Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin talks to Towleroad at the DNC

Today, Towleroad’s Corey Johnson spoke with Wisconsin Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Baldwin talked with us about her position on the platform committee and why this Convention’s platform is historic as it relates to LGBT citizens.

08_2Says Baldwin: "We have seen in the past three platforms — the year 2000, 2004, and 2008 — a steady and bold progression to really embrace all the issues of equality that we’ve identified. So this platform calls for the first time ever for a comprehensive strategy to fight AIDS and HIV in the United States. It calls for the first time ever of fighting discrimination against people on the basis of many characteristics including for the first time gender identity. I think this is very powerfully important as we try to pass inclusive legislation. It speaks to the importance of our families, and our families (i.e. same-sex couples) receiving equal benefits obligations, and responsibilities as we try to protect our families. And putting our same-sex couples on the same and equal footing with all American families. It calls for the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ and replacement  with a policy that allows all qualified servicemen and women to serve openly regardless of their sexual orientation. It opposes DOMA and calls specifically for an end to using the issue of our families as a wedge issue to divide Americans…As you hear me list those, it is unprecedented compared to prior platforms with its specificity. Not just general equality language but getting down to the specifics of what legislation we must pass. It calls for passage of a comprehensive ENDA. It is a remarkable document. We should feel very proud of it as Democrats and also because it reflects the vision and the values of our nominee."

Much more in the interview on ENDA, her support of Clinton during the primary, and what’s ahead for the next four years.


  1. Derek in Madison says

    SO proud to be from her district. God she’s incredible. Went from being one of the least effective senators in the House during her firs two terms to ranked something like #60 in effectiveness this past term. Love her.

    So proud to be from this great state and represented by a wonderful woman.

  2. paulie says

    These interviews from the convention are terrific, and Corey Johnson is really sharp, but they’re too freaking long. Corey, if you’re producing as well as interviewing, get some basic editing software and trim these down. The interviews would come across even more effectively if they were briefer – under 5 minutes MAXIMUM.

  3. tallrobert says

    As my ex used to say, “She’s a set of bucked teeth and a fox stole away from being Eleanor Roosevelt!!”