A Warning About JetBlue and Why I’ll Likely Never Fly it Again

Last Saturday I flew from Provincetown to Boston to JFK. It was a routine flight. Cape Air arrived in Boston about 20 minutes late and my partner Dave and I walked 100 feet from our arrival gate to our JetBlue departure gate. The gates were so close that given the opportunity I could have walked my luggage to our next plane myself. Everyone on our flight had already boarded and the JetBlue flight actually left early. It was clear that the flight had left so quickly that our luggage wouldn’t make it on the plane.

JetblueUnfortunately, it’s been FIVE days and my luggage is still missing. Every item I wear on a weekly basis was in that bag along with more than a few sentimental items. Dave’s was lost too but his arrived 36 hours later.

When I called the JetBlue luggage office in the initial hours my bag had gone missing and asked them if they had logged the barcode tag on my luggage and were tracking it I was told that “JetBlue is too cheap to have a luggage tracking system” and that everything is done manually, so there’s no way to track it.

Unfortunately, the manual system doesn’t work either. Three calls a day for five days to the JetBlue JFK office and I don’t believe I spoke to the same person twice. I also don’t believe anybody gave a damn about me or my bag. The standard answer was, ‘well, we’ll just see if it comes in on the next plane!’

I’m also aware that it could be Cape Air’s system (I’ve placed calls there too, with little luck) my bag could be lost in, but the airlines are partners and JetBlue is ultimately responsible for the follow-up.

Now my case has been transferred to the ‘Central Baggage Service’. Oh joy. I get to start filling out a claim form, for which they want original receipts for the items that were in the bag!

I am confident my bag is out there. If there’s anyone at JetBlue reading this that knows how to get some action on my lost bag, contact me! Until then, I’ll be flying elsewhere and WARNING others to do so as well. Or at least have a good prayer ready when their bag gets lost.

Apologies for breaking from the regularly scheduled programming here, but I’m in a bad way.


  1. says

    ORIGINAL RECEIPTS? Who the hell keeps and files the receipts for every shirt, every pair of socks, every belt, t-shirt, or pair of boxerbriefs they pack in a suitcase? I’m sure that the lack of receipts will be the half-baked reason why JetBlue tries to get out of compensating you for losing your bag (which, I imagine, contained hundreds of dollars worth of clothes and other effects).

    This is one reason why people hate the airlines’ business practices. I defy any of their employees to produce the receipts for the clothes that they are wearing this very moment.

  2. says

    Andy, that totally sucks, man. I hope the luggage turns up soon!

    (and I do hope JetBlue is reading! It’s amazing how decent customer service is a luxury good these days.)

  3. Henry says

    Thanks for sharing this. You should send it over to my other favorite blog: consumerist.com. Great pro-consumer/anti-corporate news that shames companies into doing the right thing.

  4. stevew says

    You can go to Scottsboro, Alabama, and buy your stuff back after it goes up for sale there.

  5. paul says

    This is another thing that airlines inexplicably get away with (in addition to overbooking flights). I hope you get your luggage back soon, but there is no guarantee.

    Because of this, I’ve never checked a bag in my life. I will only take what I can fit in a carry on.

    There is a place somewhere down South (it was on Oprah once) that is like a humongous thrift store stocked with all of the personal belongings from people’s “lost” luggage. It doesn’t matter how expensive or personally valuable the items are, they will sell it rather than get it back to it’s rightful owner.

    And on that happy note, I wish anyone who’s gone through this much luck in gettinmg back what is theirs.

  6. crispy says

    Much as I loathe to admit it, I actually do have receipts for nearly everything I’ve purchased in about the last 15 years! Yes, I realize I’m an OCD moron.

    Sorry to hear about your luggage. That sucks.

  7. Dan says

    I understand it’s frustrating as hell. But it happens to everyone sooner or later. It amazes me that anything makes it anywhere when you consider the volume and complexity of it all. While it sucks that it happened to you, I have to say that was one whiney post. You sound like losing a suitcase full of most likely over-priced clothes is an actual problem — like the ones that millions of unfortunate people face every day. Again, you’re right to be upset, but to put up such an arrogant, waa-waa post seems to me like someone is forgetting they aren’t the center of the universe.

  8. Steven says

    common curtsies and good business practices sometimes slip when an entire industry is struggling. I travel jet blue every time and will be flying on them next month. loosing luggage is never fun, but getting cheap tickets has a draw back apparently. condemning an entire company because they cut corners on tracking so they can offer cheap tickets is pointless. you get what you pay for.

  9. secretagentman says

    I’ve been there Andy. I’m so sorry, I know how frustrating it is. All I had was a call centre in India who kept telling me the same thing every morning,” we have located your bag in MOntreal and arranging its delivery to you in Toronto”. Seven days of that, and there are 16 flights a day between Montreal & Toronto. I have flown around the world to various middle-of-nowhere towns and always got my luggage, but in North America, it’s a crapshoot.

  10. says

    Damn, sorry Andy! I know how frustrating that can be. I hope you’re able to get it resolved without much more hassle. I’ll send some positive thoughts in your direction.

  11. Jim says

    Wait… Towleroad.com isnt the center of the universe?

    Seriously, no matter that there are people suffering in the world, when you pay for a service, there’s nothing wrong with getting pissed when the service isnt rendered as it should’ve been… and warning your peers about who was responsible so they might not get screwed as well.

  12. Sam says

    I sympathize with you, Andy. I’ve been dealing with customer service hell at another large company myself, DirecTV.

    I thought I’d switch away from my cable TV to DirecTV so I established a new DirecTV account 2 days ago and my credit card was charged $368.86. Before installation I wanted to make a simple (ha ha) equipment change and after speaking with several different DirecTV representatives who couldn’t figure out how to do this thing, they told me it would be simpler to just cancel the new account and re-order what I want in a new account.

    So I said sure. DirecTV cancelled the new account and told me I would receive a full refund of $368.86, but my credit card was only refunded $210.94. I called DirecTV to ask why but nobody I spoke with could find out what is going on or had the power to refund the missing $157.92, not even the billing department (which apparently is located in India).

    I spent at least 2 hours today being shuffled around from one DirecTV department to another. The first DirecTV representative transferred me to another department, which transferred me to billing, which transferred me to hardware/equipment, who said they would transfer me to a supervisor but instead I was sent back to the main menu, where I had to start all over again. At each point I was placed on long holds listening to the same recorded sales pitches over and over and over again, and then had to re-explain my problem to a new clueless, powerless person.

    Dealing with DirecTV customer service has been the most incredibly frustrating experience I have had in a long while. In my opinion their entire Customer Service system is broken. I think I have all of their recorded announcements memorized and will be hearing them in my sleep tonight.

    Maybe JetBlue and DirecTV are run by the same conglomerate.

