Amy Winehouse, Michelle Obama Invade Fire Island Pines


Amy Winehouse and Michelle Obama were among those attending the annual Fire Island Pines Invasion over the Fourth of July holiday. The event was documented by Pines Punch.

The history, or so they say: “According to legend, in 1976 a Cherry Grove man in drag (Teri Warren) was denied service at the Botel, a Pines restaurant & bar owned by John B. Whyte (who died at 75 on March 22, 2004). Upon hearing about this blatant discrimination against one of her sisters, the newly crowned Homecoming Queen of the Arts Project Cherry Grove, PANZI (Thom Hansen) took it upon herself to lead a small group of 9 brave Cherry Grove girls in a water taxi into the Pines harbor one hot afternoon for what they expected to be a confrontational welcoming by the Pines men. On the contrary, the Pines men were so surprised and entertained by this “Drag Queen Invasion” in the middle of the day that they welcomed them all to drinks at the Blue Whale bar for what now is a yearly celebration and tradition.”


Invasion [pines punch]


  1. TryBrushin says

    Can I suggest that a toothbrush invades the Michelle Obama’s grill? As my momma once said, never wear pearls unless your teeth them perfectly…

  2. Michael Bedwell says

    Mrs. Obama’s original comment may have been ill-advised but fuck this scaggy drag [and not in the good way] for mocking her months later and NOT helping nongay Obama supporters of various colors “feel for the gays.” Who was behind [no pun intended] this stunt—Transvestites for McShame?

  3. banjiboi says

    Oh, and “Michelle”, your BlackGay Card has been revoked. NO self-respecting choklit gay brotha would be seen in public looking that way. Snaps.

  4. aidan says

    The real Michelle could only hope to look that good.

    And, srsly, why do the Obamas get free passes on everything? What makes them exempt from all of the satire, backbiting, and snide comments leveled at Hillary and every other candidate and politician? Fuck political correctness. It’s a cancer.

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