1. Ben says

    “Patrick is the first elected official in the country to win statewide office after having campaigned on support for marriage equality”.

    Technically, he was one of the first – Eliot Spitzer also campaigned for equal marriage rights. Spitzer and Patrick both won election in November 2006.

    Of course, Patrick didn’t frequent whores, which is also a point worth mentioning.

  2. Chris says

    The comment about memorizing ‘The L Word’ episodes made me laugh.

    Hmmmm. Maybe he should be added to the list of potential VP candidates…..wouldn’t that shake things up?

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Where’s JOHNNY LANE, CHURCHILL-Y, MATT (one of the matts), and “the brains of the outfit)OSCAR– when you need them? Must be a Klan convention somewhere (wonder how they let Oscar join…skin lightener, I guess).

    Patrick’s a poster man for American Fatherhood. And I think he’s sexier than Obama…but, of course, I like beef.

  4. BEB says

    Deval Patrick also ran on a pledge to lower property taxes – instead, mine are going up 16% next year because the cities and towns of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are so strapped for cash.

  5. davefromtampa says

    Derrick, we know where you like the beef, tee hee. I would be proud to have him as a father, great attitude. Times are a changin’, takes time but equality will win out.

  6. Another Matt says

    I’m a Republican in Mass. (one of about 37) and disagree with pretty much every fiscal proposal he’s put forth and I don’t think the state is doing well under his watch. (Although it’s nowhere near as bad as some of the neighboring states.)

    That being said, I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with him professionally, and although we disagree on many things (nearly all of them money-related), he is a really nice guy, very intelligent, down-to-eath, open-minded and you know exactly where he stands on issues, which is all very refreshing in an elected official.

    It’s also great to hear a story about a gay kid whose parents support her…I know it’s not the case with everyone, and I know a lot of gay people in their late teens/twenties wouldn’t find this kind of support, but I think my generation is much more fortunate than generations before us because we have parents who have at least heard of homosexuality and know or know of at least one gay person. It’s too bad not everyone has this support system.

  7. realitythink says

    Everyone’s property taxes, and energy taxes and all those other hidden taxes are higher because the federal government is spending 12 Billion dollars a month to occupy Iraq. You can’t blame anybody but the Republicans.

    If you disagree with a Democrat about money and taxes it’s because your either stupid, greedy or both.

    I’ve met Deval a couple of times, use to live in his neighborhood, he’s a genuine person and very smart. She’s lucky to have the parents she has.

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