  13. says


    I’m an avid reader and comment very infrequently; however I couldn’t help but reach out to you here:

    I work for a company called Luggage Forward (www.luggageforward.com) and we prevent exactly this sort of problem. We provide door-to-door luggage delivery service to every zip code in the U.S. and over 200 countries abroad. You can check out the website for pricing – I’ll save you the rest of the elevator pitch – but with all the lost luggage and baggage fees to check even ONE bag on some airlines now, it’s really becoming a viable option for most people who absolutely need their bags guaranteed, on time, and, most importantly, not lost!

    I can also sympathize with you regarding traveling this weekend. I had a horrible experience with AirTran this weekend going from D.C. back to Boston. They put our bags aboard another delayed flight that arrived behind us, so we got into Logan after being delayed 5 hours (it was midnight when we finally got to Logan) and our bags were on the plane behind us, due to land at 2:30 a.m. Of course, we did not want to wait until 2:30 a.m. to collect our bags from the flight.

    Luckily, AirTran had a system in place where you filed a claim and they delivered them to an address of your choosing the following day. They did as promised (my bags didn’t get to my office until 6:30 p.m. though) but it was still very frustrating after a long day of travel and a mistake which could have been fixed very easily from the get-go.

    Luggage Forward has a relatively new Yellow Tag program you can sign up for. Once you do, we provide you with small Yellow Tags to attach to your luggage at all times while traveling. If your bag is lost, the person who finds it calls the number and we’ll ship it home for you free of charge. A representative from AirTran actually called the office on Monday morning when they saw the bag and identified it as mine using the Yellow Tag I had attached. Since it was already being delivered to my office by AirTran we didn’t have to take any action, but it’s nice to know that the Yellow Tag worked and someone called once they found the bag!

    I’d be happy to offer you a friends and family discount for your next trip!

    Here’s hoping you find the lost bag… remember, they lose one every 9 seconds!

  14. Dan says

    True enough. But it’s out of the norm for what I usually find on here — and he seems to take it so seriously. I mean it’s clothes? I’m all for keeping businesses accountable, but the tone of the post was so “how could this horrible thing happen to me!” That’s what I found annoying.

  15. Dan says

    So for a charge you’ll put a Yellow Tag with a phone number on it for me. As opposed to a yellow tag with my own phone number that I could put on it? And you work for a company that does luggage yet you checked yours on AirTran? Sorry– am bored today and have too much time to post. I wish your business the best, but not sure the yellow tag sounds that helpful to me. But the actual luggage forwarding could be I guess. Kind of like FedEx, but for bags. Seems like it might be expensive.

  16. Jeni says

    Man! People sure do get mad because Andy posted something personal. Apparently it’s so horrible Jim wished him DEAD.

    I have to say, I am shocked.

  17. Casey says

    I would recommend emailing the kids over at the blog Consumerist. A lot of companies watch the consumer advocacy blogs and will swiftly deal with complaints that are posted through there.

  18. says

    I’m sorry, but isn’t this “Towleroad” written by Andy? This isn’t the a newspaper you’ve gone out and paid for. This is a personal blog with news and opinion. I appreciate the personal perspective.

    I also hope that at some point Andy has said to Jet Blue, “Well I write a blog with 100,000 readers and I’m going to tell them all about this horrible experience.” And then did just that.

  19. astro says

    ew Jim- I think he’s entitled to use his blog to vent about whatever he chooses. Go read queerty or some other staid blog and leave us alone.

  20. Sean says

    Two things:
    Thing one – Is Dan insane? Nobody holds his eyelids opens and forces him to read Towleroad. Get a grip Dan. This is a BLOG and Andy gets to say whatever he wants on it.

    Thing two – My understanding of the lost luggage regulations is that pretty much no matter how much the stuff in your bag was worth, the airlines will not reimburse you for more than $250 in most circumstances. Fortunately (maybe?) virtually all homeowners and/or renter’s insurance policies cover for lost luggage. There is usually some sort of deductible, depending on the policy terms and such, but if you had lots of stuff that gays with jobs tend to have (eyeglass frames that make you look fab but cost an arm&leg, jeans with prices north of 200 bucks – my grooming products even add up pretty smartly when I schlepp back to Kiehls to restock…) then the net might be worth looking into. I learned the value of renter’s insurance the hard way when a too-ridiculous-to-repeat lost luggage story came home to roost at my place.
    Hang in there and try to go Buddhist on it; attachment leads to suffering, objects are only as meaningful as we make them, blah blah blah. Still sucks.

  21. says


    If your bag ends up in some airport luggage closet in CA and you’re in MA I would challenge you to find an inexpensive, fast, and convenient way to have your bag automatically delivered to your home without going through the claims process etc. with the airlines. The Yellow Tag program is more of a contingency plan that one can pay for to ensure peace of mind while traveling (especially if their bag is lost), not the main focus of our business. All I know is that it worked.

    And yes, I did check my luggage on AirTran. Admittedly, I am not a great candidate for the serivce in most of my personal travel cases, nor do I think I need to be to sell it. I have used it in the past and it works perfectly; however for this trip I had no connections on either leg and was unfamiliar with AirTran’s unreliability (despite their claim that they are the “#1 Rated Airline”).

  22. Joe says

    Funny that you talked about luggage being lost via Cape Air/ Jet Blue. I was on the puddle jumper from Ptown to Boston last Sat morning and was talking to this lady who also lost her luggage coming to Ptown via Jet Blue/ Cape Air from NYC and they lost her luggage. She was told that it is the last carrier’s problem for these types of trips (meaning taking two separate airlines in one trip) and therefore Cape Air had to replace her bag and luggage. They did it without question, so I’m assuming that for you… it was probably Jet Blue… bastards.

    Sorry and good luck!

  23. patrick nyc says

    Andy sorry about the luggage, ignore the assholes who bitch about you. This is why I have not checked my luggage for over ten years. I flew in from NC last Saturday and after missing my flight had to change planes twice. No way I’m letting these idiots handle my bags.

    Plus starting next month several airlines will charge you extra to check the bags, before they try and lose them. Good luck sir.

  24. Michael says

    Chin up, Andy. I’ve had it happen to me, too, and the waiting is definitely no fun. In my case the bags have turned up so I’m hoping the same for you.

    Here’s also hoping the negative posters take a chill pill. Andy & the Towleroad team provide consistently excellent content and ask very little of us readers in return. So, he posted about a frustrating, personal matter? No need for disproportionately rude responses imho.

