Pathetic: John McCain’s Bailout Crisis ‘Stunt’ in Six Videos


As we get some perspective on yesterday’s emergency bailout deal meeting at the White House, it has become clear that what many thought was a political stunt by John McCain to presidential politics into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression clearly was exactly that.

Chris Dodd called the White House meeting a disaster:

“In an interview on the CNN cable news network, Dodd described a meeting in which Democrats were blindsided by a new core mortgage proposal from House Republicans, with the tacit backing of Republican presidential candidate John McCain. ‘I am not going to sign on to something I just saw this afternoon,’ he said. Dodd said Republicans and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson had to decide what they wanted to support. The whole meeting ‘looked like a rescue plan for John McCain,’ Dodd said.”

The new proposal, in which McCain was meant to look like a White Knight who had just swept in to rescue the process for Republicans looked like this:

Bob Orr: “We’re told at the White House Senator McCain offered an alternative plan that would include fewer regulations and more corporate tax breaks for businesses, kind of a private solution. But we’re also told those ideas angered and surprised Democrats like banking chairman Chris Dodd who now says he thinks the White House summit was more of a political stunt for McCain.”

Fewer regulations and more corporate tax breaks? What the f*%k is John McCain thinking?

Barneyfrank_2Politico: “Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) said that ‘nobody mentioned McCain’ during the several-hour-long meeting on the $700 billion market rescue plan, other than Frank and that his Republican colleagues ‘winced’ when he did. ‘He’s been irrelevant to the process. He remains to be,’ said Frank. ‘I was afraid that his dropping in here, like Andy Kaufman’s Mighty Mouse—’here I am to save the day’—I thought that would slow things down. I didn’t see any sign of our Republican colleagues paying any attention to him whatsoever.’ Frank went on. ‘Nobody mentioned him. The man’s irrelevant to the whole process. No Republican mentioned his name. I’m the only one who raised his name. They winced when I did,’ he said.”

Also, the fact that John McCain “suspended” his campaign is a complete and utter farce and he is now being called by the media on it, and rightfully so:

Jeffrey Toobin is absolutely right: “Can I just quarrel with the premise of this? Who says he suspended his campaign? He’s been campaigning all day! He gave a speech in New York. He’s giving interviews all night. He’s raising money. His surrogates are attacking Barack Obama. I think this is posturing of being apolitical and frankly I think we’re being kind of gullible and falling for it. He didn’t stop his campaign. He’s campaigning…He didn’t pull his ads down. His ads have been on. And he’s done exactly what Obama’s done all day. And Obama admits he’s campaigning. It’s the middle of the campaign. I don’t see why we should treat what he’s doing any different from what Obama’s doing.”

The AP is seeing through McCain’s lie as well.

The Obama campaign last night called McCain out on the political “stunt” he’s pulling as well, sending a memo to the press.

Via Ben Smith at Politico, the Obama campaign memo, which is much less conciliatory than the press conference Obama gave after the White House meeting broke up. Both are below:

MEMO: “John McCain sought to change the subject from his out-of-touch response to the economic crisis with a big announcement that he was ‘suspending’ his campaign. But the only thing McCain really wants suspended is the American people’s disbelief. In fact, he’s been in full campaign mode the entire time. Instead of heading to Washington right away, Senator McCain stuck around in New York to do TV interviews, spend the night, and give a scheduled speech. Though the McCain campaign announced yesterday that they were also ‘suspending’ their attack ads, they continued to run Thursday. When McCain finally arrived in Washington, almost twenty-four hours after his announcement – and after Congressional leadership announced a deal in principle – he huddled with his lobbyist campaign advisors while his running mate held a political rally and his political spokesmen and surrogates were out in full force, continuing to attack Barack Obama. So make no mistake: John McCain did not ‘suspend’ his campaign. He just turned a national crisis into an occasion to promote his campaign. It’s become just another political stunt, aimed more at shoring up the Senator’s aimed more at shoring up the Senator’s political fortunes than the nation’s economy. And it does nothing to help advance this critical legislation to protect the American people during this time of economic crisis.”

