1. says

    Does this echo the findings that homosexual sex among females is more acceptable than males that all places seem to be rushing female couples as the first ones to get married? Does the image of two men wedding cause fear?

  2. Sasha says

    Dan B, the prominence of lesbians in media coverage may just reflect the fact that more lesbians than gay men choose to get married.

    Two-thirds of the married gay couples in Massachussetts are lesbians apparently.

  3. patrick says

    There are specific reasons the two female couples are the first in SF and LA: they both have political significance. The SF couple has fought for queer rights since the 1950s, and the LA couple is one of the couples who are parties to the lawsuit that our new rights are the result of. These couples deserve to be first!!!!

  4. Zeke says

    Strangely, in Europe the stats are almost exactly opposite with gay male couples marrying at a rate of about 2 to 1 over lesbian couples.

    I think it has a lot to do with the differences in the way American men and European men are influenced by our respective cultures.

    Men in America are considered incomplete and less of a man without a wife and kids to support. This is a huge part of the push that drives many gay men to marry women. There isn’t the tradition or impetus yet for gay men to get married to a same-sex partner in order to establish social legitimacy.

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