  25. says

    I applaud you for taking this customer service issue to your blog. Companies like Jet Blue get away with crap like this all the time because people don’t know about it. It is time someone shed some light on their awful policies. I’ll never fly Jet Blue because of their “customer-stranding” policies. What Jet Blue did to its customers during the snow storms on the east coast when customers sat in planes without air, water, or common courtesy for 8-10 hours was kidnapping and torture. Jet Blue is an awful, awful company, and I can’t say how happy I am that you are taking them on! You have my FULL support (for whatever that’s worth). I never check bags any more. I went to Europe for 21 days with two small carry-on bags. Now airlines will likely try to restrict what you can carry-on so you’ll be forced to hand your valuable luggage over. I hope your luggage turns up somewhere and that you put JetBlue out of business, really! I love your blog, too.

  26. brian says

    You will never fly Jet Blue again until they offer the cheapest fare. It sucks ya, but the next time they have a 100 dollar ticket to where you need to go and the next cheapest is 200, you will buy it. Airlines know this. Good luck with your bag though. I know it sucks.

  27. JoshB says

    I feel your pain. My partner and I went to Rome last year, flying British Airways. On our trip home, we flew from Fiumicino to Heathrow, and discovered that my main bag was lost. I checked their systems, filed claims, etc. BA would not provide a phone number to anyone in claims, and they also requested original receipts. At the end of everything, I received a check for $296.13. What an insult.

  28. Kevin says

    Call David Barger at Corp HQ and ask to speak with him, or ask for his direct email address.

    Lufthansa has a 19% stake in Jet Blu so you could also call HQ in Germany and start shaking some cages.

  29. Shannon says

    Fear not…you are FAR from alone!
    I actually am a former jetBlue Flight Attendant, and just had a HORRIBLE experience with them 2 weeks ago myself.
    I was flying from Long Beach, CA to Orlando, FL for an 8-day vacation, and I had to route thru Boston.
    When I checked my luggage in LGB, the agent was more concerned with talking to her ghetto counterpart than me, which I knew would lead to disaster.
    She took my bag and when I asked her, “is it checked all the way to Orlando?” she gave me a look like I’d never seen. As if she was insulted that I interrupted her conversation to ensure my luggage was correctly tagged.
    Needless to say, I arrived in Boston and my gut was telling me to ask about my bag.
    I approached cust. service and spoke to a LEAD who looked up my baggage claim number and said, “yup…it’s tagged all the way to Orlando…”
    I relaxed, drank my coffee and waited for my connecting flight. How silly of me to have questioned Laquisha in Long Beach!
    I arrived in Orlando refreshed and ready to see my friends and family…when I discovered that there was no luggage for me in the terminal. How could that be?? The Lead in Boston ensured me it was on my flight…how could it? where could it? why would it?
    Long story short, the baggage claim office in MCO was less than helpful…aside from one agent who flat out told me, “this is what we hire these days…I hate this place…”
    WOW…she didn’t even know who I was at that point and she was venting to me about her job??? THAT takes balls.
    After 10 hours of playing phone tag with ANYONE who would listen to me (Long Beach baggage, Boston baggage, Orlando baggage, Central Baggage in Salt Lake City), my bag magically appeared in Orlando…a mere half-day into my vacation.
    The best parts of this??
    (A) NO ONE called me to tell me it was sitting in Orlando…I litterally had a gut feeling to drive back to the airport and look for it on my own, since I felt no one gave a damn.
    (B) A ramp-rat was about to take it BACK to put it on a flight BACK to Boston!!! Had I not arrived at that very moment, my bag would have been on another flight to a city I hadn’t planned on vacationing in!
    (C) Because I was flying on a buddy pass (mind you, I still paid surcharges, taxes, and fees of 45 dollars each way…totalling over 110bucks for this ‘free ticket’), I was offered NO compensation for this…
    and, my favorite…
    (D) MY BAG WAS A FREAKING PANCAKE when I got it! It literally looked as though they had tied it to the tail of the plane and dragged it from Long Beach! There were so many holes, it looked like blue swiss cheese, my clothes were hanging out of it, they managed to drag it thru some sort of liquid, my toiletries had exploded (and you know how hard a deoderant case is!), and even the handle to pull it behind you WOULDN’T extend! It actually stood crooked when you tried to lay it up on its wheels!
    I was stunned that they could destroy my property simply because I was on a buddy pass.

    Their response to it all???
    “You’re lucky you got your bags at all, sir.”

    WOW. No wonder I left that company 3 years ago…the agent in MCO was right…they hire anyone these days.

    What a shame. Another ‘once Golden airline’ down the tubes.

    I have pics of my pancake if anyone wants to see what I went thru.

    You have got to wonder about an airline that boots their own founder out into the cold…

    Good luck, Andy…I know how you are feeling!

  30. says

    Thanks for all of your support. Most of you who read regularly know I don’t normally publish this kind of post, but my frustration just bubbled over this week. I figured I’d get a few haters but I wouldn’t still be doing the blog if I ever let that get to me. I actually took Amtrak (which was flawless) on my trip to the Cape. I definitely recommend it. I just wanted to do Cape Air on the way back because I appreciate the scenery, and JetBlue is their partner, thus the ticket. It wasn’t a cost decision but a scheduling one. Again, thanks, and happy travels to all of you.

  31. John says

    Ooooh I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago on an America West flight from Memphis to San Francisco via Vegas. I was returning to SF after my grandfather’s funeral and America West lost my luggage. I went through the exact same rigamarole with the customer service, both national and local at all three airports. And no, my bag was never found. At all.

    Upside? I went through the same thing with receipts and claim forms. I didn’t send receipts for things like underwear. I lost an expensive suit and pair of shoes though…dug out a credit card statement for the shoes, and went to the store where I bought the suit and asked them to make a new receipt for me for a similar suit. All said and done, I finally got a check for close to $1500 from them. It was like pulling teeth, but at least I was ultimately reimbursed. Just make sure you follow through.

    And no, I’ve never flown America West or checked a bag on a domestic flight since.

  32. says

    *sigh* Jetting with JB in less than 24 hours. Hope I don’t have the same fate. At least they still have in-flight programming, unlike US Airways, whom I am now boycotting. :(

    P.S. Try twitter.com/JetBlue. I think they actually listen…

  33. So Left I'm Right says

    I feel your pain. I have had lost and delayed luggage quite a few times over the last few years, and the airlines are anything but responsive. I will grant that on occasion, they do a decent job, but less so as airline service has gone into a new crater. It is true that those lovely little bar codes you think track your luggage do no such thing, even on the biggest airlines.

    Unfortunately, you can rail against Jet Blue all you like, but they are no better or worse than any of the others. There isn’t really such a thing as a great, service-oriented airline in the US (I just flew Virgin America, however, and they’re trying). It’s like choosing a great overnight delivery service. They will all fail you at one point or another. FedEx is currently on my “list” but UPS has let me down big time too…best of luck on the return of your luggage.

  34. says

    Andy, I’m a law student, and airline carriers are liable for both lost and delayed luggage. I’m totally empathizing with you, as I’m sitting in London, and my digital camera was stolen out of my checked bag. The airline is attempting to disclaim liability, but I’m not letting them walk over me on this one.

