1. jason says

    Lance should be able to dance with whomever he wants to. Where i take umbrage is in the mandated heteronormativity of a show like Dancing With The Stars. Mandated Heteronormativity is something we gay and bisexual men face every day. Religious conservatives loathe us through and through, Democratic Party liberals loathe our kissing and hand-holding in public. We really can’t win.

    For a show like DWTS to mandate heteronormativity is an example of how liiberals and the entertainment industry in general loathe scenes of affection between men.

  2. Math says

    Glenn: how do you know Lacey has issues?
    Barry: I don’t.
    Don: I like Lance; one or two stories a week while he’s on Dancing with the Stars isn’t hurting anyone.
    Jason: I seriously worry about you.

  3. jason says

    Just to add to my previous post, I think it was interesting that a gay dance show was mulled as a means of getting around the resistance of liberal Hollywood to depict male-male dancing on Dancing With The Stars. Which proves my point all along. I mean, the mere fact that same-sex dancing involving men can only be performed in a gay dance show is surely proof of this “phony acceptance based on segregation” that I’ve been going on about for some time now. Under this system of phony acceptance, men can only dance with each other if they are separated from the mainstream into their own specific show.

    This is how liberals operate in relation to us:

    You gay and bi men can kiss and dance with each other but only on the condition that you don’t do it in the mainstream.

    Still feel equal???

  4. says

    that is crazy jason. okay yes, shows like this and “so you think you can dance” (both of which i watch and love) do push for “masculine” men, and i do sometimes take issue with that, especially on “so you think you can dance”…
    but here, dancing with a woman is to me the only viable option. as entertaining as a male-male couple would be, it could not possibly hold a candle to the glamour a female dancer can bring. I admit my eyes are mostly only drawn to the woman who is dancing – usually because she is dressed and styled so beautifully. the dresses flow, the hair, the sequins, all of that is to the advantage of the couple.
    a male-male couple would be handicapped by a lack of ummm pizazz lol.

  5. says

    Okay … back to me since I’m more important than what’s his face 😉 and actually talking about the topic at hand … Lance did a great job and I hope he stays in the competition longer. I guess he said he was doing this since he was considered the WORST dancer out of NSYNC.

    He’s good and his dance partner is just adorable! 😀

  6. Ty says

    Jason – What makes you think that everyone in Hollywood is Liberal? They may vote democratic because of Union and Arts supportiveness, but they are not Liberal.
    Having Lance dance with a man in this competition would be too distracting and difficult to judge.

  7. Diego says

    More than I’m upset at the fact that Lance dancing with a man would not be allowed on this show, I am angered with how lightly some of you on this thread take it that he would not be ALLOWED to do so.

    Not only does your ridiculous back and forth glamorization of sequins and sex speak to the reigning stereotypes of gay men, but it shows that you don’t possess an ounce of awareness as it pertains your rights and the discriminations against you.
    Laugh all you want at Jason’s posts, but there are a few things that I can say about him that I would never say about some of you: he’s intelligent, passionate, he takes a stance for gay rights (even when others won’t), and his vigilance benefits some of these very same people who attempt to knock him down with petty criticisms and immature tomfoolery. I hope your AOL screenname works well for you, ’cause it may be the only way that you can share your sexuality with the world if some others have their way.

    Right on, Jason! It’s pioneers like you that make a difference!

  8. crispy says

    They’re giving out the Nobel Peace Prize next month, Diego. Maybe you could write a recommendation for Jason.


  9. Jay says

    I thought, at first, that the song choice was cool. I mean Lance kissing a girl, liking it, and hoping HIS boyfriend doesn’t mind…but if he put on the cherry chapstick at the end, is Lance implying that he’s the girl?

  10. franco says

    Anyone else wonder why Jai Rodriguez (The former “Rent” boy/Culture Vulture guy from “Queer Eye for the Fucked up Hetero”) was in the audience rooting him on and became rather surprised (perhaps annoyed) that Lance liplocked Lacey (who does have issues btw- episode one she said that she LOVED Lance and wanted to marry him- not without a miracle sweetie!)

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