1. Mikal says

    More like: “Well, what else do you expect from a man who SPEAKS like he’s terminally constipated?”

    I hate Wolf Blitzer. That tone of a perpetual sense of urgency in his voice, and his constant “Stand by!” and “Happening now!” needs to stop. Watch him for more than 10 minutes and you’ll get a sense that the world is going to crumble after the sky falls down.

    And when he’s not covering a politician’s ass, he’s got his tongue right up them; spewing niceties and sucking up to them. What kind of journalist is he?

  2. Jack H. says

    Palin is a dangerous airhead with fundie nut-case views. It says something about the state of our country that more Americans are not outraged by her selection. Blame the news media who always practice the art of false equivalence-A man comes on and says the earth is flat and then a scientist with evidence comes on to show that’s absurd. The news host treats their views as simply a difference of opinion.
    A country dumbed down beyond belief. BTW, what’s with these rictus smiles on all Republican women spokespersons on cable news ? They are obviously a coordinated tactic.

  3. Paul R says

    Hold on, guys. I’m sure The Queen will be posting any minute explaining why we’re all uptight bitches for not supporting Palin. After all, some stupid voters like her, or at least used to. You really need to be more respectful toward the stupidest politician I’ve ever seen—according to Bill Clinton, the heartland loves her, so we should too.

    Go ahead, Queen. Oh, and while you’re at it, please connect the dots between the bailout and health care reform. I think I’m too uptight and elite to have understood her precise point there. At least, thank heavens, she doesn’t think trade needs to be competitive. International trade is ALL about giving away the farm. And job creation. And cute little kittens and big bad moose and, wait, I dropped my notes…

  4. says

    I’m an ex-pat living in Australia and I’ve watched this unfold and I’m not sure where to start. Maybe I’ll just say that watching Sarah Palin rabbit on about nothing and trying to look important and knowledgeable while doing it gives me the best laugh I’ve had in months. All of the troubles in the world the war, the economy etc. I at least know now that when I’m feeling down and overwhelmed I can always turn to some video of Sarah Palin or even one from John McCain and I know I’ll get a real good laugh. This crap is better than the Golden Girls, Little Britain, Seinfield,and Mash (to name a few) all rolled into one. I mean no offense or disrespect at all to the above named comedies except for Palin’s. Best Joke I’ve ever watched and heard

  5. Frank L says

    Finally a someone calling her out. She’s completely unqualified for this role and no one gets it or says anything. How more people are not outraged is beyond me. It’s kinda sad.

  6. SEAN says

    She talks like the student in class who gets busted for not doing the reading. And so starts talking out of her ass in a downward spiral, throwing in any buzz word or scrap of information she may have actually overheard all together. Bart Simpson could pull this off better than her.

    My only paranoid fear now is that the McFailin’ campaign possibly will suggest that she step down. Something I previously believed they’d never do. As much as a potentially fatal body blow that would be – shredding McCain’s decision making and leadership skills completely. But a new VP pick would create yet another wave of sensation and buzz that could distract voters enough and carry him through the next 30 days. Though with the economic meltdown, I would hope voters are now at least a little more jaded and on-point. (But never underestimate the gullibility of Joe & Jane Six Pack . Something Republicans are masters of exploiting.)

    I dunno. I just feel like the drumbeat’s already starting for her removal, even from within the conservative base. And once they stomach it, they’ll re-embrace whomever might be next. I still don’t see it happening ultimately. But that’s just my latest superstitious fear.

    p.s. Yes, Wolf Blitzer is an effin’ useless turd. What a schmuck.

