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Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon Defends McCain Endorsement

Patrick Sammon, the President of the Log Cabin Republicans, appeared on CNN to defend the group's endorsement yesterday of John McCain for President.

Sammonp_2By the way, the McCain campaign also yesterday accepted that endorsement. Said McCain National Political Director Mike DuHaime: "On behalf of Senator McCain and the campaign, thank you for this endorsement. Sen. McCain is running an inclusive campaign and he’ll have an inclusive administration [as president]."

As I noted yesterday, McCain doesn't even know what the acronym LGBT stands for. He also doesn't believe gays are fit to adopt children, supports a ban on gays in the military, is worried if his clothing looks too gay, isn't sure if condoms stop the spread of HIV, thinks same-sex marriage ceremonies are okay as long as they're just pretend, and has promised right-wing religious groups that he'll start speaking out more vocally against LGBT causes.

Watch Sammon's appearance, AFTER THE JUMP...

Log Cabin Republicans Endorse 'Maverick' John McCain for President [tr]

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  1. A gay Republican is like a Satanist Christian; it is an oxymoron.

    Posted by: Marty | Sep 3, 2008 6:56:43 PM

  2. LCR = Black kkk member

    LCR = Jewish nazi

    LCR = (as crispy said yesterday) chickens going to KFC for dinner

    Posted by: Jimmyboyo | Sep 3, 2008 7:02:24 PM

  3. Ain't buying it Patti, it's all about the money. LCR's don't want to pay taxes to help fund lazy people who don't want to help themselves. That's all they are about.

    Posted by: davefromtampa | Sep 3, 2008 7:06:56 PM

  4. @jimmyboyo

    whenever I think those on the right are vile and hypocrites - those on the left always manage to top em...

    Posted by: yoshi | Sep 3, 2008 7:17:30 PM

  5. Agreed, Yoshi. (That Jimmyboyo guy is pretty extremist.)

    The LCR is not doing its job. If their goal is to reform the GOP from within, and change their attitudes about homosexuality, how does this endorsement do that? It just undermines their credibility with the outside world, and eliminates any respect from antagonists within the party.

    These guys need to be fighing like hell for gay equality, and each time they are challenged on it by Christianists and other haters, the LCR should be declaring its support for other Republican principles and showing how anti-gay policies are incompatible with them.

    Ignore the far lefties. Reform the GOP -- that's your mission. It will benefit everyone.

    Posted by: Frank | Sep 3, 2008 7:28:24 PM

  6. Mr. Sammon is a GINO, Gay In Name Only.

    Posted by: key | Sep 3, 2008 7:32:09 PM

  7. "The platform is largely symbolic...the day after its passed people don't pay attention to it" Excuse me! "I agree with 90% of what the Republican party supports" Excuse me again! "We need fiscal responsibility" Yikes!
    I just cannot wrap my mind around a group of homosexuals that support this crap. They obviously have been wearing blinders for the past 8 years. So depressing.

    Posted by: excy | Sep 3, 2008 7:41:24 PM

  8. Log Cabin Republicans have now shown that they have no shame - and no self-respect either. Sarah Palin's attendance at a viciously anti-gay church alone should tell them to oppose McCain/Palin. And they are betraying our gay soldiers by enabling McCain to continue to fuck them over.

    Posted by: Hephaestion | Sep 3, 2008 7:48:53 PM

  9. I think the LCR endorsement of McCain is a net loss for McCain. Are the people whom McCain is seeking to woo by selecting Sarah Palin more or less likely to come out and vote for him because of the LCR endorsement? I think the LCR endorsement scares more votes away than it attracts. So, pragmatically I think it hurts McCain. If LRC thinks they are helping anyone, including themselves, they are in a very small minority.

    Posted by: John | Sep 3, 2008 7:53:30 PM

  10. Yoshi & frank

    so be it

    You can play games with your lives if you wish.

    The repubs are playing culture wars and you want to sit around playing tidly winks

    Posted by: Jimmyboyo | Sep 3, 2008 8:13:36 PM

  11. I attended the Equality Form in Philly a few months ago and Patrick Sammon was a featured speaker on the Political Panel. Although I admired his amazing ability to argue and counter argue his viewpoint - even when faced with growing dissent - in the end it is futile. LCR's endorsement is pointless as is their entire existence.