    Here’s a law review article that might be of some help: http://www.franks.org/AirlineLiability.htm

  35. says

    Andy, you must be absolutely P’d, and there’s no reason on earth not to post about this situation on your blog. Thank you for reminding all of us the very real risk of checking our baggage. It seems that if the JetBlue flight departed early, then they are responsible for leaving before baggage could entirely be loaded.
    I hope you get your bag back soon with everything in it.

  36. David says

    can’t remember the last time I checked luggage…10+yrs…just outta fear…when on business, I ship my stuff thru the office…when in p-town, the week before you, met a guy who shipped all his stuff there…set up his own UPS account and never has to worry about anything. I’m thinking of setting up my own account as well…anything to make traveling easier…good luck

  37. Bojo says

    FedEx it GURL! I never check my luggage anymore. Not since I had a similar experience to Shannon’s on JetBlue several years ago when I was returning from a cruise and the bottles of carefully packaged alcohol exploded…is alcohol abuse not a criminal offense of some sort. Anyway, my 14-inch hard case Hartmann was 1 and ¾-inches at its thickest upon its return after 2-months AWOL. WHAT A MESS…ruined everything and finally got $25 in compensation after months of wrangling and filing complaints including with various Federal agencies…which I might add were actually helpful! Ever since that experience I have paid the $$$’s to FedEx my luggage…always delivered on-time and without damage anywhere in the world…it’s worth every penny!!!

  38. WildGuy says

    What’s sad is your bag has probably already been label ‘Unclaimed’ or ‘Abandoned’ … isn’t that comforting ;;

  39. JJ says

    Same thing happened to me only it was from Long Beach to Boston to Martha’s Vineyard..

    Maybe its Boston’s Jet Blue stuff

    Can’t one of your readers make something happen?

  40. says

    Andy, that’s totally lame… You should totally do the executive e-mail carpet bomb. And glad to hear you don’t let the haters get you down — a thick skin is required. :)


  41. Asher says

    Umm, maybe I missed it somewhere else, but WHO is your “partner Dave”? Have you mentioned him before? Have we ever seen him? I know you don’t usually show yourself on your site, but inquiring minds need to know! Besides, a cute and bright guy like yourself deserves another cute, bright guy!

    Oh, and sorry about your bags! What’s with this whole receipt thing–is it new?

  42. Lee Chesnut says

    This is the #1 reason that I never, ever check bags on any flight. I only do carry-on. Even if it’s a week-long vacation, I only bring what I can carry on. Everyone I know has a story like yours, Andy… and I refuse to let it happen to me. It’s not just Jet Blue, by the way.

  43. Why Blogs aren't news says

    Sorry for your loss, but this blog is an important news source for many Gay people. You should wear that mantle with pride and not compromise your journalistic integrity by dealing with a personal issue by leveraging your readership. It is an injustice to the quality of this blog. Very Joemygod, but not up to towleroad standards.

  44. mike carreras says

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I fly Jetblu frequently, and for the most part I have had no issues…but…on a work trip, I had the same issue as you. I had called the baggage people numerous times, several times they asked “what does your bag look like?” and I could literally tell they put the phone down and kept doing whatever they were doing before I had called, then picked back up and said they didn’t see my bag. I went to the office and found my bag in 2 minutes of looking around the baggage office. Unfortunately ,they are not alone. I have gone through this same scenario with American and United and Northwest. They all , well, are horrible. I would send a note on the “speak up” tab on Jetblue,.com, and include a link to your post. Good luck!

  45. says

    I have to say I know how you feel.

    FOr more years than I care to mention I have travelled the world; Cairo, Europe, Singapore, Australia and nearly everywhere in between and never a lost bag.

    Until a trip from Los Angeles to TOronto. For business no less.

    Bag never arrived and I had to buy new clothes, new computer cord, new everything. It’s amazing how frustrating it can be.

    My carrier was American Airlines (who I rarely fly up to that point, and now I NEVER fly them). All calls were met with comments about looking for them but not being able to track the bag.

    Finally, on the second to last day in Toronto I got a call from AA. I was excited, until they asked if I had gotten my bag. I stopped myself from yelling at the young woman, but said no, I was still waiting. She said many times bags are delivered but they have no record so they wanted to be sure this wasn’t one of those instances. I assured her it wasn’t.

    On the morning of my departure back to LA, a knock on my door produced my bag.

    I honestly believe it never left Los Angeles. And I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts, that you made it to Boston, but is still there probablay. Desperately looking for it’s owner.

    Good luck man. I know it sucks!

  46. Thomas says

    Andy Andy Andy. Tacky Tacky Tacky. I adore your site, I adore your content. This is the first post I have ever seen from you which is a clear abuse of your position at the helm of widely read resource. To be critical of a system is one thing, but this is simply you being wronged and lashing out thinking you can hurt JB because you have a vehicle to do so. What you have created is absolutely wonderful, astounding and remarkable, don’t use it as a tool for your own propaganda.

  47. Weezy says

    This is why when I travel I only carry a small carry-on bag with 2-3 days of clothes. When I get to my destination I buy some outfits there. When it’s time to go home I mail all my stuff to my house. The airline never touches it.

  48. Greg says

    I live on Nantucket Island and using Cape Air is pretty much a requirement for us if we are heading out of New England. Their alliance with JetBlue is really handy because you don’t have to change terminals or go through security again.

    On the other hand… baggage. All of us on Nantucket have Cape Air luggage stories and all of us have coping strategies. One of the best things you can do if you potentially have a tight connection is to ask the desk attendant for a “gate check”. Basically, the bags will be treated as regular luggage to Boston, but you will pick them up at airplane and carry them in with you and then check them at the JetBlue gate.

    Sometimes, the system works. We’ve successfully checked a bag from Vienna right to Nantucket and routinely from LAX.

    We on Nantucket like Cape Air – they can really be really accommodating sometimes. When my dog needed emergency surgery in Boston, they helped with getting a rental car for me and holding the keys at their counter in Hyannis after the Hertz closed. They are a lifeline for us.

  49. TJ says

    Andy, I feel your pain.

    Last January I fly to Puerto Rico to embark on a week long cruise. The airline lost my luggage, so my partner and I boarded our Caribbean cruise in pants and sweaters. The airline assured us every day for a week that our luggage would definitely arrive that day, only to have to take a trip to the cruise gift shop to attempt to buy new clothes for the day. I don’t blame you in the least for being in a bad way and I wholeheartedly encourage you to vent.

    You might want to ask JetBlue if they just assumed that your final destination was a princess cruise ship. It seems that’s where the airline sent our luggage despite the fact that our final destination was clearly not a princess cruise ship.

    I hope everything works out for you.

