Signorile Talks to Catholic League’s Bill Donohue about Towleroad

Yesterday I mentioned that The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue would guest on Michelangelo Signorile’s Sirius radio show to discuss his demand that the DNC pull Towleroad’s press credentials for the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Signorile sent out these clips today.

Williamdonohue01sDonohue called on Convention CEO Leah Daughtry to “nix” Towleroad and feminist blog Bitch Ph.D.’s media credentials at next week’s convention. According to Donohue, we are the “most offensive” of the more than 120 blogs offered credentials.

Said Donohue: “Towleroad describes itself as ‘A Site with Homosexual Tendencies.’ Accordingly, it shows men in jock straps and underwear. It also has a post on Pope Benedict XVI that takes him to task for wearing a cape with ermine. Some of those who commented on this described the pope in a vile and profane way. Both of these blogs should be cut immediately from the list of credentialed sites. Neither functions as a responsible media outlet and both offend Catholics, as well as others. To allow them access to the Democratic National Convention sends a message to Catholics they will not forget.”

I responded to Donohue in this post.

Below, in the first clip, Signorile has a general discussion about Donohue’s ‘call to action’ for the DNC:

In the clips below, Donohue reads specific comments from the blogs that offend him, and attempts to link the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal with the bathhouses of New York in the 80’s. Signorile also gets him to respond to “cheeky” comments Donohue he once made about Signorile’s ass.

Thanks to Mike for taking this on.

In the Jaws of the Pit Bull [the gist]

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  1. Ambrose says

    Looks like Donahue doesn’t really have any valid arguments. Something I do agree with him about: profane blogging is tacky.

    Andy does a terrific job of highlighting political issues effecting the LGBT community – this fact alone means his presence at the convention is justified.

  2. crispy says

    I can’t listen to this at work. What comments does he read? I have to know!!

    And does Signorile explain to this moron the difference between the blogger’s post and user comments?

  3. Jamie says

    I couldn’t care less about this bl*w hard right wing wind bag. But where are all these jockstraps he speaks of?

  4. dc-20008 says

    Well, since Bill Donahue reads the comments here, I will speak directly to him.

    Dear Bill,

    I think the Catholic League should not attend the DemCon since the “Holy” Catholic Church is responsible for detestable criminal behavior toward children-Rape and Abuse. No group that has condoned or actively hidden/covered up evidence of this criminality should be anywhere near a Presidential Convention. You are unfit to participate.

    Robert H.

  5. nic says

    high-larious! now that i know that bill donofuck reads towleroad (religiously?) i can address him directly:

    you are a fucktard! you and your nazi pope are going to fry in hell.

  6. KFLO says

    This old geezer needs to get a life. Maybe he should be keeping an eye on his own flock instead of sticking his fat head in other people’s business.

  7. Bosie says

    Bill Donohue is so blind by his nazi-like-religion-ways, trying to connect the sexual abuse that still goes on in the catholic church (and other religions) to the LGBT clearly shows, he doesn’t get it.

    If we leave it to the nazi-religious right wing, they would put us in concetration camps, not only gays but the rest who don’t fit their idea of a human… that includes women, jews, lgbt, blacks…the list goes on.


  8. the queen says

    isn’t there some republican sexual relief fund from which donahue can get some money to pay for a night of hot meth homosex with mike jones (including a good rim job) — now that surely would change his tune and be quite therapeutic too.

  9. alguien says

    guys like donohue, pat robertson, lou sheldon, the late jerry falwell, et. al. really owe a lot to gay people. if it weren’t for gay folks, these snake oil salesmen would have NOTHING on which to build their congregations.

  10. Chris in LA says


    Calvin Klein got the most major boost of his brand ever from having the “Catholic League”……which consists basically of this one guy in his finished basement with DSL and a fax machine — delusions of grandeur?……..started protesting his first fragrance ads; sales went thru the roof. So when you have your IPO, please let me know.


    Chris in Los Angeles

  11. duane Harrison says

    The Politicians and Churches would like nothing more than to take away our individuality and tell us how to think and how to act. We the people pay their salary by taxes and ties. Sure there is people that believe in many different faiths, and everyone is entitled to take their own paths in life. This is a country of freedom and Equality and free speach, to take that away encourages communism. If each person could have their way they would want you to have life their way. Thank God for our Freedom in the Great USA

  12. Shrillorile says

    To be honest, Signorile’s voice alone makes me want to pray to the Mother of Mary that someone will bring me a pair of ear muffs. How did that guy ever become a d-lister?

