1. crispy says

    Beckham is WAY over-saturated. But the other night I saw back-to-back commercials for L’Oreal and American Express… both featuring Beyonce. And Michael Jordan in his prime was a walking billboard.

    So this is nothing new.

  2. banjiboi says

    Thank you ALGUIEN. He’s all face without any personality I can discern. And he certainly does not have the charisma of classic sports pitchmen like Joe Namath or Michael Jordan.

  3. Sebastian says

    I wonder just how many Americans even know who he is, other than kids who play soccer and some of the gays who think he is, ummm, hot? Didn’t his wife just get her line of jeans pulled as no one knew who she was? He is going to have to find a personailty to make it in this country.

  4. crispy says

    He was on Ellen last month, and the post-menopausal, rhythm-challenged women in her audience were going nuts for him.

    So I think the Beckhams’ takeover of the world is proceeding as scheduled.

  5. the queen says

    ah banjiboi you are so right about joe namath! many a time did i practice self abuse thinking of his thighs thrust between my own and wherever he is and whatever condition he is i’m willing to give him a good time for old times sake …

  6. tc says

    I did not get the Beckham think when he was across the “pond”….this guy has such a style of his own and soo fucking sexy…that white crisp shirt and cut off jeans…he turns these two pieces of clothing and looks like “David”..I never tire looking at him now…he can sell HOT DOGS ON MY corner for all I care


  7. says

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