Police Charge 24 in Huntsville, Alabama Gay Sex Sting


Law enforcement authorities in Huntsville, Alabama conducted a weeklong sting spurred by what they said were complaints of gay cruising at the Monte Sano scenic overlook outside the city that resulted in charges being filed against 24 men:

“Police officials said the investgation began in response to complaints from citizens about sexual activity involving men at one of Huntsville’s most scenic sites. During the investigation, officers obtained warrants for 22 alleged offenders and arrested two people at the overlook. The offenders with charges pending against them were contacted to either come to the Huntsville Police Department to turn themselves in or to face officers coming to their home or business and being arrested, officials said. Those who are arrested will be charged with Sexual Misconduct and could face fines, jail time, probation, and be required to register as sex offenders after their conviction, investigators said. All offenders were also trespassed from all city parks for a period of one year and will face being arrested if they violate that trespass warning.”

According to local news station WAAY, which published a mugshot gallery and a list of the alleged offenders (a tactic we’ve seen before), “Police officials said they will continue to want all locations in Huntsville that have been on an ongoing basis for criminal and immoral activities.”

Said Huntsville Police Sgt. Mark Roberts: “What we’re saying is we’re getting serious with this problem. We had to look at another sense, because we knew law enforcement alone was not working and that it didn’t matter to them if they got caught or not. We’re hoping in the future this is a better place and hope the design change makes it a better place for the community.”

(image flickr user WhitneyGH)