L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa Pulls Out of HRC Dinner

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa joined other California political figures in deciding not to attend Saturday night’s Human Rights Campaign dinner in San Francisco. Villaraigosa was reportedly the headliner:

Cohen“The Human Rights Campaign is one of the nation’s most prominent gay rights organizations and the Washington-based group already has given over $500,000 to defeat the same-sex marriage measure. But many transgender activists and their allies have been angry at the group since the fall, when its leaders agreed to support a federal job discrimination ban that protected gays, lesbians and bisexuals – but not transgender people. Matt Szabo, Villaraigosa’s spokesman, said the mayor’s decision was more a byproduct of the Human Rights Campaign controversy than a snub of the group itself. When Villaraigosa agreed to appear at the dinner at the Westin St. Francis Hotel, he was unaware that the San Francisco Labor Council had urged its members to boycott the event, which would have put the Democratic mayor, who is mentioned as a possible 2010 gubernatorial candidate, in the position of having to cross a union picket line, according to Szabo.”

Above, Villaraigosa officiates the wedding of American Beauty producer Bruce Cohen and his partner Gabriel Catone last month.

In late June, San Francisco Supervisors Tom Ammiano and Bevan Dufty, Assemblyman Mark Leno, and state Sen. Carole Migden announced they would not be attending the event.


  1. jason says

    If “transgender” means a completed sex change, then aren’t transgender people already protected by anti-discrimination laws relating to gender? Somebody fill me in.

  2. Adam says

    That’s not what transgender means, Jason.

    The bill included protections for discrimination based on real or perceived gender. This would have included transgendered men and women, as well as a person who was discriminated against because he was too “girly” or she was too “manly,” even if he or she wasn’t transgendered.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Hey, JASON

    There are different definitions of transgender. When you use Google for a definition, the first five or six definitions do NOT say one has to be transsexual to be transgendered–just noticeably rejecting your perscribed gender role assignment (perscribed by whatever culture you live in). In other words, a drag queen or drag king can describe themselves as “transgendered” but also “gay”. Ugly debates on this topic on gay blogs have forced me to look up definitions of transgender every two or three f…kin’ weeks. I wish gay guys with such strong opinions on the subject would take the time to do so.

    I can’t figure out why so many gay men want the definition of transgender to only refer to transsexual…well, I can figure it out but it causes ugly arguments.

    The L.A. mayor looks sexy in that photo. THE QUEEN, you don’t like him?

  4. Arlington Tom says

    Let’s not forget that HRC was very opposed to taking on the marriage issue. It described gay marriage as ‘driving a red Ferrari down main street’
    They went as far as to fire their Executive Director and hire a straight man to lead the organization.

    HRC has long been two steps behind the country on gay issues- And has viewed it own success as invites to Washington insider parties.

    To find a group that advocated for LGBT issues look to People for the American Way, the ACLU, and though limited by a small budget, the NGLTF.

  5. GregV says

    Jason, your point is arguably correct since federal law mandates that employers not discriminate “on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age or disability.“
    But some have a gender identity which is different from their official and/or genetic sex, and they can be discriminated against on that basis. That is why the HRC has lobbied in favor of clarifying / expanding “sex“ by adding “real or perceived gender identity.“
    This article, and so many others, are misleading in their wording since the HRC has been at the forefront of supporting adding that wording. They also have supported adding “real or perceived sexual orientation,“ but both issues have failed to get the votes.

  6. the queen says

    good morning miss derrick, oh i think he’s sexy too — wouldn’t mind nuzzling up to him after he’s done a good 5 mile run, i just love those hot mansmells ya know.. so i was just joking ya know, i feel quite rambunkshus this morning…

  7. Bading says

    jason, gender is a social construct completely unrelated to physical sexual characteristics. transgender, therefore, is a trans-cendence/trans-gression of societal mores.

  8. queendru says

    His birth name is Tony Villar. He changed it for political reasons. Everything is politics to him.

    Leading Democrat, he also wants to be the next governor of CA.

  9. Fight Mad Tranny Diseaase says

    What? When has HRC ever been run by a straight guy? Fucking nonsense!

    The inmates are running the asylum—and I don’t mean HRC…..I mean the LGBT community which has been stampeded by a bunch of psychos into OPPOSING job protection for gays and lesbians in the name of “principle.”

    So if you’re a gay man or lesbian who lives in one of the 30 or so states where your boss can walk up to you and say “I just found out your a fag. You’re fired” and totally get away with it…..thank the organizers of this insane boycott (organized almost without exception by people who DO live where they’re protected so THEY are sacrificing NOTHING).

  10. deano2 says

    Oh, yes, Fight Mad Tranny Disease, the trannies are freaking out and f*ck*ng up. Civil Rights’ issues always progress incrementally – ENDA needed to pass with or without tranny protection for the greater good. In time, people will come to understand the specific experience of gender confusion and identity; heck most gay people don’t get the whole changing gender thing, how do we expect the masses to get it. Working against HRC is counter productive and really makes me wonder what the hell the trannies are thinking? Barney Frank explained exactly why it made sense not to lose ENDA when the opportunity to pass it finally happened…How about stopping these idiotic protests and try listening to the realities…Changing gender is still very far out there to most people.

  11. anon says

    The main stumbling block to tranny rights is, in a word: bathrooms. Pols are convinced that howls of protest would follow them if men were allowed into women’s bathrooms on the basis of this law (dressing rooms too). There are just too many women who would get upset over that and loudly complain to get this part passed. Women want to feel safe on the john and in dressing rooms. I don’t think men care much about women in their bathrooms though.

  12. Fight Mad Tranny Disease says

    Meanwhile INSIDE the dinner, someone who did have the sense to cross the phony “picket line” was WordPerfect cofounder Bruce Bastian who wrote a check for $1 million bucks to fight Prop 8. That adds to the $570,000 that HRC has put up for the fight already.

    But HEY forget actually accomplishing something….lets applaud the nutsos and those they’ve guilt-tripped into endorsing them for pouring more piss into the soup three months before the vote of Prop 8.

  13. nic says


    no, when he was born, his given name was antonio ramon villar. when he married corina raigosa in 1987, they combined their names; hence, villaraigosa. shame on him for respecting his wife and her name.

    once upon a time Q’DRU, you had something useful to contribute, didn’t you? what happened?

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