  50. says

    Andy… Andy…

    Your bag is not lost. Please accept my apologies. But Yikes! I must have picked yours up by mistake.

    Nice shirts and I especially love the pair of khaki cargo shorts. I hope you don’t mind but when I was unpacking I accidentally mixed your socks with mine.

    Oh, and those sentimental items. The batteries are all but dead in two of them. One thing puzzles me though…no underwear? I would have never guessed you were a freeballer.


    Ok, guys. Before you get your undies in a wad, I’m just kidding and I’m not hatin’ on Andy. I just thought I’d add a little humor in what is an otherwise sucks-rotten-eggs situation. Hopefully Andy will appreciate it 😉

    Very sorry this happen to you mate. Wishing you the best of luck in getting your stuff back. Go get ’em!

  51. paulie says

    Sorry Andy, but no sympathy from me whatsoever. What foolish person checks their luggage, especially with important personal items in it??? I know you’re an informed person, who reads the daily papers … so…all those articles, all those stats about lost luggage you’ve surely seen, you think they just pertain to those people OUT THERE? Get a grip dude, ship it, as a couple of smart readers suggested or pack it into a carry on. And stop whining. You’re not a kid, you know the airlines are all a big mess. The airlines will never change, they’ll continue to lose luggage forever more. Get it now?

  52. ken says

    Yeah, I’m not diggin’ the slam of jetblue for your personal issue. Your a big boy. This happens to everyone even celebrity bloggers.

  53. Chad says

    Fuck the airlines! They are all horrible! Travelling sucks, anyway you go. First class is no different these days. The TSA will make sure of that, even before you board. They virtually strip-search, finger fuck and treat you like a terrorist before you even SEE a fucking airplane.

    And it was in the news today that the airlines had the audacity to ask their regular customers to lobby Congress to keep them in business or something. I hope they ALL go out of business, or have to be merged into one major airline (which is run by the government) I have no sympathy, since they’ve done it all to themselves. Their service sucks.

  54. The Realist says

    Andy, sorry for you problems. I am a Customer Service Agent for another airline, and sorry to say, you are not the only one. It happens.

    A few tips might help next time you travel.
    1) make sure, if you have a connecting flight, that a transfer tag is put on your bag.

    2) Do not put meds in checked bags. you can take them in carry on baggage as long as they are prescription.

    3)Do not check valuables such as jewelry, laptops, camcorders, etc. Airlines are not liable for those items per their Contract of Carriage. Read that contract on any airline website. Your will be very surprised.

    4)Tools, golf clubs, baby carriers and car seats will get extra screening. Keep that in mind.

    5) Always print out an extra itinerary for each piece of luggage you plan to check and put it inside, on top of your contents. Sometimes tags do fall off and we have to get into a bag to list contents so that the bag can be traced. If i have a current itinerary, i know exactly where that bag should go. If you forget to print one out, put a name tag inside, as well as outside of your bag.

    I can’t guarantee that you will never loose your bag, especially if you travel a lot; but if you do these things, it will reach you a lot quicker if it does get lost or delayed.

    One other tip: DO NOT PUT your cell phone, ipod, gameboy or favorite book in the seatback pocket. This is not your Grandma’s Cadillac. The barf bag, emergency rules and inflight mags are the only thing that should be in that pocket. I have no sympathy for those that choose to use those pockets for personal storage and then forget the items

  55. says

    MAJOR BUMMER! I NEVER check luggage. I know its hard to go on vacation in one bag but this convinces me not to do it. I hope you didn’t have medicine in your bags. GOOD LUCK!

  56. Shane says

    Why are you people attacking Jim when Dan is the asshole? And you, Thomas, Paulie, and Ken are douchebags. I’d do exactly what Andy did if this happened to me. Granted, it might take me a while to actually get it posted on my blog, but it’s a good platform for exposing asshattery.

    The airline industry is one transportation sector that needs renewed government regulation. It was one of the worst decisions to let them have free reign over abusing passengers and providing the worst service ever. And we pay for it – not only in airfares, but also in the tens of billions of taxpayer $ Congress gave them. And then when they have pissed through that they screw their employees with layoffs (for the record I am not one) and reduce service to make it a true nightmare. Unreal. Personally, I like lube used when I get fvcked.

    We are forced to put everything into checked bags, then have no assurances that they will be returned – that’s completely fucktarded.

    The realist: good tips, but they mean nothing when you have airline/airport employees who just don’t give a shit. The airline will still end up selling your bag to the store in Scottsboro, AL.

  57. JJ says

    All the airlines suck anymore. It seems impossible to fly anywhere, no matter how short the trip, without some kind of hassle. I remember when air travel was kind of a luxury and felt special. Now it’s just a giant cattle call.

  58. The Realist says

    Shane, your anger does not go unnoticed by airline employees. I can only speak for myself and those i work with at my airline when i say that we are no less disappointed by what you and others experience than you. Believe me when i tell you, we receive it from both ends, daily, and lube is not an option.

    I have been blamed for everything from lightning to the shutdown of airspace over Oklahoma City due to the Blue Angels practice maneuvers. Trust me when i tell you, if i had the power to change THOSE things, you certainly would not be chewing my ass out. It is not unreasonable for you to expect to be updated about conditions and etd’s/eta’s or even the possibility of rerouting through other less affected cities. I have a reasonable amount of leeway with those matters. But i can’t control the weather and i can’t control the airspace. You will have to turn to a greater power for those things. So if you intend to get in my face about those issues, get in line. About a 100 other people have approached me before you, so excuse us if we seem cold or uninterested. That is not our intention. If i could become emotionally invested in each and every Passenger, i would, but i am only human. I apologize if i or my associates did not display the appropriate emotion, but trust me when i tell you, we do not enjoy inconveniencing you anymore than you enjoy being inconvenienced nor do we enjoy being called the names we have been called for things beyond our control. If i did not care, i would not have given you tips to make it less painful.

  59. steven says

    Hi Andy! I work for JetBlue and when I read your post I was shocked and embarrassed. You know, no airline is perfect, and bags sometimes get lost, things like that just happen, but the way in which you describe your treatment is certainly not typical of our airline.

    Not that it means a hill of beans to you at the moment, but JetBlue has been presented with the JD Power and Associates Best in Customer Satisfaction award for 7 straight years, and we also have the lowest lost baggage percentage of ANY airline.

    Like I said, not that any of that matters to your right now as you blog away in your underwear wondering where the heck your favorite pair of sweats are…..

    I wanted to let you know I was so incensed at how you were treated when trying to locate your bag that I sent a copy of your post personally to our Customer Committment department AND to the Vice President of Customer Relations.

    I informed them that Towleroad has a WIDE readership and we needed to do what we could to find out who dropped the ball on this and get some answers back to you.

    I don’t know if your bag will be located, if anyone will listen (though I feel someone will), but I wanted to let you know that SOMEONE (and I’m sure a lot more) at JetBlue listens and cares and is trying to make it right.

