Towleroad Guide to the Tube #335

BUSH TOURS AMERICA: An Onion news report on Bush’s tour of the devastation caused by his presidency.

CRUSH: American Idol runner-up David Archuleta’s new single.

THE FAME: A mini-movie by Lady Gaga.

GDANSK UFO: New York artist Peter Coffin’s beautiful art project.

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  1. MAJeff says

    please, someone, make Archuletta go away.

    Especially after his desecration of “Imagine.” Talk about destroying the impact of a song. The genius of it was it’s simplicity. It doesn’t need a Celinificaton.

  2. Leland Frances says

    I luved his version of “Imagine” which was not remotely a “Celinification.” Perhaps you have him confused with someone else.

    On the other hand, this song is trite crap. He’s got a lot of vocal and emotional maturing to do but it’s a desecration of his natural, very real voice to make him sound like just another cheap imitation of the cheap-to-start-with Justine Timberlake, et al.

    21—the Century of the Lowest Common Denominator.

  3. davefromtampa says

    Come on Leland, I love your posts but his vocals are so much better than Timbersnake. Justin just screeches thru his songs, David works the vocals.

  4. paulie says

    egads, Archuletta’s song is actually cringe-worthy. I wonder if his father helped him choose this entirely derivative and over-produced thing. just awful, awful

  5. johnny says

    Archuleta is like Pee Wee Herman, you either love him or hate him.

    Personally, I’d like to give him his blankie, a cup of hot cocoa, and wait for him to hit 30. :-)

  6. james says

    I think Archie’s song is quite good and certainly better than those dreadful ballads that they normally foist on the Idols to sing. The song and vocals remind me alot of Darren Hayes (Savage Garden).

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