1. David B. says

    Bratton is a pushy, loud-mouth idiot diva. It’s about time he’s exposed himself as such. I can’t wait for him to be gone…

  2. I Heart Ryan Reynolds says

    Hasn’t Ronson had some serious money problems — i.e., hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills? Get a prenup, Lindsay!

  3. Yeek says

    Lohan has a lot of nerve complaining about someone else being “inappropriate.” Mark my words, if she gets married it will be at the time where she is likely to get maximal exposure and publicity – which, of course, is probably the time when it will do the most benefit for the anti-marriage forces of California.

    Like it or not, Lohan is regarded as an unwholesome, dissolute skank by most of the USA. Her gay marriage will fast become a poster-child for anti-gay forces as an example of what gay marriage portends.

    That’s right, Lindsay…fuck us all over in a desperate attempt to fake some stability for yourself. Thanks a lot.

  4. James N Philly says

    Wow Yeek, are you really that pissed! How in any way does this truly affect you?? Oh wait, it doesn’t! Aren’t we, as members of the GLTBQ community always crying for people to stay out of our bedrooms and to leave us alone. But here you are, railing on about something that in all honesty does not affect you and probally never will!

    I say good for her! Lindsay has had a lot of trouble in her life, and for once she seems at peace with who she is! Bravo for her if she does in fact marry the person who has been by her side through her ups and downs! If we all could be so lucky, the world would be a much better place!!!