1. nic says

    good democrats die in office: wilson, fdr, kennedy, or do great things after leaving: jimmy carter, bill clinton, al gore, eleanor roosevelt. this is why i will die a dem. was there any question that gore would not back obama?

  2. rudy says

    Typical Gore: far too little substance, far too late in delivery. Gore just reminded everyone who did not vote for him why they did not–and still do not–like him. In addition to being one of the dumbest people ever to serve in Washington (Gore flunked out of Yale Divinity School–a notoriously easy “dumping ground” for the academically unfit) he exudes the pedantic air of a rapidly aging pothead. The American people decided that Gore’s exemplar of stupid and arrogant is never a good combo. Gore’s posture of remaining “above the political fray” is what cost him the election then, and demonstrates the depth of just how out of touch he remains.

    RB, Simply ignore “nic,” as do the rest of us. He appears occasionally to spout nonsense-laden personal attacks and then retreats back under the bridge from whence such twink-trolls come. Merely look at your statement of a perfectly reasonable opinion gracefully stated and his characteristically nasty little response. Nic demonstrates that ridiculous and pompous is also a bad combination.

  3. Jimmyboyo says


    Gore chose to remain above the frey/ remain neutral.

    1- he is enjoying promoting the environment on the world stage as vs his message getting dragged down into in house fighting between 2 DEMS

    2- the possible need that a neutral party was going to have to broker a peace deal between the 2 DEMS.

    Gore’s waiting was comendable and very much necessary

  4. Jimmyboyo says

    Rudy you right wing facist liar

    Get your facts right.

    Gore did NOT fail Yale, he did fail Vanderbilt divinity school

    He took the religious studies courses while also working full time as a journalist at the Nashville Tennessean, and after getting off to a strong start with an A-minus in Ethics, he failed to complete any of the three courses he took in the fall of 1971, and those incompletes eventually lapsed into F’s. He returned for another semester in the spring of 1972, when two more incompletes turned into F’s. Two years later, he enrolled in law school and spent three semesters there taking heavy course loads while still working at the newspaper. He performed satisfactorily, with a high grade of 81 in Legal Writing and a low grade of 69 in Civil Procedures II. Partway through the spring semester in 1976, he decided to run for an open seat in Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District. His mother, Pauline Gore, herself a lawyer, tried to persuade him to remain in school while running, but he withdrew, turning away for good from the academic life, while beginning a political career in which he increasingly took on the characteristics of a scholar.

    NIC is by far a superior gay human being as compared to your slobering lip locked to cheney’s ass log cabinite slug like nature

    Hi NIC :-)

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    JIMMYBOYO, brotha’, boyfriend, darlin':

    RUDY’S been a loyal Obama supporter (and probably a loyal Democrat) as long as you have. I don’t like the animosity between RUDY and NIC, but there aint nothin’ I can do about it. We can’t get Leland to mediate between the two.

    By the way, RUDY, this is the first time we disagree. I like Gore. I don’t know why (he used to be a conservative Dem), maybe it’s still that “plantation mentality” workin’ in my head. Before the primary race came down to Clinton vs Obama, I kept waiting for “massa’s son from Tennessee” to come save the Democratic Party from disaster. Well, Massa’ Gore didn’t come, and now I’m kinda’ glad.

    JIMMY, you’d better apologize to RUDY before he responds. If you’ve ever read the fueding postings between him and NIC, well, honey, you don’t know what you’re in for.

  6. says


    I read your posts and while you have interest and correct facts, I find that you are way too bitter to people with any difference in opinion. So my question is why do you resort to name calling and hatred speak towards people you should be praising for having a difference of opinion. If Obama truly wants a better society then all forms of opinion will be accepted and welcomed.

    So again why are you so mean to people on here?

  7. nic says


    i think you suffer from feelings of grandeur. your overly precious style of writing makes me ill. and, as much as you claim to ignore me, you seem to pay me a lot of heed.

    that’s ok…. i have no reason to bother with a person who uses words like “adjudge” and “forfend”.

    thank you jimmy and derrick. who luvs ya, babes?

  8. GM says

    This is the most nonsensical thread that I have ever read on Towleroad.

    I think Al Gore is a grandstanding blowhard, who has ridden the global warming meme to some kind of exiled-king status among most Democrats.

    Regardless, his speech last evening was stirring. He was clearly in his element. And as one talking head put it afterward, he will be effective for Obama on the campaign trail over the next few months because he will serve to remind people what could have been over the past eight years instead of what really is.

  9. rudy says

    Derrick, I owe you a (pitcher of) martini(s). Don’t fret; I just let Jim’bo rant. He eventually sees the error of his bile. He, unlike “nic,” is capable of thought, although he too often spews first and thinks later. Cf. “I stand corrected” is not an apology; it is not even a quasi-apology in the mold of “if I offended… .”

    For some of us, our opinions are borne of actual work with the people and on the issues that are the subjects, particularly political, of Andy’s posts. I have been fortunate in my life to have worked with a broad range of people from the choreographic geniuses of the 20th century, George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins, but also the pop culture icons of Dolly Parton and Bo Diddley (R.I.P.), and have also served as Chief of Staff and General Counsel to the Chairman of a federal government agency. As a political consultant, I called every race (100%) correctly last election.

    Some of us are actually working for a winning political candidate who will make a transformational President and have been doing so from the very beginning many, many months ago. I have worked far too successfully for far too long in DC and on the local political hustings to take any offense from those who refuse to think–or worse yet–refuse to put their words into action.

    *yawn* Vete de aqui, mosquito.

