1. peterparker says

    he’s 19!! 19!! are you kidding me?! god, i feel dirty for looking at him!!!!

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Dont’ feel dirty, PETERPARKER, you can look at him. It’s not like you’re looking at him in a public park or anything. That would be filthy!

    He has nice nipples though, and of course a nice bulge. Watermelons must be ripe down in Georgia.

  3. cd says

    Bruce Weber does homoerotica as commercial better than anyone, wonder why they don’t use him more? No one “bester” than Bester.

  4. Sam Gillespie says

    I suppose I could research this but I want to know if it’s the Republic of Georgia, or the State of Georgia. If it’s the State of Georgia, I may have to try to meet him when I’m visiting family…

  5. GEOFF says

    If he’s only 19, he needs daddy to give him a lot of teaching on how to make a man happy.

  6. Dego says

    Is it me, or does the band of his unders say “Bear”? and I know it’s silly that if it does, it kinda thrills me a little.

  7. ATLsteve says

    He plays for Life Univ. so he’s here in Atlanta. I think I’ll go do him now.

  8. Chas says

    And the South rises again. I swear there’s something in the water down there.

    Anyone else notice he bares a striking resemblance to Patriots QB Tom Brady? He could be Brady’s little brother. Do with that what you will.

  9. Joe says

    “Bester, Dester, Fester, Hester, Jester, Kester, LESTER! LESTER! VICKI LESTER!”

  10. Chas says

    Gee, SOULBROTHA#1, do ya think there’s a pattern going on with the kinds of guys we see here? 😉

  11. Paul R says

    I’m not denying that he’s hot, but I’m surprised that the lighting in some of the pics on the link Crispy posted is rather unflattering. He still looks great, but much better in some pictures than others.

  12. Rafael says

    I’ve missed the hot Sportraits! I know this will sound weird, but I like the pic with the coat the best. Of course he is a hunk non the less.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, I just got finished looking up my own Sportraits…on Youtube. His name is Nelson Evora, and oh, honey! He’s a track-n-field guy of African-Portuguese stock aiming for the Olympics, and oh, honey! Y’all know I’m not a size queen. I’m not. I’m not. I’m not, but oh, honey!

    SOULBROTHA and CHAS, look up Nelson Evora–y’all won’t be disappointed…neither will my dear THE QUEEN. Oh, honey!

  14. Scrufff says

    As strange as it may seem… Has Bruce Weber ever come out of the closet? If not, it’s SO fucking pathetic, shades of Calvin Klein, fucking 1980’s cowards!!! Dried up desiccated fags… just own up to your Homo-Fabulous, you guys are too rich and too powerful to really care what “straight” society thinks of you. I dare you… Come out of the fucking closet you low life queens!!!

  15. nic says

    thank you, DERRICK. and bless the inventor of spandex! if you do google-images, some of those shots reveal everything but the outline of his pubies. dayum, yum,yum.

    the kid above is outstanding too.

    god loves her gay sons if she produces such wonders to behold.

  16. Weezy says

    Amen, Brother Nic.

    p.s. Pop over to youtube. Reverend Derrick is right about the lovely and leggy Mr. Nelson Evora.

  17. Bman says

    And the best thing of all boys is that he’s gay, yay!!!! So take out the hand cream pull out the box of tissues, and lets give a warm hand to Paul