  13. FinDeFichier says

    If I may quote Ja’mie King, “you sound like a dumbass fat bitch.” As Michael said, one can find comments insulting the catholic church on any media website. And many more of them come from evangelical protestants than from gays.

  14. Bading says

    andy, every reader of your blog knows (including donohue himself) that there could be no better exemplar of the LGBT community than towleroad. and when you see him in denver please tell him that i am ready and able to debate him on my repugnance for ratzinger’s stewardship of the congegration for the doctrine of the faith.

  15. says

    Oh…I mistyped in my comment above. I meant to say:

    “The Catholic abuse scandal happened in America because we have active, persistent VICTIMS’ rights groups.”

    Not “human rights groups.” So, if my comment appeared to make no sense, that was why…it would be a real kindness to your coherence-challenged readers if we were able to edit comments here, Andy!

  16. duane Harrison says

    Somethings are worth saying more than once so that people lie Bill Donahue don’t forget this is a free country.

  17. duane Harrison says

    Sites like this one makes me feel good, so I can have a say and walk away with my head up knowing someone hears my views. So thankyou Towleroad for making me feel that my oppinions matter.

  18. says

    My local newspaper has advertisments for men, women, and children wearing underwear and bathing suits. Using Donahue’s reasoning, the reporters from this newspaper should not be allowed to cover political events.


  19. Michael Bedwell says

    For the Snark Trolls who seem to be spreading on Towleroad faster than anal warts, perhaps the following story from one of his books might explain why Signorile has an LGBT radio show and YOU don’t:

    “One protest that was announced [in 1988] was an upcoming zap of Josef Cardinal Ratzinger [now Pope Benedict], the German prelate who was head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith. He had written a paper for the Vatican in which he said that homosexuality was “intrinsically evil” and a “moral evil.” Cardinal Ratzinger had said the church had to fight the homosexual and fight against legislation that “condoned” homosexuality.

    When I arrived [at New York’s St. Peter’s], the place was packed. It was in a big amphitheater that looked more like the United Nations General Assembly chamber than a church. This wasn’t going to be a Catholic Mass; St. Peter’s wasn’t even a Catholic Church. Ratzinger may have been a religious figure but he was also a political leader, especially since he was the church’s antigay crusader, here to fight against gay civil rights legislation. The church wanted him to speak in a slick, modern, secular-looking space, free of ornate and intimidating religious décor and adornment. It made the gathering accessible and open to people of all faiths and political persuasions.

    Ratzinger sat at the altar along with Cardinal O’Connor and several other prelates. Judge Robert Bork, the conservative Supreme Court nominee who’d just been rejected by the Senate, sat in the front row. Mrs. William F. Buckley Jr. was there too, as was an incredible array of Upper East Side women, the upper crust of New York’s Catholic society. There were prominent Wall Street businessmen and local government officials—and rows and rows of nuns, brothers, and priests, perhaps the heads of orders and parishes. I began to feel very small—I hadn’t seen so many priests since Catholic school.

    I looked for protesters, but I couldn’t see anyone with a sign or a T-shirt. I wondered for a few moments if anything was really going to happen. I had decided to go there strictly to watch, to check out how these people operated when they conducted these demonstrations. As for myself, I didn’t know the first thing about protesting, and I still wasn’t sure about it. I certainly didn’t like the idea of getting arrested.…

    Ratzinger took the podium and began to speak. As soon as he finished his first sentence, a group of about eight people to the left of the crowd leaped to their feet and began chanting “Stop the Inquisition!” They chanted feverishly and loudly, their voices echoing throughout the building. The entire room was fixated on them. Activists suddenly appeared in the back of the church and began giving out fliers explaining the action. Two men on the other side of the room jumped up and, pointing at Ratzinger, began to scream, “Antichrist!” Another man jumped up in one of the first few rows near the prelate and yelled, “Nazi!” All over the church, angry people began to shout down the protesters who were near them; chaotic yelling matches broke out.

    It was electrifying. Chills ran up and down my spine as I watched the protesters and then looked back at Ratzinger. Soon, anger swelled up inside me: This man was the embodiment of all that had oppressed me, all the horrors I had suffered as a child. It was because of his bigotry that my family, my church—everyone around me—had alienated me, and it was because of his bigotry that I was called “faggot” in school. Because of his bigotry I was treated like garbage. He was responsible for the hell I’d endured. He and his kind were the people who forced me to live in shame, in the closet. I became livid.

