Lance Bass Dealing with a Pair of Swollen Sausages


Lance Bass says the choreography isn’t the only challenge he’s facing on his upcoming season on Dancing with the Stars. He tells People how he’s training: “I’m wearing heels! It’s not that fun. My feet are swollen sausages every day!”

Bass also says he’s not as spry as he was when he was in N’Sync: “It doesn’t feel the same at all. The first thing you notice is your knees, then your lower back goes out, your arms start hurting–and the feet!”

Lucky he’s dating a hunky Brazilian trainer who’s likely well-versed in massage.


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Think they’ll stay together? I hope so. I’m tired of wishing bad on beautiful gay couples just ’cause I’m green with envy.

    …wish I had me that Brazilian though. You see the muscles in his forearms?

  2. Tyler says

    Derrick- they may not make it since everyone drools over Italians and Brazilians.
    He no doubt has guys throwing themselves at him, and will give in to matching muscles syndrome.
    Lance is better off with a WASP. safer bet.

  3. RedCedar says

    wish I had me that Brazilian though. You see the muscles in his forearms?

    Derrick from Philly, move to Boston (or better yet, Framingham). There are loads of Brazilians up here. Historically there’s a significant Portuguese population in Massachusetts (Azorean primarily), and I think that’s probably what prompted the arrival of Brazilians. Varig tried to get a regular flight into Logan Airport about ten years ago, but at the time US Customs Service in Boston turned them down.

  4. RedCedar says

    FWIW, I’m very given to sensual kissing when in bed and the best sex I’ve ever had has been with Brazilian guys. In my (limited) experience it seems to me they are – by far – the best kissers because they are the least hung up about it. For the few I’ve been with sensual kissing has been as natural as drinking a glass of water. American men are hardly ever that way! (FWIW, I’m American born & bred.) In contrast, SO many American guys are all about the cock and penetration and little else. Kissing and the exploration of the other erogenous zones besides cock and ass are generally regarded as of minor importance. I RESPECTFULLY DISAGREE.

  5. jason says

    Lance Bass is the straight community’s useful idiot. And he’s pandering to stereotype, mentioning that he’ll be wearing heels on Dancing With The Stars. Overall, I think he’s setting back our movement. Go away, Lance. When you allowed yourself to be heterosexualized by the producers of Dancing With The Stars, you lost me. You’re pathetic, Lance.

  6. kyle says

    I hope that Lance knows that his new boy was a former sauna escort boy in Brazil.
    He is only after Lance”s money.
    Lance, you have been warnrd !!!!