1. Sebastian says

    Congrats to Mr Bragman and Mr O’Donnell and many years of love and happiness to the two of them!!

    I just hope this does not start another anti Isaiah Washington racist tirade from the peanut gallery here.

  2. Messiah says

    Why does Gay Al have a PR agent? I’m so sad we live in an age where people, who don’t contribute anything to society, are made into celebrities.

  3. Paul R says

    I have to agree with Messiah. I respect Andy’s right to post whatever he likes, but I see nothing remotely interesting about Al Reynolds. If he hadn’t married that idiot, none of us would know who he is. As for whether he’s gay, I for one hope he isn’t, and I wish the entire issue would go away.

    It is moderately interesting that a gay PR agent represents such a diverse range of clients, as least in terms of views toward gays. But that’s the zany world of Hollywood, I suppose, where opportunism abounds.

  4. what says

    Now that’s good PR flack.

    Using his own wedding as a means to demonstrate a client’s “rehabilitation” and his queerness as a justification of proof for another client’s straightness.

  5. peterparker says

    I want Howard Bragman to stop talking about marriage equality on television news programs! A few weeks ago Andy provided a clip from Showbiz Tonight in which Bragman debated some wingnut about marriage equality. Bragman repeated the Republican talking point “sanctity of marriage” saying that marriage is important to us because we want to “sanctify our relationships”! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO!!!!!!!!!! We want marriage not to “sanctify” anything, but to secure the same legal rights available to every other American! Leave it to religions to decide what does and does not get “sanctified”. Someone please tell Howard we are seeking the right to a civil marriage!

    In today’s clip, Bragman clumsily appeals to people to defeat the California initiative to define marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman by saying “…everybody should vote against the initiatives to support gay marriage in california too.” WHAT?! He’s just made an appeal to millions of people (who may not know which side of the issue he is on) to defeat marriage equality! I know the guy has cameras in his face and may therefore be a bit nervous but if he isn’t up to the task, he should hand over the reins to someone who is…someone like Dan Savage who is eloquent, intelligent and convincing.

  6. says

    What I’m curious about is why someone as high powered behind the scenes as Bragman would represent Al Reynolds, who is famous, for…uh, well…marrying Star Jones?

    And I have to agree with @DC8STRETCH, that I find it disconcerting that an out and proud gay man would help enable someone who’s declarations seem a bit less than honorable. But who knows, maybe Al *really is* straight and this is all for naught.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, PETERPARKER, you’re right, some gay folks are not good spokespeople for anything. I could never be a good spokesperson for gay marriage rights. If I tried, some evil bitch from Towleroad would pop up out of nowhere saying, “Well, Derrick, where are you going to consummate your marriage? A public park?

    “Aziz Muhammed Abdul Torres and I haven’t decided yet, sanctimonious slut,” I say with a dazzling newlywed smile.

  8. Buster says

    What I find the most disconcerting (though not surprising) is that NBC appears to have given over its main story video screen to the complete non-story about some guy’s divorce from a minor television “celebrity” while, relegated to the “crawl” below is what is doubtless a far more important item concerning nuclear negotiations with Iran.

    O what a world, what a world!!

  9. patrick nyc says

    The ‘Al Reynolds Brand’??? WTF. LOL

    I can’t wait until the TV movie comes out, of course Star will be played by Tracy Morgan and Big Gay Al by Big Gay AL from South Park, if not in black face then maybe Chef is available since he left the show.

  10. GregV says

    Yes, that was badly worded. “Vote against the initiatives to support gay marriage in California.“ If I had seen this on Tv without the discussion here, I might well have guessed that he was homophobic, and even when mentioning his own marriage, he never once indicated that his new spouse was not female.
    If he wants to speak to this issue effectively, I would make two suggestions (in addition to more clearly worded sentences}…
    1} Take the opportunity to use the words that many Americans are not used to but need to get used to. Rather than just saying “I did that (i.e. got married} last week,“ he should have said “My husband and I have been married for just one week and we are so glad that California will now treat us as it treats all other citizens.“ America needs to hear gay men refering to their husbands and to hear men refering to their spouses using male pronouns. Otherwise, they either assume someone is married to a woman or that the relationship he has with a man is somehow “different“ and lesser than other people`s relationships.

    2} The other thing I would suggest is that everybody stop with the expression “gay marriage.“ I don`t want the right to a “gay marriage“ or to an “inter racial marriage.“ I just want my marriage recognized under the law using the same terms used for everyone else. We should be discussing “equal marriage rights“ or “access to the same marriage rights as everyone else“ or “the right to have my marriage recognized equally under the law.“

    Asking for the right to a “gay marriage“ makes it sound like we want some kind of new parallel sets of laws written just for us rather than wanting access to the same rights and responsibilities that everyone else already has.

  11. doire415 says

    Perhaps the most depressing thing about this story is the fact that some famous for absolutely nothing apparently makes enough money to be repped by a high-end LA flack like Bragman.

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