    Keep it up! And go take a shower, after 5 days in the same undies you’re starting to smell!!! HA!

  60. says

    I agree with Jeremy/G-A-Y, write a little letter to consumerist.com it seems as though the people who frequent it have a lot of great answers or the contact info of the right people.

  61. Debbie says

    While I sympathize with your losing your luggage, I can bet one thing. SOMEWHERE in the fine print that no one ever seems to read is what every airline calls the “contract of carriage.” Once you purchase a ticket you are bound by the contract of carriage. I don’t have any tickets booked on JetBlue, but I bet in the contract of carriage you will find information as to their “lost luggage policy.” All airlines have a contract of carriage and a lost luggage policy is contained in that contract. It usually states that if luggage is lost you will be reimbursed up to $250.00 unless you can produce receipts. Sorry, Dan, but this is a usual and customary practice in the airline industry. An airline can’t possibly reimburse people for thousands of dollars worth of items in their luggage. The airline would be out of business if you can’t prove you even bought the stuff. People want the world when flying JetBlue. If you want “the world” go fly first class on United, American, Delta and Continental. OH… I forgot, their contract of carriage says the same thing !!!!

  62. the queen says

    i guess i’m coming on the tail end of all this… not surprised to see quite a number of hateful and uncompassionate fags commenting on here… hope you get your bags back andy and you did right telling us about it, after all it is your blog… on the other hand take a tip from rick steves and try to pack everything you’ll need into one carryon… it can be done, check out his website… best of luck, sweetie…

  63. Rikard says

    Sorry about the bags. I’m stunned to see the number of comments to this post. I realize it’s emotional and personal and we have all “been there” , or somewhere close by, but it’s merely inconvenient, with modest monetary loss. Where is the same outpouring for the murder and mayhem posted elsewhere? Is it too dangerous, or volatile, so we shy away?

  64. says

    Hi everyone. In full disclosure, my name is Todd Burke, and I’m JetBlue’s VP of Corporate Communications. First off, I’d like to offer a personal apology to Andy for what he is going through. Even though this isn’t normal operating procedure at JetBlue, it doesn’t diminish the importance of finding your bag. We (the media team) were caught off guard with this one. Many times we are contacted by print journalists, broadcast journalists and influential bloggers before their “story” goes to print.The moment someone from my team became aware of this situation, we immediately started the process of locating Andy’s bag. In fact, one of my managers has met Andy on occasion and personally wrote to him last night. Andy, while I can’t tell you the location of your bag at this moment, rest assured we have LOTS of people looking for it. We’ve reached out to our partner at Cape Air and have the equal amount of attention focused on your bag from their end, too. What I can offer you now is my most sincere apology and the assurance that we will get to the bottom of this.

  65. says

    For everyone nonplussed by this post; you should be. But… the new rules are simple; don’t check it and if it’s gonna cost you to carry-it-on, Fed-ex it to your destination ’cause you can shedule its arrival.

    Sorry you got screwed Andy.

  66. Mark says


    With all due respect to Todd’s “too little too late” attempt to paint over the realities of his carrier, I for one can assure this is common practice for JB. As a corporate travel consultant managing an international law firm sine 1986, I can assure you that this is not a unique situation. This is the Wal-Marting of the airline industry where reservation agents at the age of 18 and 1 day are hired in Salt Lake to attempt reservations. Airport staff and in-flight crews with zero experience are trusted to do a job which take years of seniority to perfect. Your first problem was this was an inter-line connection. As I’m sure no Jet Blue agent even knows the term, let alone how to handle the situation, your bag may never be found and returned to you. This is the same airline that stranded thousands of travelers on the tarmac for many hours in the most horrid of situations. We are all to blame. We as consumers want much for less. New companies like Jet Blue come in and pay 1/3 what the mainline carriers are paying their well trained senior staff members and we all flock to the inexperience to save a buck. Until we realize that “you get what you pay for” the demoralization of the air traveler will continue. Jet Blue may have instituted a “Passenger Bill Of Rights” but beleive me when I say this means nothing to their underpaid staff. It’s “do my job and get the hell outta here and try to live on what they are paying me”.
    Sadly, the days of care and concern for the passenger are long gone. I will only book my clients on legacy carriers as at least they have a shred of dignity left. Something the upstarts have never ever had and will never have. Next time you buy a ticket and the legacy carrier is perhaps a few bucks more, remember what that few bucks may be getting you. Your luggage!

  67. mike says

    NOW you tell me, after I already booked a flight to Santo Domingo with Jet Blue for the Xmas holidays!

    Seriously, though, I hope you are able to find your luggage. It’s happened to me once before and it ain’t fun. This was with American Airlines and they were very NOT into helping me. They never did find it and I lost several things of value, both monetary and sentimental. I now avoid American Airlines like the plague.

  68. mike says

    NOW you tell me, after I already booked a flight to Santo Domingo with Jet Blue for the Xmas holidays!

    Seriously, though, I hope you are able to find your luggage. It’s happened to me once before and it ain’t fun. This was with American Airlines and they were very NOT into helping me. They never did find it and I lost several things of value, both monetary and sentimental. I now avoid American Airlines like the plague.

  69. Steven says

    Hi Mark, the corporate travel consultant.

    A few errors in your comment.

    JetBlue was not the only airline that “that stranded thousands of travelers on the tarmac for many hours in the most horrid of situations.” All airlines in the NYC Metro area were experiencing the same issue.

    Also, if you google “hours on the tarmac,” you will notice that the first things that come up are not about JetBlue.

    Google results: Delta 6499 (7 hours), Continental (7 hours), American (11 hours). The list goes on.

    True it was a horrible situation that only got worse and worse and it could’ve been handled differently. Our CEO David Neeleman went on every major TV station in New York and also on many talk shows to publicly apologize. When have you ever seen an airline CEO do that?

    The difference between JetBlue’s treatment of its passengers that day? We gave them water, we let them use the restroom (as long as we could until the lavatories filled), we gave them snacks, we attempted to get the Port Authority to send busses to the tarmac so we could deplane, the flight crews were in the front of the plane answering what questions they could.

    The other airlines: No food, no water, no lavatories, no explanation from the cockpit, captains locked behind the cockpit door.

    Which situation would you prefer to be in?

    The reason JetBlue was lambasted in the media is because this type of behavior has become expected of the “other airlines.” JetBlue has won the JD Power and Associates award for Leader in Customer Satisfaction 7 years in a row, so we must be doing something right.

    And JetBlue’s response to that day was unprecedented with the ONLY Airline Passenger Bill of Rights, AND not only reimbursing every single person who flew that day (whether they were “stranded on the tarmac” or not), but also giving all of those people free round trip tickets to anywhere JetBlue flies.

