Lance Bass’ New Man Has a Wife


Lance Bass has a new trainer boyfriend. Should the relationship endure, they may have some things to work out down the road.

Via Page Six: “Leal, who is Italian but was born and raised in Brazil, married US citizen Jessica Gannon nine years ago – and never got a divorce. The two separated three years ago, due to what Gannon told us through a rep were ‘irreconcilable differences.’ She added, ‘We continue to love each other. He was, is and always will be my best friend.’ One pal of Bass and Leal told us the news will be no shock to Bass because ‘Lance and Sebastian are very open with each other and have no secrets.’ A rep for Bass, who contacted Leal as well, declined to comment.”

According to some, however, Leal wasn’t married for heterosexual reasons.


  1. says

    The Perez Hilton account is a bit goofy… So he’s been married for 9 years but would lose his status if he divorces now? How long does it take now?

    And no: even if Lance did “step up to the plate and marry him” it wouldn’t be “so he can stay.” Not until the Uniting American Families Act is passed.

    Why is it so many people, even some gay people (Perez!!), seem so blase or ignorant about discrimination against binational couples?

  2. says

    I’m not high-profile, but I live in Kentucky, and believe me: I have to at least import from out of state to get anyone of quality!

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    I still have no idea what Mr Bass does(never really read the stories featuring him), but I know one thing: his husband is sexy. I wouldn’t mind having an Italian raised in Brazil, or a Braziian raised in Italy, or a Puerto Rican raised in Camden. (I think the third choice is best for me.)

  4. JTluvr says

    This story would be a non-issue if the U.S. would stop discriminating against gay couples. At least in Spain I could stay if I chose to marry my boyfriend.

    Either gays are too promiscuous and anti-family to want marriage (in some people’s eyes), or when gays create families and demand the right to marry, gay marriage is deemed immoral. Utter hypocrisy.

  5. dezboy says

    I love the way Page Six picks up an old Perez Hilton scoop and presents it as their scoop. What a bunch of wankers.

    And yes Perez is an idiot to tell his millions of young readers that gay people can have any Federal benefits by marrying each other. He is a total idiot.

  6. freddie says

    Oh, hang on a minute. I know Sebastian. He works the front desk at my gym. Completely sweet guy that I’ve been shamelessly flirting with for 2 years. Seems he’s done better. :( Oh well.

  7. patch says

    Perez is an ass, a gay basher and heartless fat loser that uses people to promote his stupid immature website, why people support him i don’t know…

  8. says

    Just in case we’ve forgotten our 2nd class citizenship, it’s nice of Perez, even if he’s too ignorant to actually understand what he’s saying himself, to remind us that sham straight marriages come with like way more benefits than real gay ones.