To Those Hoping for a Big Pump Down Under


Customs agents in Australia have uncovered a steroid smuggling racket from Thailand. Shipments of the musculature-enhancing drugs have been entering the country as “gay lube oil”:

“More than 150 bottles have been seized in Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia since the beginning of the year. The bottles from Thailand are marked ‘gay lube oil’, but actually contain testosterone and Deca Durabolin – which are performance enhancing drugs. Richard Janeczko from Customs says it certainly is an unusual concealment. ‘I think that they’re going for the presumption that customs won’t examine the goods, mainly because we may actually think it’s gay lube oil. Secondly they might think we won’t examine it because…it’s a bit yucky or whatever.'”


  1. Out of here! says

    What happened to this site. It looks and reads like a gay gossip site. We already have Perez Hilton for that.

  2. paul says

    So how is gay lube oil different from straight lube oil? Or bisexual lube oil…and which one do the DL’s use?

    Out of Here: Isn’t Perez Hilton more of a gay-bashing site? Unless your idea of gossip is outing people, drawing cum on their faces and inferring that celebrities who portray gays on screen or who associate with gays must be gay themselves(OMG!!). If you see a parallel with this site, you have a warped perception of the world.

  3. Jay says

    I agree. This sight seems to be slipping a little. I have noticed the writing style become a lot more subjective and a lot more verbose recently. Is there a new writer on board?

  4. says

    Ha ha ha ha… Oz customs are great at finding things like this. They really do a great job.

    Ps – this site is better than ever. Fuck off somewhere else if you’re not happy.

  5. Nonplussed says

    Hmmm…? My abs are no better than they should be
    but I can stop a speeding train with my sphincter!