  7. D. Donut says

    i’m not saying i am a supporter of john mccain or that i am even voting for him. i just think sarah palin rocks. i’m well aware what her stance is on gay rights. i obviously don’t agree with her views on that issue. i do, however, believe that she’s a very solid person who has done a lot of good for her state and could potentially do a lot of good for our country. she is a great speaker who catches the attention of people who could potentially be ‘on the fence’. she doesn’t care what republicans or democrats think. she has her own voice. also, i believe that if she did become VP (with or without my vote) she could do great things for children with dissabilities. her story also captivates me. she comes from nothing and is now running for VICE PRESIDENT. obama has said the same thing yet he went to prep school. that, i don’t understand. she has taken on oil companies and has won each time. she thinks of the betterment of people in her public issues. she’s pro-life (which i am). unfortunately people are just out to crucify her. first there was the whole accusation of her ex brother-in-law in which SHE brought up herself so that an independent investigator could clear her of all charges. people call her ‘anti-choice’ which i find ridiculous. people are also crucifying her daughter who not only is NOT running for public office but then blame her parents because she got knocked up. do you know how many people who have EXCELLENT family values end up having difficult, private issues that they deal with? trust me, i know. democrats are all about universal health care. palin has already proven that she is capable of the same thing in her home state. if someone in alaska doesn’t have health insurance it’s because they don’t want it. it’s their choice. all they have to do is ask. she’s squashed corruption in alaska as if she’s been in politics for years. she’s fierce. i’m not anti-obama and i was actually an HUGE supporter of hillary clinton. i’m still ‘on the fence’.

  8. banjiboi says

    Palin’s answer(?)to Katie’s question was downright BIZARRE. I can’t believe SHE believed that ANYBODY would buy that triple-speak. What in the hell does trade have to do with the bailout!!???

    And did she have a crib sheet? I could actually see and feel the heat rise to her face as her heartbest accelerated while her mind raced, “OhmygodpleasehelpmemygodKatie’sontomelookatherfaceomygodsweetJesus.”

    And I share Cafferty’s disgust and dismay, that this pathetic and delusional woman even thinks that she’ll pull this off. I also find it amazing that we live in a country where people actually think that a “normal” or non-elitist person with an obvious lack of political savvy and sophistication is well suited for one of the top jobs on the planet.


    This really is no longer a laughing matter. This is truly, truly frightening, and if by chance McCain is elected, I’ve no idea what I would do. Perhaps I’d quietly turn of my tv, pour a stiff drink (no, make that three), go to my bedroom, turn out the lights, lie on my bed, assume a fetal position and try to wish it all away.

  9. SEAN says

    D. DONUT: You must be chuggin’ some serious Partisan Kool-Aid if you can view her recent public speaking attempts and walk away with a “She’s a capable, informed potential world leader! Ra Ra Ra!’ response. Again, high school teachers the world over would not accept this type of flailing bullshit speak from their students. Why should any voter give a free pass to the potentially second most powerful person on the planet? Oh wait, yeah: Everyone’s just being so mean and tough on her. Expecting her to be all, like, informed and articulate and stuff. Meanies! And sexist too! Whatev.

  10. Jimmyboyo says

    Sign VT Senator Bernie Sanders petition to

    – charge 10% surtax on income over $500,000 a yr to pay for bailout (would raise over $300 Billion in 5 yrs)

    – require equity stakes in companies that take bail out money (Sweden did this and it worked out very well)so when bailed out companies stock goes up the tax payers get a piece of it

    – include economic recovery program that stimulates jobs rebuilding america’s infrastructure

    – repeal de-regulation legislation

    – determine which companies are too big to allow to fail and such companies must be broken up so their failure does not adversely affect the US economy

  11. sparks says

    Did it occur to anyone else that Katie Couric is more qualified to be VP than this airhead she’s interviewing? Judging by the looks on her face, I’d say Katie had that thought more than once during this painfully awkward exchange.

  12. Lars says

    To Sean:

    As a senior representative from the LGBT community I’m here to tell you that your Gay card is being revoked. I assume by your post that you are probably someone who also believes that Britney is a singer, Paris is an actress,and that the ability to read a teleprompter makes one a great speaker.
    Wrong, wrong, and wronger!

    You call someone “fierce” who believes you should have no marital rights, and that prayers can make you straight?

    You are a perfect example of how someone so blatantly unqualified could get this close to our highest office. She is not a celebrity, she is a politician. Stop loving her for all the wrong reasons and start listening to what she so poorly tries to say.

  13. yeahisaidit says

    god, could we retire the term “pro-life” “PRO-BIRTH” is more accurate….the right is so successful because they manage to control the language,(and to use less of it), on so many issues…and it PISSES me off…! pro-life indeed….

  14. Lars says

    MAJeff: Yes, know that I look at it I do believe that I have made a terrible mistake. Good thing I’m not running for VP,though I hardly think something like this would disqualify me under the current circumstances.

