Brandon McInerney Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ to Murder and Hate Crime


  1. Gay As Life says

    Amazing that the defense attorney has the gall to say, “[McInerney] was a good kid. I think he would continue to be a good kid.” How in the world can you say someone is a good kid when they bring a loaded gun to school and shoot someone in the back of the head twice? Wow.

  2. David B. says

    He deserves to go to prison for a long, long time so all of his worst homophobic fears can come true by the hand of his angry, twisted “roommates”. I hope he lives 60 years like that.

    I’d also like to see his guardians doing a little time…

  3. Aw-SOME says

    This little brat is going to rot in prison. I have NO sympathy on him whatsoever, and like David said, he’s going to find all his worst homophobic nightmares in prison. Was the little punk thinking when he pulled the trigger? I guess not. Filthy trash! Little bitch had it coming. Pathetic excuse for a human being…

  4. JerzeeMike says

    I can’t read or watch anything about this trial without feeling intense rage and hatred for this kid. I’m as bleeding-heart liberal as the next guy but I cannot wrap my head around that gay groups and other students want this kid tried as a juvenile. I just don’t understand it. Is a gay life so cheap that it can be taken in such a cowardly way? Larry didn’t even see the attack coming. Are we so weak as a community that we’d stand idly by while this travesty goes unpunished. Do we let this happen to more of our precious gay youths because we’re so starved for acceptance by the larger populace of this country? Too many of us have died in just this year alone!

    And what sort of message do we send the youths of today? That it’s OK to take a life because your under 18? Teen violence is rising by leaps and bounds in this country because we as a society glorify violence. All you have to do is watch YouTube and almost any TV show and movie, not to mention lyrics in a lot of music these kids listen to today.

    And McInerney’s parents should be held legally responsible for what their son did. They should be made to pay the King’s restitution for the rest of their lives for Larry’s murder, AND THAT’S WHAT IT IS-MURDER!!!

  5. PeKeMo says

    let me say this, I’m 20 years old, and as out of the closet as can be. And I trully cannot see any good out of putting this kid to death. I just can’t, I believe that for too long this nation, and the world in general is too wrapped up in the concept of an “eye for an eye”. Please, tell me, would you be so ready and willing to put this kid to death if you were the one who had to flip the switch that would kill this kid.

    It’s a known fact that the human male doesn’t fully mature until the early twenties. This kid wasn’t fully aware of the consequences of his actions, no one at that age is, I wasn’t and I’m sure none of you guys were. By no means am I saying that the kid should go unpunished, but what is killing him going to do? The only thing that putting him to death is going to do is created more hatred and bitterness in this world and trust me, that is the last thing we need. And if there is one thing that I agree with is that the parents should be facing jail-time themselves.

    Other than that, what is calling for blood going to do? A life for a life is NOT an equal trade, killing someone in vengeance does nothing.

  6. JerzeeMike says

    PEKEMO, I don’t want McInerney to face the death penalty either. He should spend the rest of his days incarcerated. Don’t tell me you didn’t know what pulling a trigger on a gun pointed at someone’s head TWICE at the age of 14 was likely to result in. I most certainly did. By 14 years old a person knows what dead is no matter what “experts” say regarding the development of the brain. A point, BTW, I dispute.

    What do you think this kid was thinking as he slept the night before, got up, took a loaded pistol from his family’s home and put it in his bookbag, rode to school, and waited for his opportunity to strike? Didn’t he have enough time to reevaluate his actions? Yes, he did. And the little coward waited until Larry’s back was turned too. I just don’t buy that he didn’t know the consequences of his actions. Sorry.

  7. Crash says

    Pekemo, if you think that this “kid” did not know what he was doing, then you must realy be deluded. Like Jerzeemike said, at 14, you know the difference between right and wrong. I don’t care what the experts say about development, yes males mature at a slower rate than females, but that is no excuse for what he did. Yes, I do feel that the death penalty is appropriate for some cases. Why should the taxpayers pay for someone to live in relative comfort for the rest of their lives for taking someone elses life? And I mean relative to the fact that they get three meals a day, a dry place to sleep, access to schooling, access a host of other things that a great many peole do not have access to. How many homeless people have access to food everyday? How many homeless people have access to education? Get my point?
    This kid knew exactly what he was doing.
    My only question is, how did we as a society evolve to this point? When did it become ok to spend hours and hours playing violent war games?

  8. peterparker says

    Advocating for McInerney to be tried as a juvenile rather than an adult does not mean that the GLBT community is weak nor does it mean that we do not value the lives of GLBT children. Advocating for McInerney to be tried as a juvenile does not mean that we are seeking the acceptance of the heterosexual community. Advocating for McInerney to be tried as a juvenile does not send the message that it is okay for juveniles to murder other juveniles who are, or are perceived to be, GLBT. Advocating for McInerney to be tried as a juvenile simply acknowledges that McInerney is not an adult and therefore cannot make adult decisions and thus should not be tried by adult standards nor given adult punishment.

    If you think that conviction of a crime through the juvenile court system is a day at the park, I assure you, it is not. The minors who are convicted in juvenile court end up incarcerated in detention centers that are the equivalent of prison for children. The ones who are convicted of violent crimes often remain incarcerated by the CA Youth Authority until the age of 25. If McInerney was incarcerated at CYA until the age of 25, he would remain incarcerated for longer than most adults who murder adult homosexuals, as evidenced by another story Andy has posted today in which an adult murderer of a gay man got 150 DAYS in prison.

    And for those of you who have argued that McInerney’s actions were barbaric, violent, inhumane, etc…, I completely agree. And yet, I ask you: do we want to stoop to his level of violence by sentencing A FOURTEEN YEAR OLD to death? Do we want to stoop to his level of inhumanity by trying a child as an adult? I am the first one to advocate bashing back whenever a GLBT person is attacked for their sexual orientation. But not when the attacker is a child!

    Finally, CRASH, I hold a professional license to practice psychotherapy in the state of California. The majority of my training was spent working with children aged 6 to 18, many of whom were required by California Juvenile Justice to attend psychotherapy. I’ve worked with minors who committed all sorts of crimes from shoplifting to sexual assault/molestation of other juveniles. I know more about human developmental stages than probably 99% of the people who post here on towleroad. And I can assure you that a 14 year old does not fully understand the consequences of many of his/her decisions. The brain simply is not fully developed. Yes, I believe Brandon McInerney knew that his actions would result in the death of Lawrence King. However, McInerney was not capable of grasping the gravity of that act in the same way as an adult might. And that makes all the difference.

  9. PeKeMo says

    Thank you PETER. CRASH, I’m not saying that the kid didn’t know what he was doing, I’m saying he didn’t know the severity of those consequences. I’ve been surrounded by the death of people my age now for far to long to be able to say that a kid should die for his lack of maturity, I’m just too tired.
    What we need, is more LGBT awareness is schools, we need teachers to stand up for these kids who are being picked on, we need the ADULTS in these kids lives to step in and take action and teach these kids love, compassion and understanding. Like I said, by no means should he go unpunished, but I just do not have it in me to say that he, a child of only FOURTEEN years, should die.