    This cost JetBlue over $20 million, and resulted in its first EVER yearly loss, but we did it because it was the right thing to do.

    As far as the inexperience and underpayment of our staff. The majority of our reservations agents are working stay at home mothers who’s average age is in the upper 30’s. We let our reservations agents work from their homes because it allows them to have a better quality of life and also allows them to make a living without having to sacrifice being a parent.

    Our Inflight crew have one of the highest starting salaries than any other airline. The only airline that starts their flight attendants at a higher pay scale is Southwest (another discount airline).

    None of the “legacy” airlines offer a competitive equivalent our compensation package. This is the #1 reason why we have a high rate of “other airline” employees coming to JetBlue and also why many younger people come to work for JetBlue to start their careers.

    I am not sure exactly who you are getting your information from or if this is strictly your opinion based on your own experiences, but I’m sure if you contact our Media Relations Department, the FAA, and the US Department of Transportation you can the data that proves: A) JetBlue has one of the highest customer retention rates. B) JetBlue has a higher on-time arrival/departure rate than many of the other airlines operating today. C) JetBlue has one of the lowest mishandled baggage rates. D) JetBlue has NOT raised their ticket prices beyond the industry standard over the years, E) JetBlue does not oversell their flights resulting in passengers being taken off the aircraft, F) JetBlue does not charge for drinks, snacks, Inflight Entertainment, or checking a bag.

    As a disclaimer, I do not speak publicly for JetBlue or any of its representatives. These are my opinions and my reflections on how my airline operates and continues to make a difference in air travel. I interviewed with many airlines when I started in the travel industry. I chose to work for JetBlue because they truly do care about their employees and their customers.

    I’m all for people sharing their opinions and statements, but get your facts straight before you bully up on someone.

    Happy Jetting

  70. sleepdawg says

    No doubt, losing your luggage on a flight is never a fun experience.

    As an experienced flier – on a plane twice a month for business – I try never to check my bags. It’s important to buy the approved size bags that you can wheel on board, rather than having larger ones that need to be checked. Consider carefully and reduce the amount of clothing and personal items you travel with.
    If you must check bags on travel with multiple stops, plan the stops several hours apart to give ample time for the bags to be unloaded. If not, you’re simply asking for trouble.

    However, I fly JetBlue as my mainstay from coast to coast and to FL and I have *never* had one single problem with them. Even when weather and circumstances have caused me to miss flights, they have been courteous and pleasant at every step of the way. Their on board staff are the nicest and best of ALL the flying companies in the US currently (United, American, US Air, Northwest – definitely!). And frankly, the planes are the safest. So please, take a deep breath and work with them. They will do all they can to help you, but consider that you yourself may have played a part in your own dilemma by not giving yourself enough time between flights to transfer effectively, and by not carrying your luggage on board.

  71. says

    I’ll be using your story in my blog to help spread the news. I’m sorry such a ridiculous issue came up with the company. Good luck. JetBlue lost a potential customer in me with this one.

  72. Andalusian Dog says

    I have taken the same JFK-LGA round trip flight on JetBlue on numerous occassions, and I have to say that EVERY SINGLE TIME, without exception, something has gone wrong: from the mundane (terrible service, wiseass employees) to the very bad (last minute cancellation of flights because the plane hadn’t “sold out,” and, yes, LOST BAGS on at least two occasions).

    To add insult to injury, in the dozens of times that I have flown on that flight, my in-flight tv service has worked a grand total of twice. I mean, isn’t this one of JetBlue’s selling points, aside from, well, blue everything? The lack of tv wouldn’t normally be a problem – I actually don’t like watching tv in general – but the flights are usually bumpy and stress-inducing anyway, so it would be a nice diversion from the problems that I encounter.

    (And no, I am not just some whiny, squeamish gay: I’m a gay who has flown scores of times every year since I was born, and am quite comfortable doing so, even now with all the stupid rules and regulations in place just to get a passenger to the gate.)

    Point being: don’t ever fly JetBlue. They’re just bad.

    I’m very sorry to hear about your bag, and I hope that it turns up soon.

  73. Andalusian Dog says

    Correction to my above comment: I didn’t mean JFK-LGA round trip flight, I meant JFK-BOS.

  74. says

    Good luck! I have a bag that was lost in 1997 on a direct flight from SFO to IAH. After dealing with Continental for several weeks they finally said they had no idea where it was and it probably would never be found. Here it is 11 years later and still no bag.

    On another trip, I was on Continental and had to connect through IAH (their hub) and never switched airlines. One piece of luggage did not make it to SFO. After several days of trying to figure out where it was, I received a phone call from Frontier in Denver that they had my bag and wanted to know what to do with it. Well, let’s see…

    I never went to Denver and was never on Frontier. The bag finally caught up with me in San Antonio via United.

  75. Mike says

    Poor Steven,

    So scared to see his company go under he has his head in the clouds. And how comforting to know that your employees can babysit their children as they attempt to make a reservation. You just let your peeps know I book 2mil per year and my clients won’t step foot on your planes. They would rather spend another night in their destination than take a chance on you. I won’t ever put them in a situation that would make their already busy lives even more complicating. As for your statistics…hogwash. You under pay/over work/and it is evident in your employees attitudes. But you just keep loving your company for as long as it lasts Steven. I’m sure they are glad they have people like you. I am glad I am smart enough to call a spade a spade and confidently steer my clients away from yet another calimity in the skies!


  76. steven says

    show me the proof of your own statistics mike. I’ll be happy to present you with mine….oh wait, I already did.

    as far as your clients. that’s fine you can keep them. we’ll keep our private White House Press Corps charters along with our other private charters programs with the Defense Department and Collegiate and professional sports teams…..we’ll also continue to collect our Customer Service awards and grow our airline (now offering service to Bogota and more Carribean destinations along with being the largest airline at JFK and Boston Logan Airport).

    As far as my pay, I know no other airline or job for that matter that pays me a full time salary and gives me 20 days off a month……. when you’re making $50k a year and working 10 days a month, we’ll chat about being underpaid and overworked. Also, I should mention that only working 10 days a month allows me the freedom to own my own business, further adding to my income.

    How much time do you put into your job? How much freedom do you have? How much flexibility? I’ve been off for the past two weeks and wait I’m still making the same amount……

    when you’re ready to compare cold hard facts and not just insinuating jabs, I’ll be happy to do so.

  77. Carry-On says

    um Steven, I wouldn’t mouth-off about being overpaid and underworked… not when the airlines are on tailspin and are crying poorhouse due to the price of fuel… like thousands of others in your industry it could be that you might not have your job next week.

  78. Steven says

    And to all the other readers of Towleroad, it was certainly not my intention to get into a verbal “he said, he said” with Mike, the corporate travel consultant, however since he refuses to provide an email address with his comments I have no choice but to respond to him here.

