PFLAG Responds to McCain Remarks on Gay Adoption

Citing research from the American Academy of Pediatrics that children who grow up raised by gay parents “fare as well in emotional, cognitive, social, and sexual functioning as do children whose parents are heterosexual,” PFLAG has hit back at Senator John McCain’s ignorant remarks to the New York Times over the weekend that he and his wife Cindy and their heterosexual marriage are the ultimate example of what adoptive parents should look like.

MccainfamilySaid McCain: “I think that we’ve proven that both parents are important in the success of a family so, no, I don’t believe in gay adoption.”

Responded executive director Jody M. Huckaby: “In a country where more than 125,000 children are waiting for foster parents, Senator McCain would deny loving homes to children who desperately need them simply because of an outdated prejudice about what a family may look like. We are disappointed and saddened that a public leader who is himself an adoptive father would deny the children in America’s foster care system the opportunity to thrive as part of a welcoming family. Love makes a family, but short-sighted positions like Senator McCain’s can certainly tear families apart, too. Senator McCain’s position is out of synch with the research and science and out of step with what is in the best interests of children waiting for a home and a family. PFLAG knows the pain inflicted upon families due to misinformation about LGBT issues. We implore Senator McCain to take a serious look at the overwhelming evidence and listen to the stories of the countless children raised by loving lesbian and gay couples. The evidence is clear: children should not be denied access to the loving homes of gay couples.”

PFLAG notes additional research from the AAP: “In fact, growing up with parents who are lesbian or gay may confer some advantages to children. They have been described as more tolerant of diversity and more nurturing toward younger children than children whose parents are heterosexual.”


  1. says

    Senior citizens should not be allowed to have children either, following his logic, because they have a higher likelihood of dying and then the poor children will only have the harsh-looking drag queen to provide beauty advice to them.

  2. Jake says

    Y’all can hate all day but Cindy McCain looks fabulous for a woman her age. Of course with the loads of cash she’s sitting on, she has no reason not to! She dresses impeccably and has enough wrinkles to not look like she’s getting excessive work done. Hate on her all you want, but the woman is hot. A total Stepford wife, but hot nonetheless.

  3. Jake says

    Also, I don’t really care when PFLAG makes a statement. That isn’t surprising and really does not make much of a difference. It’s a gay organization. I think there needs to be statements from more than just PFLAG on McCain’s ignorant statements.

  4. Ty says

    So, a happy, loving gay couple is not qualified to give a child a loving home, but, a rich, anorexic, pill popping, husband stealing chick like Cindy is? This old hate-filled man is just too much.

  5. D.R.H. says

    Jake – PFLAG were citing research from the American Academy of Pediatrics, who are not a “gay organization”. And what the hell difference does it make? PFLAG are less credible when discrediting bigotry and discrimination because they’re a gay organization?!

  6. Rafael says

    PFLAG addressed the issue as the serious organization they are. McCain on the other hand is a joke, he is trying to consolidate the conservative support as he beats on us. I doubt he believes his own argument here.

  7. paul says

    McCain’s choice of words is kind of disturbing as well. “We’ve proven”? So is he a researcher or just a biased advocate of this position? To use the word “proven” also implies that his words are based on fact, which they are absolutely not.

    The more he speaks, the more his true moronic self emerges.

    Also, Cindy McCain looks much better in the photo above than she does today…dare I say almost natural?

  8. Ted says

    McCain sounds way too much like my father so there’s no way I’d vote for him!

    This is the beginning of his move further to the right in order to get elected.

    Make sure to vote!

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