Outside City Hall


Here are a couple shots of the crowd outside San Francisco City Hall last night, shot by Towleroad correspondent David Lytle. There are lots more in our Towleroad Flickr pool.

If any of you budding photogs have anything to add to the pool, feel free!


In case you missed it…
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  1. the queen says

    but where are the gay blacks, hispanics and asians in this picture? all i ever see in the media re gay marriage is pictures of gay white people getting married… strange…

  2. rudy says

    Queen, You need to get a new prescription for your lorgnette. I see Hispanic and ethnic gay men in those pictures–although I will concede that the MSM ruthlessly edits their textual and pictorial content. So, hie thee to the courthouse and have a gander for yourself.

  3. dc-20008 says

    Congrats to all the newlyweds. This is great.

    Now can we return to our boring lives, either married or not, and allow all the drama and speculation fade.

    Showing that this is not a 3-Ring Circus but just plain-jane marriage will go a long way toward easing societal fears.

  4. Ben says

    To the Queen’s question about non-white GLBT not being represented…given that most of the same sex people taking advantage of the marriage rights are going to be non-closeted, it shouldn’t surprise that we wouldn’t see many blacks or latinos. Those groups are still struggling for recognition, tolerance and acceptance within their own race-based segments (I hate the word minority or subset) of society. It’s tough to worry about marriage when you’re worried about being disowned by your parents and kicked out of your community.

  5. Dan says

    Why are people holding up signs sponsored by ANSWER? You know, the far-left organization that has found common cause with Islamic radicals who, as we all know, absolutely adore us gays… Unbelievable!

  6. banjiboi says

    Having lived in San Francisco for 23 years before returning back home to New York, I can tell you that The City is not NEARLY as diverse as it used to be, which is why the reason why I left. There isn’t one black gay bar or club left in San Francisco, and a lot of the gay clubs and bars actively discriminate against minorities as well. Some blatantly, others, not so much.

    You could say the same about NYC, but of course, we’re a much larger city and luckily there are places and events which should appease all ethnic tastes and sensibilities.

  7. Zeke says

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

    Congratulations to all the couples, to San Francisco (especially Mayor Newsome) and to the State of California.

    As for the homobigoted religious picketers; can you imagine the OUTRAGE if gay people were to picket straight couples on their wedding day or if gay people were to march down to the front of a Billy Graham Crusade or to the front of a Church service carrying anti-religious picket signs and scream anti-Christian taunts through bull horns. There would be absolute national and international outrage. The media would SWARM over it and we would RIGHTLY be branded as hateful, uncivil, angry, bigoted, shameful and offensive.

    I can’t imagine how anyone, even fundamentalist Christians, can look at these people and not think that they could have at least left these people alone on their wedding day; even if they are completely against same-sex marriage.

  8. Chas says

    Pssst…RUDY…Latinos ARE “ethnics”. So are Whites/Caucasians, for that matter. Everyone has an ethnicity.

    BANJI…You mean some (SOME) oh-so-sophisticated, “open-minded”, cosmopolitan white gays are–are–RACIST?! LIES! There is no such creature!

  9. banjiboi says

    Some of the comments here suggest that somebody here must be in a state of either perpetual happiness, denial, or is simply incapable of addressing an issue which might require deeper exploration.


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