    Posted by: SARGON | Sep 3, 2008 8:19:58 PM

  12. All of you on here, do you agree that gay rights have advanced further in the last eight years under Republicans, than under the eight years of Clinton and Democrats? You keep trying to make this a party thing, its not. Its a movement that rises above political parties and it going to keep going forward. Even with the crazed extreme religious right as hysterical as ever. This hysterical negative energy is what helps us progress. It propels the cause. Very few citizens are zealots. Zealots turn people off to thier message. Fred Phelps has helped us immeasurably.
    When they are out of the spotlight, the progress slows.
    Vote who you think is, after all the dust settles, the best for the country. Don't throw your vote away on promises that won't matter. In my mind, Obama is racist, unqualified, unamerican, socialist, hypocrite, demogouge and extremist. I don't care if he says he is for gay rights, he and his party always say that, and don't do a damn thing about it once elected. I'm voting for the candidate and party that will protect our country, our businesses and not tax us to death and consort with our enemies.

    Posted by: Vi Agara | Sep 3, 2008 8:51:19 PM

  13. I just can't. Watch it, that is.

    Those LC people (no, not Lauren Conrad, Log Cabin) people just make me sad.

    Stockholm Syndrome much?

    Posted by: Joe Bua | Sep 3, 2008 9:21:09 PM

  14. They continue to use the tactic of fear to get votes, is all the same old fucking story. Please get out and VOTE people! This is your country and we need ALL our votes to stop HATE and DISCRIMINATION.

    Posted by: Sean | Sep 3, 2008 10:12:00 PM

  15. VI AGARA need VIAGRA for his brains! The poor thing defending the Republican Party...

    Posted by: Eric | Sep 3, 2008 10:13:41 PM

  16. Gay Republican is the same as Jewish loving HITLER. Wake up people, they hate us and they will do wherever it takes to get stop any type of Gay Rights.

    Posted by: peter | Sep 3, 2008 10:17:26 PM

  17. People like ViAgra are depressing but very easy to make fun of. Just ask them to define "socialist". Invariable they can't, must less define the ways in which they support and believe in a form of it in this country. Specifically those parts that benefit them personally.

    Posted by: gordo | Sep 3, 2008 10:19:07 PM

  18. Vi Agarra, That is easily the most moronic comment I have ever seen on this (or pretty much any other) site. Gay rights have advanced further under Republicans? What planet do you live on? That is demonstrably false in so many ways, I'm not even going to bother, because you are obviously just a racist piece of shit who has made up his mind to ignore facts and reality in order to live in your own perverse little world.

    By all means, vote for whomever you want.
    Every single characterization you made of Obama is a massive projection of what your party exemplifies in every way, every day.

    Man, I was going to comment about the LCRs, but I won't even offend them by calling you out for being a member. They may be stupid, but their not hateful and utterly ignorant.

    The worst I can say about LCRs is that they have the credibility of an "ex-gay".

    Posted by: So Left I'm Right | Sep 3, 2008 10:20:29 PM

  19. It's good to see the LCR Uncle Marys hard at work digging to make life worse for the rest of us.

    Posted by: MAJeff | Sep 3, 2008 10:38:55 PM

  20. VI AGRA, I think those people who live in states where amendments have been passed in the last 8 years that outlaw same sex marriage and civil unions might disagree with this advancement you speak of. As far as protecting the country goes, the people responsible for attacking the World Trade Center the first time (1992 - Clinton years) were captured. The people who leveled it on 9/11, killing 3000 people and nearly killed my partner (so I take it extremely personally), have not been. The country is in it's worst financial situation since the Great Depression. And this is the only time the country has been at war and people at home have not been asked to sacrifice.

    Our safety, security and economy will lie heavily on the energy policy and foreign policy of the next administration. Why? Because if we can get off of our dependency on oil, we can extract ourselves from Middle East issues. And if we can create "green" jobs and get back to be a nation that values innovation, we can free ourselves of our debt to China.

