Michael Causer, Teen Victim of Brutal Homophobic Attack in UK, Dies


UK teen Michael Causer has died after a homophobic attack by three other youths in late July. Causer survived for eight days before dying in the hospital:

“Eighteen-year-old Michael Causer’s family were at his bedside when he died at Walton neurology centre on Saturday. He was being treated for serious injuries suffered in the attack in Tarbock Road, Huyton, at 11am on Friday, July 25. Michael was found by paramedics lying still in a pool of blood. He was taken to Whiston hospital where, last weekend, doctors performed emergency surgery in an attempt to stem the swelling on his brain. Two men James O’Connor 19, of Reeds Road and Gavin Alker 19, of Woolfall Crescent, both Huyton, have alread appeared in court and been bailed on charges of assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm. The ECHO understands police will be looking to upgrade the charge to murder. A third man, Christopher Douglas, 19, of Page Moss Avenue, Huyton, has also appeared before Knowsley magistrates charged with witness intimidation in connection with the attack.”

A vigil in the teen’s honor is being planned: “A march along Tarbock Road has been suggested in a fortnight, once the local authorities have been informed. The city council’s first openly gay councillor, Steve Radford, said the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Forum will discuss the idea at the Quaker Meeting House this Wednesday. Meanwhile, gay clubs in Liverpool played Michael’s favourite song on Saturday night and read messages of condolence to his family.”

A Facebook page has also been set up in Causer’s memory.


  1. John in Manhattan says

    Maybe Michael flirted with his killers, just like Matthew Shepard and Lawrence King did, and they had no recourse but to kill him?

    Maybe if Michael was more normal acting this wouldn’t have happened? Was he flamboyant?

    After I finish throwing up, I’m sure I can come up with some more reasons to “justify” Michael’s murder.

  2. David says

    Such a sad, senseless tragedy!

    To see someone so young, just living his life on his terms come to such an end is heartbreaking.

    The Brits better throw the book at the parasites!

  3. dezboy says

    The Anglican Church and Irish MP Iris Robinson can take credit for this. By legitimizing hate for gays they enable gay bashers the same way that Hitler’s hate speech legitimized violence against Jews in Germany in the early 1930’s.

  4. Blue says

    I am so sad and disgusted for what happened to this kid. I hope the people responsible get buried under the jail because there is no excuse for this.

  5. Tex... says

    This kid was so well loved….I went through as much of his Facebook page as I could manage. From hope, and encouragement for him to pull through to the sudden loss…Really heartbreaking stuff.Peace Michael.

  6. Sportin' Life says

    Bingo Dezboy.

    Rowan Williams gave aid, comfort, and encouragement to Causer’s murderers before the fact; and he continues to give aid, comfort, and encouragement to violent homophobes worldwide.

  7. nikko says

    What all gays everywhere need to do is always be ready and armed for a fight-let the gay rage roll. No amount of pity will change anything-fight back ferociously. I want revenge.

  8. sebastien london says

    Nobody talks about it here in UK. The only things the media are intereted in are the “Stabbings” story!!!! Shame .

    The parents hd their kid killed in a hate crime , nobody noticed, and yesterday 2 stupids teenager died buried in sand because they were making tunnels and they made the headlines.

    RIP Michael

  9. Shane says

    Will this be like all the other UK cases with the guys getting off with a little slap on the wrist for killing a poof?
    I feel sick after reading this.

  10. DC Guy says


    Please save your fascination with young men for a more appropriate venue. This is not a “l’il cutie.” He is a victim of a vicious attack who deserves respect and sympathy.

  11. busy says

    I agree with DC Guy – lets not dwell on the loss because he was a “lil cutie” – anyone who dies in a tragic and senseless manner should be mourned. Any situation that involoves a death be it homophobic, racial or just sheer brutality is wrong. It warrants media attention to highlight how a young person has not had an opportunity to lead the life they should have had. Also let us take time to think of his parents – they will carry their sad loss for the rest of their days – My thoughts go to them at this terrible time

  12. Bill Perdue says

    Superstition, often mistakenly referred to by it’s dressed up Sunday-go-to-meeting name, religion, is second only to disease as humankinds greatest tragedy. Its cults are instruments of social backwardness.

    Its practioneers are, without exception, parasites, emotional retards and intellectual cripples. Their ‘good deeds’ and “neighborly love” are lost in a sea of bigotry, parasitism, racism and opposition to movements’ for real social change.

    Two English groups are directly and intimately responsible for the murder of Michael Causer. First are the cults, catholic, protestant, muslim, etc., who generate a steady drumbeat of hatred and bigotry. They’re some times direct like Akinola and Der Pope, and sometimes sneaky like the backstabbing so expertly practiced by Rowan Williams. The anglican cult no longer burns us at the stake but they endlessly repeat the idea that we’re not fit to be treated like other citizens.

    The other groups are Conservative politicians who, like Williams, find it expedient not to advocate state violence against us but who also say we are not equal to other citizens and who continue, with their siblings in the British National Party and colonist DUP in occupied Ireland to oppose robust enforcement of anti-discrimination and anti-hate speech laws.

    Their opposition to full civil rights and liberties for the LGBT communities is bigotry, and encourages thugs in England just as it does in the US.

    It’s too bad that the anti-clerical ideas of French Revolution didn’t spread further before they were betrayed by Napoleon. In France, the anti-clerical use of the National Razor had the outstanding effect of permanently ‘calming’ the howling madness of even the most bigoted prelates and produced a dazzling deterrent effect as well.

  13. Kyle Michel Sullivan says

    Satan and his acolytes must be laughing their asses off in hell at the notion of using God to excuse and justify murder and hate. It’s just too perfectly part of their world. And sickening to those who actually care about others.

  14. Andy says

    The murderers are out on bail because the UK and the rest of Europe are bleeding liberals and softies when it comes to crime. They are more concered with the rights of assailants than they are of victims.

    I bet these guys get out in a few years, if they get anytime at all. That’s justice in jolly old England.

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