Anglican Bishops Propose Body To Force Gene Robinson Resignation

Bishops assembled at the Lambeth Conference have debated the creation of a body to be headed up by Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams that would enforce moratoriums on gay consecrations, same-sex blessings and cross-border interventions, wherein “conservative bishops from Africa have consecrated bishops to pastor congregations in the United States.”

RobinsonAccording to the Times Online, “The plan was drawn up by a group of bishops at the conference, who say in the document: ‘We believe that the pastoral forum should be empowered to act in the Anglican Communion in a rapid manner to emerging threats to its life.'”

Here’s the gist of it however: “The document says the moratoria asked for on a number of previous occasions are to be understood as ‘retrospective’. The strong implication of this is that the openly-gay Bishop of New Hampshire, Gene Robinson, must resign if the Anglican church is to survive as one body. However, this is not stated explicitly and conservatives criticised the document as lacking teeth.”

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  1. Goober Peas says

    Just a note of clarification — Gledhill’s reporting is more than a little sensationalistic.

    First, the Windsor Continuation Group which produced this document is made up entirely of anti-gay conservatives and the Anglican Communion is made up of independent provinces, so the document is being offered for discussion and is not canon law, like in the Roman Catholic Church.

    Second, the document has no authority in the Anglican Communion unless it is accepted and, in the Episcopal Church and Anglican Church of Canada (its targeted audiences), voted on by the General Convention (lay people and priests) in each province, which is a long shot at best.

    Third, the Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefforts Schori, stated unequivocally that Gene Robinson would not be asked to resign.

    The anti-gay forces in the Anglican Communion are not happy that the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada haven’t been censured and punished for daring to welcome LGBT people openly and honestly. Isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

  2. Zeke says

    As a former Episcopal I think it’s high time that the American and Canadian Churches stop putting up with this nonsense and make a proactive move to separate from the world wide Anglican Communion. The Episcopals and the Canadian Anglicans have bent over backwards to try to compromise but, as is ALWAYS the case with fundamentalists, there is NO such thing as compromise. It’s their way or the highway. The Episcopals are not demanding that ANY other body in the Communion believe or practice as they do yet the conservatives are DEMANDING that EVERYONE believe and practice as THEY do. This is completely contrary to the very foundation of Anglicanism.

    The Episcopal and Canadian Anglican Churches should break away, form their own Communion and see how the rest of the Anglicans get along without all the money and resources that flow ONLY OUTWARD from our churches. The Episcopals and the CA’s provide the overwhelming majority of the money that keeps the Communion alive yet the Arch Bishop and the very churches who are most dependent on American/Canadian funding are the very ones who continue to slap them in the face.

    Break away and then both sides can go about their business with people who believe and practice as they do.

    As far as I can see, that will be the only effective solution to this ongoing and shameful civil war.

  3. anon says

    It’s a form of blackmail, saying that if you don’t do X we will split from the church. The idea is that the church will protect itself before it protects Robinson.

  4. Sportin' Life says

    Fuck these superstitious bigots and all their enablers. Rowan Williams is a total joke–an absolute and utter failure as moral human being, much less a leader.

  5. RedCedar says

    “Rowan Williams is a total joke–an absolute and utter failure as moral human being, much less a leader.”

    Well, in all fairness, and as another former Episcopalian, I can’t help but mention that it’s a little inaccurate to view the Archbishop of Canterbury (any Archbishop of Canterbury) as anything more than first among equals. He is – IN NO WAY – like the Pope.

    Each of the member churches in the Anglican Communion is sovereign. They associate for historical reasons and because they choose to. That’s all. They share many features, including very similar or identical forms of worship based upon prayer books with widely similar (but not identical) features, but each is independent.

    The conservative members are having hissy fits over the liberal members’ doings. This isn’t new, but it’s intense enough now that the Communion may cease to exist.

    No water off my back one way or the other.

    But it isn’t as though Rowan Williams has many tools at his disposal to lead this one way or another.

    He doesn’t.

  6. Dr.Pat says

    I would think that all the bishops better clean out their collective closets before they start pointing figure at any body. I would sight the married men that are part of the clegy and the single men. Are they going to put their collective dicks in their divine pants. I don’t think so…

    Just a thought.

  7. Ian says

    Agree completely with Zeke. Why should TEC and the Canadian church put up with this anymore. Tradition? Please. And where are the other gay Bishops in TEC? Do you think Gene R. is the only one? They have left him to shoulder this alone. Cowards.

  8. says

    ZEKE is totally right. The problem though is that the last thing the Anglican Church will tolerate is schism. They probably will have to go to great lengths in order to appease opponents of gay ordination (voir même accepting and pushing for Robinson’s resignation), but schism? I doubt it!

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