Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan to Marry


Barney’s New York creative director Simon Doonan and designer Jonathan Adler will be tying the knot in California in mid-September according to New York magazine’s The Cut.

Said Doonan: “I always thought we were married, so I don’t feel like celebrating the fact that the government’s allowing me to think I’m married. It’s more like paying a parking ticket. We’ll have a nice romantic dinner, him and me. [Adler’s mom Cynthia and sister Amy] have been incredibly supportive and kept an eye out on what was going on, and they said, ‘Oh, you guys should get married in California.’ So it was them that sort of prompted us…But no gifts. We have enough tchotchkes at home for one lifetime.”


  1. Steve says

    I’d like to support the opposition to November’s ballot initiative regarding gay marriage.

    Anyone have thoughts as to the best organizations to support in their efforts to keep gay marriage legal in CA?


  2. says

    I once arrived to pick Simon up for a date and found him dressed as Queen Elizabeth. Kind of a buzz kill, but he is one of the funniest persons I have ever met, and a gentleman.

    Nevertheless, I’m saddened to learn that his attitude about the right for he and his partner to marry is so cavalier. This has been a long and nasty battle, and it is not over. Perhaps in lieu of gifts he could ask for donations to fight Proposition 8 here in California.

    Not quite the equivalent of a parking ticket (What does that analogy imply?), but may it be so in the future.

    Congratulations, I think.

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