Turning the Page


Christopher Ciccone signed copies of Life with My Sister Madonna at Book Soup in West Hollywood last night. Since its release on July 14, the book has reached #2 on the New York Times Best Seller List; #16 on amazon.com’s bestseller list; and #26 on barnesandnoble.com’s bestseller list.


  1. jeffy says

    (A) Madonna completely knew about and implicitly condoned this book. Trust. It’s a publicity stunt to create a maelstrom of drama to keep her name in the limelight to boost American ticket sales (contrary to reports, scalpers – from whom Madge profits through StubHub – have all the “sold out” tickets, not fans).

    (B) Chris Ciccone’s face work (look at the jawline where the jowels used to be) couldn’t be more obvious.

  2. paul says

    Why is a story about Madonna’s brother illustrated with a photo of Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein?

  3. Lone Star Hunk says

    Who cares? Madonna looks like a zombie these days: those sunken cheeks and mummy hands that show her veins. She’s 50 and looks 80. Hell, real Hollywood talent like Meryl Streep is 60 years old and looks like Madonna’s daughter by comparison. I guess Guy must like the glitz and perks that come with nailing the old hag. Madonna and Guy and their Kaballah are just the newest celebrity freakshow. I say, next? Back to the bus.

  4. Chad says

    I don’t think Madonna had anything to do with the book anymore. I don’t think her fragile ego could stand it.

    And although she loves drama and will do virtually anything to get her name in the press, she needs do nothing to increase ticket sales, since her last tour made her $260 million.

    It’s sad how Christopher is aging, and as much as I find his selling out his own sister disgraceful, big money screams, and he freely admits in the book he was broke.

    If he hadn’t relied so much on Madonna for so long and tried to get his own life, maybe none of this would have happened, but then we wouldn’t have had such delicious gossip. What would the Kabbalists think? Oh my.

  5. Paul R says

    I guess he was too broke to go to a beach or tanning salon, and only had enough money to go see a very, very untalented plastic surgeon.