Towleroad interviews Shannon Minter at the DNC
Attorney who Argued California Same-Sex Marriage Case

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08Earlier this week, at the LGBT Caucus lunch on Monday, we were able to speak with Shannon Minter, Legal Director for National Center for Lesbian Rights.

Minter, along with San Francisco Chief Deputy City Attorney Therese Stewart, argued and oversaw the case that ultimately resulted in the 4-3 decision by the California Supreme Court, lead by Chief Justice Ronald George, to legalize same-sex marriage in the state.

Minter discusses the case, as well as the challenges ahead in battling Proposition 8, the anti-gay ballot measure that would effectively ban same-sex marriage in the state.

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  1. humanist says

    a common sentiment around the “no on 8″ phone-bank volunteers (of which we need way more! is how surprising it is that people, and i mean *our* people, don’t even know about the proposition and what it would mean if it passed. they’re still basking in the victory of getting marriage equality in california, and i guess haven’t been watching the news about how we’re going to lose it if we don’t get organized. yikes!