News: Spitting, Lohan, Chris Carmack, Bay to Breakers, Tina Brown

road.jpg Activists’ Paris arrest on International Day Against Homophobia leads to meeting with Human Rights Minister, Rama Yade, and promise to push for “a European initiative calling for the universal decriminalisation of homosexuality” at the United Nations.

Carmackroad.jpg Chris Carmack plays to his strengths.

road.jpg Living Lohan to win award for most mind-numbing reality trash of the summer — watch.

road.jpg Washington Post op-ed writer Kathleen Parker pens offensive column on Obama and Edwards’ ‘gay’ relationship.

road.jpg Jack Mackenroth not returning to Project Runway next season.

road.jpg When Ellen wears a certain jacket, watch for a gay rights alert.

road.jpg Catholic church offering “ex-gay” therapy in Poland: “When you want a candy for example, you can resist and have it later. And you can trade it for a piece of chocolate.”

road.jpg Maryland senator Richard Madaleno hopeful at state’s same-sex marriage prospects.

road.jpg Gay Canadian peace activist barred from speaking at Catholic church because of his views on marriage. Bishop: “Everyone is always welcome to come to our church, but not everyone is welcome to speak in front of our congregation. If someone wanted to come talk about the environment, which is a wonderful thing, but was actively pro-choice (on abortion) we wouldn’t allow them to present either. It just doesn’t add up.”

Andinoroad.jpg The Big Gay Sketch Show‘s Paolo Andino talks Cuba, cash, and cookies with QueerCents: “Both my mother and father started from nothing when they came to this country as teens. Castro only allowed women to take two dresses and a pair of shoes out of the country. My parents didn’t believe in an allowance, I mowed lawns from the age of 10 to earn some spending cash. My favorite thing to buy was a half-gallon of Heavenly Hash Ice Cream for the family — I always liked to splurge!”

road.jpg Tina Brown working on spy film about Noel Coward.

road.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal steps out in spandex again. Is a marriage proposal in the works?

Britsoldierroad.jpg Gay British soldier claims he was dropped from the Special Air Services (SAS) over his sexuality: “Army sources expressed anger at the claims by former Corporal Kenna, saying that he was never a proper member of the SAS, but was ‘a general duties soldier’ in support of the regiment at Hereford. ‘He wasn’t required to pass the SAS fitness tests and failed the one he did do,’ one source said. The sources said the corporal was ousted from the special forces because it was considered he was unsuitable for that line of work, although he had served in the SAS for two years, including tours in Iraq.”

road.jpg Freaks come out for San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers race.

road.jpg Christian registrar in the UK taking government to tribunal over refusal to perform same-sex civil partnerships: “Miss Ladele, who has worked in the registration service for nearly 16 years, said she held ‘orthodox Christian beliefs’ about marriage and same sex unions. She said in a statement: ‘The law places a duty on local authorities to provide civil partnership registration, but does not require all registrars to take part in the registration process. My local authority provides a civil partnership service, but it is one that it agrees does not actually require my involvement. Since 2004 I have therefore been asking to be excused from civil partnership duties, allowing my colleagues to do these duties instead.”

road.jpg The president of Poland, the leader of Uganda, and the UK Home Office named to the Human Rights Hall of Shame “for their actions in the past year in endangering LGBT people’s dignity, families, and safety.” Here are last year’s winners.

road.jpg Man dies in spitting contest.


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    I don’t want to seem shallow, but I’m going to say it anyway, that British Coporal is drop-dead gorgeous…must have some American in him, or are the British becoming all racially mixed up and gorgeous too.

  2. Feral says

    The politics of the columnist aside, the Edwards endorsement did in fact have a totally faggy vibe. The photo of the two of them currently on Obama’s homepage looks like an invitation to a commitment ceremony in the Pines.

  3. Zeke says

    DERRICK, don’t forget that Britain has more than a passing association with the Middle East, Pakistan, INDIA, etc. In addition to their colonial past they have a long history of immigration from all parts of the world; particularly from India/Pakistan and the Middle East.

    America doesn’t have a monopoly on beautiful, exotic, “swarthy” men.

    What I found odd about the article was how they quoted Kenna as saying that his homosexuality was reported to his commanding officer by his wife but then NOTHING more was said about this scenario that I’m sure raised a lot of questions in the minds of the readers.

  4. Jimmyboyo says

    Yepp zeke

    England is very mixed. Not only from its past Empire days, but also due to accepting people seeking political asylum.

    Many african americans after fleeing slavery in the south didn’t just settle in the north. If they could scrape the money together they bought passage on sailing ships to england where slavery had ended way before it did in the US and people of African descent could move up in professions.

  5. Zeke says

    Oh, and one more thing.

    Does anyone know how hard it is to be a masculist, trying to convince people that men aren’t stupid neanderthals, when every few days we have a story in the news about the latest idiot doing something like launching himself over the edge of a balcony trying to win a damned spitting contest?