    I looked at Cardinal O’Connor, who had buried his head in his hands, and I recognized the man sitting next to him. It was O’Connor’s spokesman and right-hand man, Father Finn, who had been the dean of students back at my high school, Monsignor Farrell. A vivid scene flashed in front of my eyes: the horrible day when I was in the principal’s office talking to the principal, the guidance counselor, and the dean; the day they threw me out because I was queer. I looked back at Ratzinger, my eyes burning; a powerful surge went through my body. The shouting had subsided a bit because some of the brothers had gotten in front of the room to calm the crowd. The police had arrived and were carting away protesters.

    Suddenly, I jumped up on one of the marble platforms, and looking down, I addressed the entire congregation in the loudest voice I could. My voice rang out as if it were amplified. I pointed at Ratzinger and shouted, “He is no man of God!” The shocked faces of the assembled Catholics turned to the back of the room to look at me as I continued: “He is no man of God—he is the devil!”

    I had no idea where that came from. A horrible moan rippled across the room, and suddenly a pair of handcuffs was clamped on my wrists and I was pulled down.”

  20. Chapeau says

    Good to know that Donohue reads comments left here at Towleroad … here’s another for ya::

    I find the catholic church as a whole to be offensive – from pedophile priests to the insane policy regarding condoms in AIDS ravaged Africa — and of course the church’s hate rhetoric towards the GLBT community.

    I am not a catholic nor a xtian — and guess what Dono’ole boy — this is America, and as an American I have the right to believe *or* not believe as I see fit. And honey – I don’t believe in your *Santa Jesus* Sky God nor the fantasy filled holy book that the catholic church made-to-order through centuries of manipulation.

    So pull your bunched up panties out of your ass crack and get a life already.

  21. says

    Ive listened to Signorile ever since I got a car with Sirius, and always pictured him looking like the love child of Michael Musto and Bruce Vilanch for some reason.

  22. Derrick from Philly says

    Thanks for that exerpt from Signorile’s book, Mister Bedwell.


    Signorile’s voice is fine, almost as fine as his courage. Whatchu’ got?

  23. Mad John says

    So where’s Bernard Law today? Unless the answer is “rotting in prison,” I’m going to reject any claim to morality this twisted medieval cult claims to have. KMFA, Donohue.

  24. Dilleo says

    I for one am glad that you are coming down to our wonderful little city for this Convention. You have perhaps the only gay blog that makes a habit of continuously focusing on politics that affect the GLBT community as well as our nation and our world. It trims down the celebrity gossip and while it may be a little biased from time to time, I feel that you never fail to, at the very least, show the opposing view. I feel like I’m reading a more well rounded magazine than another gay blog.

    Anyway, I’m very excited to have you hear in Colorado! Welcome to Denver!

  25. says

    As always, thank you Michelangelo! LGBT people and all people need to do just this, call those like Donohue out and get them to defend their positions. Thanks for continuing to be our great example.

  26. MAJeff says

    “So where’s Bernard Law today? Unless the answer is “rotting in prison,” I’m going to reject any claim to morality this twisted medieval cult claims to have. KMFA, Donohue.”

    Amen (so to speak) to that!

    One of the worst of the Bishops here in the US gets a promotion for protecting child-rapists, but it’s an “isolated” problem and not systemic.

    Donohue–and Nazinger–adds nothing of value to humanity.

  27. Mike says

    This was said in an above post, but Bill Donohue does not represent mainstream Catholics in any means. His organization is not officially sanctioned by the Church, and he has somehow learned to manipulate the media with the name “Catholic League.” He needs to go away. Now.

  28. Ec says

    Congrats on your invitation to the convention. We have to honor freedom of speech and I really dont see anything wrong when a comment made by one of us on your bog should be edited out because it might offend the Pope. Who cares! What is the different between us and the China’s Internet screening when we screen everyone’s comments!

  29. MARTY says

    Just doesn’t wash that Donohue assesses a blog by its *commenters*. If everyone did that, nobody would read any of them ‘cos every comment has 10 other people responding to it. The posts of the blog, what the bloggers themselves put up to be read and then commented on, is what matters. Commenters are random.