    It's amazing to me that people are still trying to tag Obama as a racist because of words said by his pastor that were taken out of context (surprise, Obama's former church has more than a few members who are White) but don't hold McCain or Palin to the same standard. While he was not my first choice, Obama has the nomination because he managed to create a movement that truly is inclusive. McCain has said that he is basically anti-gay as is his running mate and their policies will reflect that. Real inclusive.

    I say to everyone, cast your vote for whom you see fit. That is the greatness of this country. If your vote is for McCain because you feel with age, comes wisdom, or feel safe with a Veteran at the helm or just simply don't like Black people, great but please stop using the "Obama is racist" or "the Republicans will keep us safe" excuses because they are just that, excuses.

    Posted by: Kevin | Sep 3, 2008 10:54:55 PM

  21. Love, love, love Sarah Palin! "What is the difference between a hockey mom and a bull dog"...lipstick! Go get em Palin!!!

    Posted by: RB | Sep 3, 2008 11:01:04 PM

  22. So now she wants to get fucked by a bulldog ? No surprise. She's fucked everything else.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Sep 3, 2008 11:17:35 PM

  23. gay republicans should be ashamed of themselves

    Posted by: KFLO | Sep 3, 2008 11:20:20 PM

  24. RB,

    What on earth is there for a homosexual to love about Sarah Palin?

    Palin opposed the Alaska Supreme Court's ruling that the State of Alaska give spousal benefits to the homosexual partners of state employees. Jesus, RB, she tried to keep homosexuals, people ostensibly just like you, from having access to insurance, medical care, etc...that would normally be available to any partner of an Alaska state employee!

    Palin went even further by saying she would support an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Alaska that would overturn the Alaska Supreme Court's decision that mandated benefits for partners of GLBT state employees. She supported a constitutional amendment to marginalize faggots, RB! Jesus H. Christ, how much more heinous does it have to get for you to see that this woman hates people like YOU!?

    Palin opposed expanding hate crimes laws to include homosexuals, saying that every crime is based on hate. That's all well and good in theory, but a daily reading of this blog should convince anyone that, unlike the vast majority of Americans, faggots and dykes and trannies are targeted simply because of who we are and that inclusion of homosexuals as a protected class in hate crimes laws might stem the tide of violence against us.

    Palin has stated that she supported a ban on allowing GLBT citizens in Alaska the right to marry. In others words, Palin doesn't believe GLBT families deserve the same protections as the rest of the citizens in Alaska.

    How on earth can you say you love this hateful shrew who has marginalized your GLBT brothers and sisters?

    RB, I'm glad you live in Georgia, a state that voted to disallow GLBT couples from enjoying any legal recognition of their relationships. I hope your support of politicians who helped that happen comes back to bite you in your ass. I hope you die alone in a hospital because your partner is barred from visiting you because he isn't recognized as immediate family thanks to these Republican hatemongers that you support. I hope you or your partner has to sell your house because, thanks to the Republicans you love so much, you and your partner don't enjoy tax laws that allow the deceased member of a married couple to transfer property to the surviving spouse without the surviving spouse having to pay tax to the IRS. I hope you lose your insurance benefits and have to suffer sub-standard medical care because you are unable to access benefits from your partner's employment, just like those Alaska state employees that were not supported by your beloved Palin. I hope that when your partner dies, his family swoops in and decides exactly what will happen to his body and what funeral arrangements will be made because you won't have any legal right to do that thanks to the Republicans you support. I hope one day you are made to testify in court against your partner because, thanks to the Republicans you love so much, you aren't able to marry each other and thus don't enjoy the privilege married people have of immunity from testifying against each other in a court of law.

    I know my words sound harsh, but I am sick and tired of reading your words of support for politicians who oppress us. You are fucked up, RB. Completely and totally fucked up.


    Posted by: peterparker | Sep 4, 2008 12:13:08 AM

  25. Peterparker wrote: " I hope you die alone in a hospital because your partner is barred from visiting you because he isn't recognized as immediate family thanks to these Republican hatemongers that you support."

    Jesus, man. You're all heart, aren't you?

    Posted by: Bakeley | Sep 4, 2008 12:25:40 AM

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