    Sean: Here is your gay card back, with honors,two free martinis, and my apologies.

    Did I mention that I was a “senior” member of the community?

    D. Donut: Read the post titled to Sean, it was meant for you.

  15. Lars says

    The term I hate is “Values voters”. My homo, vegan, anti animal cruelity,atheist values may not be the same as some bible-beaters, but they are values none the less. Everyone in the world votes according to their particular values. The same goes for “family values”. Regardless of who makes up your family, they are still your family and you value them.
    But back on point, Palin (also known as Caribou Barbie) is absolute proof that McCain can’t be trusted to make rational decisions.

  16. Jimmyboyo says


    I have to disagree on pro-birth

    That still puts them in a shinning light while tarnishing our side.

    tried and true old school sometimes is the best thing

    Pro-choice (US) anti-choice (them)

    Plain and simple

  17. says

    Bravo to Cafferty for calling it as he sees it. It was obviously not a pundit spin response, but a cut the bullshit (unlike pansy Wolf) the time for pussyfooting around her incompetence is OVER. Much as I disagree with Palin’s positions, when she’s actually able to articulate them, the blame should rest squarely on McCain. She didn’t ask to run, she was picked. His error in judgment is proving to be more and more astounding.

    D. Donut: I think the hole part of that confection is where you brain should be. Still undecided?

    P.S. Jimmy, I’m proud to have Bernie Sanders as my congressman. He’s come a long way since being a fringe party candidate back in the 70s.

  18. says

    If REPUBLICANS win, will ANY sane, rational, intelligent person continue paying taxes to support this American Theocracy? Seriously. Half gets spent on killing people we don’t know but are “supposed to fear”, and the rest is squandered on B.S. that wastes tax dollars.

    Yet Americans continue supporting this immoral and wasteful government. START SAVING UP NOW FOR THAT BAILOUT!

  19. says

    It’s not pro-life and it’s not pro-birth. It’s anti-choice. Not only does that sound better and make more sense, but it’s what groups like NARAL and NOW have been calling it for years =)

    But, yes, my god, is Sarah Palin scary.

  20. alex Boston says

    The answer she provided made it appear that WE are the ones receiving the 700 BILLION NOT paying for it!! First off you have to couple this bailout figure with our current “Bush Debt”, plus the cost of the war expenses, past, present (currently $10Bil a month), future and then ask yourselves ” Who will pay for these debts? What will be left over to help Americans with their health care, educational expenses, basic infrastructure needs for the nation, Social Security’s future, elder care through Medicare/Medicaid, Social Service programs which support so many on a Federal Level (for the GLBT Community how about The Ryan White Care Act and other Federal programs to assist those with HIV)?
    This woman reminds me of the 1992 VP debates when a presumptive VP candidate, Admiral James Stockdale, poised this question on live television, “Who am I? and “What am i doing here”? Sarah Palin, for the sake of the “America She Loves”, has to do the right thing and step down! Yes she makes Bush sound like a Rhodes Scholar (OMG I Just backwashed last nite’s dinner) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. the queen says

    idiots! well of course you have to bail out the rich dahling they after all are the backbone of this economy… if the rich fall so do you… i mean who the hell do you think owns everything anyway… ah those boring debates, did anyone bother to see them… put me right to sleep…we watched about 2 minutes and said oh please mary… so me my husband, the countess de gooch (not consuelo who is now being detained by the immigration authorities pending further investigation in her status as an illegal here– must consult lou dobbs on this one) went to taco hell ordered tons of food and bought a couple of bottles of tequila and drove to the beach where we had on old fashioned beach party just like the college kids do… what fun..

  22. fafner says

    Talk all you want, here is what I heard in a conversation with an older white woman I know.
    “I want a woman in the White House. Since it can’t be Hillary, I will vote for Palin”. I tried to explain the difference between them, and she said, “I don’t care what their politics are, I want a woman in the White House and that’s all I care about”.

  23. CANChuckle says

    Just watched the Tina Fey Palin impersonation clip on SNL 9/27/08 without realizing that Fey was delivering the exact words shown in this Palin interview! It couldn’t be any more surreal unless she had added “And the dog ate my homework”.

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