Laguna Beach is California’s First City to Oppose Gay Marriage Ban

Laguna Beach City Council voted to oppose Proposition 8, the anti-gay November ballot measure that would limit marriages in California to those between a man and a woman:

Laguna“Mayor Jane Egly and Councilmember Toni Iseman made a jump to bring the opposition before the council as an item in hopes of being the first city in the state to oppose the proposition. Mayor Egly reminded members of the public present at the council meeting that because of the Brown Act, only two members of City Council may bring an item before the rest of the council, and assured the audience that the entire council supported the opposition.”

Laguna Beach’s Historic Boom Boom Room Has its Last Dance [tr]


  1. Fabrizio says

    This is great news! If you are from California, please register to vote. If you are not from California but know someone that lives there…please talk to them about the importance of voting NO on Prop. 8!!! We can make history here…but we need to stick together! Please do your part!

  2. John says

    Maybe I don’t understand this correctly. Are they removing the prop. from the ballot in Laguna Beach? This prop. will be on the state ballot, so if they remove it from the ballot in Laguna Beach, which is very gay-friendly, they’re preventing those gay-friendly citizens from VOTING ‘no’ and negating some of the ‘yes’ votes. Right?

  3. Sebastian says

    No surprise here, Laguna has always been the live and let live city in OC where discrimination is part of the landscape. And, in the good old days, the gays were a large part of the population and welcomed.

  4. Zeeshan says

    John, it doesn’t mean the prop will b e removed from their ballot, it just means that the city has taken a stand against the initiative. I don’t think it actually does anything much at all.

    Andy, could you put a link up to one of the organizations fighting prop 8 when posting about marriage equality in CA. I know someone was asking about how to get involved the other day, and it may encourage out of state people to contribute and/or get involved. I think most of the marriage equality organizations are on board with Equality for All, so perhaps that one?

  5. Derek says

    This occurred from a number of city councils prior to the amendment that passed here in the state of Wisconsin. Sometimes was an indicator of what cities would go against it, but honestly, only 2 counties out of like 60 voted against it here, more city councils than that voiced their dissent.

    Obviously a very different place than CA, but be realistic with what this actually accomplishes.

  6. Timothy says

    It’s worth noting that this is a majority Republican city counsel. Much of the success of this unanimous opposition to Prop 8 can be credited to Log Cabin, and to Frank Ricchiazzi (one of the founders) in particular.

    So when some wonder why Log Cabin should even exist, consider that they do help bring about support from some Republicans and that in a vote this important and this close, we need support where we can get it.

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