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Karl Lagerfeld: Designer in Headlights


Karl Lagerfeld dons a reflective yellow vest for a new French road safety campaign, declaring, "It's yellow, it's ugly, it doesn't match anything, but it can save your life."

According to Bloomberg, "Lagerfeld agreed to pose in the shapeless protective apparel as part of a French government safety-awareness campaign, which was kicked off yesterday. The vest and a reflective triangle will become mandatory for all drivers and cyclists on July 1. The number of traffic deaths in France jumped 10 percent to 346 in May, the highest since the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Environment said on its Web site. Two cyclists have died in Paris since the introduction of free municipal bicycles last year."

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  1. I love KL

    Posted by: Martin | Jun 20, 2008 8:59:11 AM

  2. if he wasn't a target without the vest.

    Posted by: A.J. | Jun 20, 2008 9:12:43 AM

  3. Yet another area in which France is behind the United States!

    Try topping 45,000 traffic deaths a year! Ha!

    Posted by: Steven Vance | Jun 20, 2008 9:18:15 AM

  4. C'est droll!

    Posted by: wirrrn | Jun 20, 2008 9:28:51 AM

  5. Perhaps Karl can redesign this vest for Chanel with a double C, then people can buy it for a fortune and wear it. Vogue can feature it as the new chic thing to wear for women, men & children.

    Posted by: GEOFF | Jun 20, 2008 9:46:49 AM

  6. That's an awesome ad. I also love KL.

    Posted by: lis | Jun 20, 2008 10:16:58 AM

  7. All drivers?? Are they nuts? Why not build safer bike lanes and roads? They don't even use guardrails a la Princess D.

    Posted by: anon | Jun 20, 2008 10:39:13 AM

  8. Is this man still looked up to by the GLBT community? Heaven help us. I think we need better role models than someone who looks like an alien extra from the old Lost In Space television series. I've seen mannequins at Macy's that have less garish features.

    Posted by: jason | Jun 20, 2008 10:41:12 AM

  9. Even though you look like a grandma biker on mescaline, you're still a legend, Karl.

    Posted by: Banjiboi | Jun 20, 2008 11:23:13 AM

  10. The new givaway at next years Met gala hosted by Karl & Vogue. Imagine Andre Leon Talley in this.

    Posted by: NICK | Jun 20, 2008 12:40:05 PM

  11. The ad should read "ç'est moche, ç'est vieux, ça se croit important et surtout ça devrait prendre la retraite"!

    Posted by: Shabaka | Jun 20, 2008 12:53:39 PM

  12. I'm so tired of people bashing Karl's age and appearance. Yeah, he's got a highly stylized look, but good for him for being unique and original! Karl works hard and is one of the few true couturiers remaing. He's a fashion legend.

    Posted by: Brendan | Jun 20, 2008 2:03:51 PM

  13. I believe it's becoming mandatory to carry a vest (and the red triangle) in your car (so you have it if you breakdown and are out of the car.) I don't think it's mandatory to wear it as you zip along the Moyenne Corniche in your Peugeot.

    Posted by: Buster | Jun 20, 2008 2:53:13 PM

  14. What's up Jason, you can't admire a person because they don't fit your image of a physically ideal man? That's sad.

    Posted by: Scott | Jun 20, 2008 3:31:04 PM

  15. "It's yellow, it's ugly, it doesn't match anything, but it can save your life."
    It's white, it's ugly, it doesn't look like it's alive. Man, David Beckham should let Posh get some sun.

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Jun 20, 2008 3:31:36 PM

  16. You know what that outfit needs? A fan. I'm just saying.

    Posted by: ChristopherM | Jun 20, 2008 5:36:29 PM

  17. Looks like a cross between the Cryptkeeper and Terminator: "Live with me if you want to come"

    Posted by: Robert | Jun 20, 2008 6:03:33 PM

  18. Good PSA but thats ridiculous. Drivers have to where them too?

    Posted by: Zane | Jun 20, 2008 8:22:56 PM

  19. Posted by: NICK | Jun 20, 2008 12:40:05 PM

    The ad should read "ç'est moche, ç'est vieux, ça se croit important et surtout ça devrait prendre la retraite"!


    HAHAHA! C'est vrai!

    Posted by: Kay | Jun 22, 2008 9:05:54 AM

  20. This is coming a little late (is anyone going to read this) but I had lunch with the Paris retoucher who created this image from at least 4 photographs. Apparently, M Lagerfeld thought it was a good idea but couldn't be bothered to actually "pose" in the garment, which has simply been photographed and stuck on a self-portrait that Monsieur had recently done of himself… probably one of many. SO, the Bloomberg report is false, but, in the end, does anybody really care? By the way, the retoucher is Christophe Huet and you can check out his website (google it). He beats Pascal Dangin any day.

    Posted by: larry | Jun 22, 2008 3:57:56 PM

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