses the diversity within the gay community. Is it easier to pass as straight when your gay than it is to pass as white when you’re black? I would say probably not. Just as those passing biracial people lived with their blackness on the inside, so do the ex-gay men live with their sexuality. ALSO: ex-gay programs and the participants fail everyday.

    She also gets a demerit for downplaying the role sexuality plays in life. But, this is in following with her fundamentalist beliefs. Of course you’ll think that you can escape homosexuality if you believe that sex barely matters in life and that it should be reserved for procreation. Then, its easy to see how one could fail to see that discrimination for one is discrimination for all.

  41. says

    She is an administrator for a governmental agency. The university probably has a very distinct policy regarding discrimination of any kind that she is responsible for upholding and mirroring. As an administrator, she doesn’t have an “off” time. She is 24/7 in that capacity. I would imagine that she was not fired for first amendment but for not following clauses in her contract. What is the MOST sad is that she is a “Vice-President for Human Resources.” Not very human, if you really think about it.

  42. Marc says

    Finally, we hear the old cunt speak and it ain’t pretty!

    She may be black tomorrow morning, but hopefully one day not so biblically brainwashed and ignorant.


  43. AggieCowboy says

    What seems to have been lost in all the brouhaha was that Dixon wrote her letter to the editor in response to a letter/editorial that criticized U of Toledo for the discrepencies in their policies of nondiscrimination (same-sex partners are not eligible for certain benefits). That was her mistake. Given her position at U of Toledo, her letter showed a distinct conflict of interest. It doesn’t matter that she wrote the letter as a “private citizen”. Under different circumstances, she probably would have kept her job.

  44. peterparker says

    AGGIECOWBOY is right…I missed the part of the story in which Dixon wrote her editorial in response to another editorial. I read both editorials and, yes, in her editorial Dixon does blur the lines between private citizen and employee of the University of Toledo. I now see exactly why the University of Toledo could legally get away with firing her. Now that I know more of the story, I support their decision to do so.

  45. hamp says

    I always ask myself the question “If a white person said the same thing about an African-American, Latino or Asian, what would happen?” I have a feeling that if the head of HR of my company which has a stated nondiscrimination policy and is located in a city with a nondiscrimination law were to say that African-Americans were inferior and should not receive equal rights, that person would be fired.

    I remember in the 60’s when the bible was used to justify racial discrimination and racial segregation. I doubt that an HR director who publicly stated that according to the bible, Latin Americans were inferior and did not deserve the same rights as white people would keep her job for long either.

  46. Vi Agara says

    The school has every right to fire her. She has espoused beliefs in public counter to the university’s mission. The university positions itself with a mission statement to communicate and reach out to its customers (students). By her words and actions, she does not line up ideologically with them. She can speak freely, with no fear of arrest, but of course, she risks her employment if she publically goes against thier policy. ITs quite simple and the lawsuit is a distraction to gain publicity. Anti gay groups work in mysteriouis ways my friends.

  47. Steven says

    I don’t agree with this crazy woman, but I think the university is going to have a hard time supporting its case for firing her, unless there is other information we’re not privy to. They’re going to have to show with demonstrable evidence that her personal opinions affected her professional conduct, and past performance evaluations will shed some light there. Just because she expressed some beliefs that the university might not agree with, doesn’t mean she can’t be professional and do her job. Plus, if she were a tenured faculty member and said the same thing, there would be no question that she’d still have her job.

    Beeyotch is crazy and stupid, but she’ll probably walk away with a healthy settlement. Universities don’t like litigation. Believe me, I know. I work at one.

  48. charlie says

    classic case of haves and have nots. when you’re a have, everyone is in the same boat struggling for equality.. but when you cross over and become one of the haves.. you fight like hell to keep it from everyone else. shame on you. all i can say.. is if we finally get equality for gays and lesbians.. i hope we don’t close the door on those left behind.

  49. Trey says

    Civil rights is not the province of one group. A definition that seems fair is found in…..”The rights belonging to an individual by virtue of citizenship, especially the fundamental freedoms and privileges guaranteed by the 13th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and by subsequent acts of Congress, including civil liberties, due process, equal protection of the laws, and freedom from discrimination.”

    Now she has the right as afforded to her by the constitution to ramble on ad nauseum free of the encumbrance of having a job.

  50. Mike Friedman says

    Sorry, people, I don’t think she should’ve been fired for saying things other people don’t like. We have a first amendment (sorta kinda, still), and an employer shouldn’t be able to fire you for saying things the employer doesn’t like. ESPECIALLY if it’s not on company time.

    This woman is clearly a stupid fundamentalist douche, but you have a right to be a stupid douche in this country.

  51. says

    Indeed, she has a right to be a “stupid douche” in this country. Free speech is free speech, but it can come with consequences. The fundamental ignorance and misunderstanding of gay issues/people that she demonstrates in her article indicates that she is not a good fit for human resources, or for any secular job that requires her to deal in a nonjudgmental way with gay people.

  52. Brandon says

    I’m not sure how her legal team is going to help her. Most states have at-will employment. So unless she has an employment contract, she can be terminated for ANY reason AS LONG AS it’s not because of her race, gender, etc. The University does not need to have “cause.” Embarrassing the University clearly qualifies as a legitimate– non discriminatory reason. And if the U has a non-discrimination policy and she’s expressed views that go against that, you could even argue that there is cause because the HR department must support all employees– straight and gay. The 1st Amendment angle is, I think her best shot because she is at a public U. But, the 1st amendment doesn’t mean that you can say anything at any time. I’m not sure that writing an article for a non-campus newspaper is protected speech/conduct when your job is human resources. Anyway, my gut says her “legal” options aren’t that great.

  53. Disgusted American says

    This woman as USUAL forgets HOW the Buy-Bull was USED to “put down,and to KEEP DOWN” Blacks – USING Religious Arguments…same with Inter-racial Marriage….why don’t people learn from History?

  54. says

    I don’t know what makes me feel worse: a) the fact that opinions like hers are exactly what reinforce negative images and hatred of us LGBT folk; or b) the fact that as much as I hate what she’s saying, she has a right to express it.

  55. Brad says

    Awww. The poor stupid cunt. I feel so badly for her. I will probably lose sleep until she can find gainful employment.

  56. nic says

    gee, might it be that this woman was elevated to her position of influence based on her race and sex? the quality of her writing style in her op-ed piece might certainly suggest that — non-seqs and all. of course, she would never allow that notion. no! she is too busy rationalizing her stupidity and bigotry via cherry-picked, biblical nonsense and her status as a proud Black woman.

    bigotry is deplorable, but bigotry from any minority (particularly from a female) is despicable.

  57. Georgy says

    If anyone read her full article, she compares apples to oranges saying that Gays make more money and are more educated with college degrees than poorer uneducated black men/women. I’m not racist by any means, but hard work is hard work.

    Many of us stayed in school, worked hard to prove others wrong amidst the harassment and fear, but it all worked out in the end. To be truthful, it is jealousy that we are intelligent and hard workers.