News: Prop 8, Google, Tony Kushner, Gay Places, Sarah Palin

road.jpg Urgent: Marriage equality supporters in California lag in fundraising. “According to the most recent campaign contribution reports from the California Secretary of State, supporters of the anti-gay marriage November ballot measure have raised $16.2 million in their effort to pass Proposition 8. Opponents have brought in $10.8 million, which is still a sizable chunk of money. But Dale Kelly Bankhead, who signed the email as campaign manager of ‘No On 8,’ writes, ‘We must match what is raised dollar for dollar with the right wing; if we do not, we are at serious risk of losing this November.'” No on Prop 8 (site).

Brolinroad.jpg Josh Brolin has a daddy complex.

road.jpg UK’s Independent lists five most improved places for gay tolerance, five worst places to be gay, and ten best places to live if you’re gay.

road.jpg Sarah Palin just an “average hockey mom” who wears $2500 Valentino jackets and tans in her own home.

road.jpg New York State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos appears at PAC fundraiser for Log Cabin Republicans, reiterates opposition to same-sex marriage, promises legislation targeting bullying: “‘Sometimes the media will say, ‘What are you doing here?’ You’re Republicans and I’m proud of you for being Republicans and I’m proud of being a Republican and standing here with each and every one of you,’ he added. The appearance of a Senate majority leader was unusual. Mr. Skelos took over as majority leader this summer from Joseph L. Bruno, who in his 14 years in the post appeared at only one prominent event held by a gay group — a 2006 lobbying event held by the Empire State Pride Agenda.”

road.jpg White privilege, McCain/Palin, and the Kenyan witchhunter.

road.jpg British footballer Frank Lampard needs to brush up on his make-up skills.

Googleroad.jpg Google to place servers on ships at sea? “A Google patent application filed two years ago but published this fall is getting some new attention because it’s just too interesting to ignore. The patent (link) is for putting data centers on ships at sea and harvesting the energy in waves for power. The biggest benefit for the company, though, could come from changed legal and tax status by placing the ships outside of national jurisdiction. It’s a thought both fascinating and frightening, although it also may end up as just another crazy patent filed for the sake of filing it.”

road.jpg Angels in America playwright Tony Kushner to receive first Steinberg Distinguished Playwright Award: “The award, which which comes with a cash prize of $200,000 will be announced on Wednesday. The award was created ‘with an eye toward attracting talented playwrights and bolstering the status of their profession.'”

road.jpg Australian Labor MPs slam push for marriage equality: “Responding to AME’s renewed marriage push, Labor MP Anthony Albanese – the Federal Member for Grayndler – lashed out at the group, calling their campaign ‘ridiculous’.”

Tyraroad.jpg V: Tyra Banks channels Miss Ross?

road.jpg Beyoncé plays cop in new video.

road.jpg Australian HIV infections surge: “New cases of HIV in Australia rose by almost 50 percent in the past eight years, as gay men and immigrants infected overseas spurred the number of people with the virus to a 14-year high. The number of new infections increased to 1,051 in 2007 from 718 in 1999, and are at the highest level since 1993, according to the National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research annual surveillance report today. Almost 70 percent of cases in the five years through 2007 were among gay and bisexual men.”

road.jpg Daniel Craig in a sling.

road.jpg Tom of Finland exhibit visits Liverpool.

road.jpg Wisconsin Catholic church’s music director fired because he’s gay: “He says his supervisor fired him this summer after worshipers complained he was too open about his sexual orientation. ‘He said having an openly gay male employed at the Church is a scandal,’ said Philyaw, recounting the conversation. ‘I felt betrayed. But I’m not bitter.’ The Madison Catholic Diocese declined an interview request citing their policy of not discussing personnel issues. Philyaw says he’s never had any problems at work before and claims the Church knew he was gay when they hired him. Still, employment lawyers there’s nothing illegal about what happened.”


  1. ANON IN SOCAL says

    Maybe if we lay off the distractions (Sarah Palin has a tanning bed! Sarah Palin wears expensive jeans!), we could focus on the stuff that really matters–like defeating CA’s Prop. 8.

    Just a thought from an otherwise thoughtless Southern Californian.

  2. says

    I’m in Atlanta, but the prop 8 will have repercussions across the states, and all of those who want to fight for marriage equality need to go and make a donation to fight prop 8.

    I just did, it was really easy and secure using the link in the post above.

    it is essential for all of us to defeat prop 8

  3. Marc in Chicago says

    Funny how HIV is coming from outside to invade Australia! How xenophobic and jingoist can you be! This is the same old story that has circulated and manipulated for as long as there’ve been groups of people.

    Us vs. Them and all that B.S.

  4. JD says

    Seems sort of odd to me that there’s no Canadian cities in The Independent’s ‘best places to live if you’re gay’ list…

  5. says

    I’ll second that, JD: no Montreal?? Come on!

    And where’s our Australian friend on those Aussie marriage HIV stories? Maybe HIV rates surged because of the insidious liberal bisexual double standard? Or perhaps because HIV has nothing to do with AIDS anyway, so who cares?

  6. JohnInManhattan says

    I contributed to and urge everyone to give as much as they’re comfortable with. The thought of the hateful Prop 8 passing should send a cold shiver up your spine.

    NOW is the time to open up those wallets (and purses) and put your money where your mouth is.

  7. Jim says

    “Daniel Craig in a sling”…imagine my disappointment upon learning it was the OTHER kind of sling…sigh.

  8. Gary says

    Interesting that The Independent listed London as one of the best places for gays to live. I was in London in June of this year and had someone yell slurs out the window of a car at me. That hasn’t happened to me in 20 years of living in Dallas. Not so friendly as you might think.

  9. Aubrey says

    je m’excuse mais montréal (spécifiquement le village gai!) a une stupéfiante vie gaie.

    and it’s totally better then new york’s scene.


  10. Oscar says

    All gays should boycot Jamaica.A gay guy can be killed there and the law will protect the killer.It is like that all over the Caribbean island.Only Cuba,Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic are a biy more toleran.They do not have laws against gays anymore although the people are still homophobic to some extent.BOYCOT JAMAICA NOW.

  11. says

    The piece on “White Privilege” is quite interesting. As for the “best cities” in the world, my fellow Canadians above beat me to it, Montreal should have topped that list. Montreal is so magnificent that one is led to believe that sexual orientation is a thing of the past. Obviously some people need to do a lot more travelling!