    My intention as stated in my original posting was to tell Andy that I was personally embarrassed and ashamed that he has been without his luggage for 5 days. Although I do not know all sides of the issue and have no idea whether the mishandle happened when the bag was in JetBlue’s possession or under the possession of Cape Air, I wanted to make sure that every available resource was utilized to make sure the right thing was done.

    I forwarded his posting and the comments on to our Vice President of Media and Customer Relations. Yes, that’s right, a little, lowly peon flight attendant can contact the Vice President of our company and he responded by activating every resource at JetBlue as well as at Cape Air to locate the bag.

    As I said before I interviewed with many airlines and have also come into contact with many flight attendants from other airlines (who ride for free on our airline) and know that at no other company is the upper management more accessible than here at JetBlue.

    I’m proud to say that Todd Burke, the Vice President of Relations, responded to my email and to Andy personally within 1 hour of my email to him. Again, what other airline would give a personal response to someone from the VICE PRESIDENT?

    Mike and many others may say that I am blinded by the “Blue Juice,” but again I do feel that the majority of the people working at JetBlue do actually CARE about each other and the customers we transport. We TRY really hard to do the right thing, give you what you want, and keep air travel affordable to everyone (isn’t that what deregulation is all about? If you’d prefer to go back to $1,500 air fares, then go for it.).

    Are you going to encounter bad flight attendants, delays, broken TVs, a cancelled flight every now and then? Sure, that’s the nature of air travel, we can’t control Air Traffic Control, the FAA, and every single employee that works for us 100% of the time.

    But we’re trying. We give you as many snacks and drinks as you want, we give you more LIVE TV then any airline, we don’t charge you to check a bag, we don’t charge you to sit in a window or an aisle seat, we give you a $15 voucher if your TV doesn’t work, we do what we can to make air travel painless and easy.

    In any case, you can hate JetBlue, you can love JetBlue, the bottom line is we’re just trying to give everyone a great travel experience and give them everything we can while still making a few bucks at the end of the day.

    Again, sorry for the long diatribes, and the “cyber-argument” with Mike, the travel consultant. Perhaps if he provides his email address (as I have) we can take this discussion to a more private platform.

    All the best to Andy, keep up the good work. I hope to hear that your bag has been returned to you soon.

  79. theo says

    Steven, while I believe you deserve kudos for getting this up the corporate ladder, it’s intimidating and disappointing that it takes someone “on the inside” to get this great apparatus into motion.

  80. steven says

    FYI: For those of you who wondered about competing service, just to give you an idea of what you get on “the other guys”.

    All of these examples are for booking a flight from NYC (whatever ariport each airline flies out of) to Boston with at least 2 weeks notice.

    Looking at each airline’s website and through travel websites such as Orbitz this is what you get for your hard earned $$:

    American Airlines: $159 for ticket without fees, taxes and checked baggage. Service: $2 for a bag of cashews.

    Delta: $89 same as above. No service offered.

    Continental: $349 for the ticket. Complimentary non-alcoholic beverage and a bag of peanuts.

    Northwest and Spirit: no flights offered.

    US Airways: $99 through Orbitz or $283 through their website (but the flight will take you 6 hrs.) No service offered.

    United Airlines: $404 plus taxes, fees, and checked bags. Only non-alcoholic beverages available.

    JetBlue: $116 TOTAL, no more additional fees. Service offered: Coffee, Orange Juice and/or water (AM flights); Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and/or water (afternoon, evening flights) as well as your choice of one salty (chips, etc) and/or sweet (cookies, etc) snack. Other beverages and snacks as well as alcoholic beverages available upon request.

    So who gives you the most bang for your buck

  81. Jim (The Canuck One) says

    Well thank Zod that’s over. For a minute I thought we were gonna have BoingBoing War II here.

    Andy: Best of luck finding the bag, I’m chanting as I write this.

  82. Shane says

    It is totally unethical for you to bring your consumer complaint to this forum. It’s genuinely unfair to the company. You get all dramatic and say that nobody in the JB organization cared about your lost bag. Well, that’s basically just adolescent self-pity, and even if their company made a mistake, it’s pretty childish to impute the mistake to every single JB employee. Furthermore, how do we know you’re not abusing your position by writing a smack piece about JB and getting paid by one of its rivals? You obviously get paid for some of your posts (e.g., all the gratuitious Mac/ iPhone plugs). So your credibility is suspect to begin with. Whether or not this is a “personal” blog, you are a poster boy for journalistic conflict of interest.

  83. Rohan says

    My brother lost his bag on Jet Blue, they told him there was no chance he would ever get it back and gave him enough Jet Blue credit for a trip to Puerto Rico. A month later his bag was mysteriously found and returned. atleast they let him keep the trip to Puerto Rico

    dont let them get away with it, get all the compensation you can.

  84. says

    I had a bag lost once and it was never found. It’s a frustrating pain in the ass.

    And for Sam who wrote about Direct TV: I have been there. It took me five months of repeated phone calls to finally get Direct TV to give me the refund they owed me. I hope you fare better than Good luck! Keep fighting!

  85. Shannon says

    Hey Steven:
    How about sending my problem to Todd and let him get in touch with me?
    I want the chance for him to see the photos of what your airline did to my bag and the way I was treated in MCO by the baggage services office.
    I am not trying to whine or bitch…not my style…I just want SOMEONE at jetBlue to see what they did to my possessions, all the while turning their heads the other way.
    I don’t want free tickets, formal letters of “we’re not worthy…”
    I want a refund for the new luggage I had to buy (which is NOT designer…not about to take advantage of the situation), the toiletries I had to replace, since that stuff isn’t cheap.
    I don’t want anything more than that, so I beg of you to have him get in touch with me…and if you didn’t see what I went thru, scroll up and see my story.
    I just want to settle the score.

  86. jetbluecm says

    I do work for jetblue and i also work in the baggage service department. i know it doesnt make much sense to produce the original reciepts for the items that were lost in your luggage, but the reason why we do that is because there are soooo many people who do try to scam us and just get money for their “lost stuff” when in reality, they never got lost or they never even checked that bag in and try to blame it on jetblue. Not to mention, everyone always checks in a “louis vuitton” or “chanel” bag…EVERYONE. I mean, i didn’t think THAT many people could afford one! Are you getting my drift? also, the fact that we don’t have a tracking system is ridiculous. i find it embarrassing to tell a customer “sorry, we have no idea where ur bag is…when it comes in we’ll give u a call”. but THANKFULLY, we should be getting a better system soon…so we’re told. I am not saying everything that jebtlue does is the right thing, but compared to 95% of the other airlines, you won’t find a service as good as ours, honestly. But everyone has their own opinion which they are entitled to!

  87. Angie says

    Hey Andy! I am not sure if you got any feedback yet, but I work for them and would like to help you if I can!