  10. Kyle Childress says

    As you watched Gore’s endorsement speech LIVE on CNN and other news channels last night, did it not occur to you that Gore waited on his endorsement because, get this, it would be carried live on CNN and other news channels during the general election. Obama did not need the endorsement during the primaries, so he saved it for the big doins’ you got to witness last night, and the result was a near total blackout of McCain news while America got to see another stadium filled with 20,000 folks going apeshit for Obama.

    Whoever is running the Obama campaign is doing a brilliant job, and this is just another example of it.

  11. anon says

    This is an attempt to capture the southern white “working” vote that Barack lost to Hillary. Gore would not have done this without complete coordination with the Obama campaign.

  12. Chas says

    I was 13 when Gore ran for President. Was he that boring and that terrible a speaker back then? He has zero charisma at all. He’s like a slightly more animated John McCain.

    That said, he IS a party bigwig and I appreciate him now officially endorsing/supporting my candidate.

  13. Zeke says

    OK, I was gonna stay out of this but I can’t stand to see people I love and respect tearing each others’ eyes out; and somehow three of those people are going at it this morning.

    RUDY, hermanito querido; ¿Qué pasó? You’re being awfully ugly today and snippy today. The full frontal attack on Gore was overly critical even if it did contain some truth. I think Gore was a TERRIBLE candidate in 2000 (I held a state level staff position in his campaign) but to say that he is one of the dumbest people in Washington is absurd. He has been a hero in protecting the environment through education and he deserved his Nobel Peace Prize.

    Now, my friend, take a deep breath. Remember, we’re all on the SAME side now. NIC is one of our boys and his passion for getting the Democratic candidate elected to the White House is a valuable asset to our COMMON cause as we move forward in the general campaign.

    For the life of me I can’t figure out why you and NIC can’t take a step back from your ongoing war, take another look and realize that the two of you have much more in common than you do in difference. I think it’s pretty clear that passion and stubbornness are the two greatest things you share and hence the ongoing sniping at each other, even when you agree on a given point. NIC and I took a step back and reevaluated each other and I believe we came to a much greater level of respect and consideration, even through discussions where we intensely disagree.

    You guys need to work things out amongst yourselves. I hope you’ll both consider doing that but even if you don’t I hope you’ll both respect Andy’s blog enough not to turn every political thread into the “RUDY and NIC trailer park throw down” show.

    : )

    Now for my friend JIMMYBOYO, you should know RUDY better than that by now. That was not cool especially coming from a person who has become one of the most thoughtful, civil and polite participants in these discussions. I’m glad to see that you quickly recognized your misstep and admitted it though I missed the apology. Stand up for your friends, that’s admirable; I totally get that (ask RUDY and NIC) but don’t automatically assume that the enemy of your friend is your enemy. I learned that lesson the hard way.

    There really is an art in knowing how to disagree without being disagreeable. I certainly miss the mark on this at times but like JIMMYBOYO I aspire.

    OK, I’ll climb down off of MY high horse now.

  14. Zeke says

    Oh, and one more friend to defend; RB most certainly is not a “repug stirrer upper of sh*t”. He is a thoughtful contributor to these discussions who rather than making comments intended only to stir contention, offers very thoughtful, polite and considerate input from a different point of view that is a bit more conservative than the average participant here. Even when I disagree with his opinion I alway respect the thought and consideration that he has put into it. I have never gotten the impression that he has EVER made a comment with the intent of stirring up sh*t. He does try to make people think of other possibilities and consider other points of view but he has never presented a single opinion that could in any way be considered anti-gay.

    RB, is personal friend of mine and I can assure everyone that he is FAR from a right-wing conservative or a fundamentalist and he doesn’t vote for anti-gay candidates.

    If you want to change his mind about a given issue just present a reasoned argument for your position or against his in a polite and civil way. Trust me, he will reconsider his position if the evidence is sound and a case for change is compelling. I’ve seen this happen first hand.

  15. Gosh says

    While I am a relative newcomer and totally confused about much of this X versus Y stuff, I have to say that what Rudy just wrote makes me want to evacuate the contents of my stomach onto the screen. What’s the deal with smacking us in the face with your Curriculum Vitae? Even if you were governor, pope, president and Madonna rolled into one, it wouldn’t make you any cooler or more authoritative. Ok, maybe if you were pope.

  16. el polacko says

    gore’s speech was so over-the-top (and in his black preacher mode) that it was a self-parody of the fervor of obama devotees.
    if this isn’t a cult, then i don’t know what is. i thought we were voting for chief executive, not someone who will ‘transform the planet’. i don’t scare easily, but frankly this kind of talk disturbs me.
    add in brack’s own obsession with his ill-defined ‘religious beliefs’ and we have a toxic brew that may end up biting us all in the ass.. and not in the good way.

  17. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, EL POLACKO, don’t get all paronoid, man.

    Barack was put here to save you not bite you in the ass…nor on it.


    There’s a new world comin’, and it’s just around the bend

    There’s a new world comin’–this one ‘s comin’ to an end

    There’s a new voice callin’….

    Don’t get left behind, EL POLACKO!

    (Hey, NIC, if I messed these lyrics up, I’ll cut myself.)

  18. Derrick from Philly says

    Mama Cass, NIC, I’m not prejudiced.

    …there’s a new day dawnin’, the one weeee’ve had visions of

    Comin’ peace, comin’ joy, cumin’ in loooooove

  19. RB says

    Thanks Zeke! I am not here to stir sh*t! I do however have want people to think independently. I do not want to vote for anti-gay candidates, but refuse to give up 80% of my values to support one candidate that represents 10% of what I believe in. Sorry, but Gore is not influential and was not a viable candidate. He is simply boring. Anyway, I appreciate the comments. You are truly a friend.

    Rudy, love you too. Jimmybooyo, total respect! Love all three of you, even when I disagree!

    Take care.

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