The big question now is will John McCain show up at tonight’s scheduled debate? Senator Barbara Boxer accused McCain of “crawling up into the corner with his blanket.”

This whole political stunt by McCain is disgusting and pathetic. When thousands of people are foreclosing on their homes and banks are going out of business, McCain feels the need to politicize it because he knows nothing about economics, he’s sinking in the polls, and his support of the policies and the Wall Street fat cats that want to keep their millions of dollars in bonuses and salaries are what got us here. Disgusting.

By the way, WaMu failed. Who’s next as McCain stalls, plays coward, and refuses to let the public hear from him?


  1. the queen says

    oh andy dahling me and the countess think you’re being way too harsh on papa mccain who we believe has his heart in the right place and sincerely believes he is doing the best for our country. he’s doing what he can let’s give him some credit — so hold on to your rosary beads, dahlings… we feel more surprises are yet in store…

    such as this endorsement by the san francisco examiner..

    yes, dahlings, you heard it right — the san francisco examiner is endorsing mccain/palin…

  2. Matt says

    Besides the “pathetic” stalling of McCain, is anyone else troubled that they want to pass a $700 billion plus bill in a week that’s two pages long? I’m with the Republican and Democrats who want this thing looked at hard. I’m really with the group that thinks we should give them only some of the 700 billion and see how that works out. Also there are other ways to move money into the market, one idea is the temporary repeal of the capital gains tax. This would instantly cause money to flood the market. I mean we haven’t readily agreed with the Bush Administration in years, why are we doing so now?

  3. Walker says

    I live in Illinois. It doesn’t matter who I vote for. The state is going to go to Obama. Because of this fact I truly have not decided who I am going to vote for. McCain’s behavior here is forcing me to disqualify him from the presidential race. The media is changing its approach from its passive 9/11 and Iraq coverage. Because of the Bush “Weapons of Mass Destruction” lies the media is being more aggressive(finally). This is a good thing and may cost McCain the race.

    I fear for our country, our futures. The less government in our lives the better. The more of your money that you can keep the better. But keep it where?

  4. Mark in NYC says

    What’s the big deal regarding the Examiners endorsement of McCain? So has the NY Post, but I wouldn’t call it a reputable news source…except for Page Six. Now that’s reliable journalism.

  5. Anonymous says

    Thanks, Andy… really well done.. I’m turning to your site to get the best news on the election and the financial crisis. The mainstream press sometimes drops the ball in calling this correctly in the interests of being “nonpartisan.”

    The stock market is just opening… this is going to be a bad day..

  6. says

    the “big deal” about The Examiner endorsing McCain is not just that it’s San Francisco going against everything San Francisco stands for… it’s the whacky fact that anybody at this juncture in McCain’s tailspin would step up and endorse the lying coot and his dim kooze.

  7. Consuelo says

    Missus, do you remember when ya’ll attended da openin’ nite of da San Francisco Opera last September 8th ta watch Verdi’s Simon Boccanegra and ya sent me to Stockton St. in Chinatown cuz you n’ that Gooch woman wuz having da midnight munchies? Well, they wrapped those porkie dumplings in the previous day’s issue of da San Francisco Examiner.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    “…now go wrap that up in a tortilla honey or i’ll have to call immigration on ya…you know you’re here illegally and so you’re on lou dobbs’ hit list…”

    Poor thing. You’re about to get cut with a straight razor by a figment of your imagination.

    I tried to help you, but you let that witch, Sarah Palin, work a hex on you.

    And based on your out of control imagination, just where would you deport this Consuelo to? Guatemala City or Watts?

    Poor thing.

  9. soulbrotha says

    Walker, you have not decided who you are going to vote for simply because Obama will win your state? What sense does that make? Are you trying to be a “maverick”, too?

  10. alguien says

    what surprises me most about the san francisco examiner’s endorsement of mccain is hearing that the san francisco examiner is still even in existence.

    i thought that stupid little rag folded 3 or 4 years ago.

  11. Walker says

    It’s an electoral college thing. I don’t live in a swing state. My vote is moot. My vote has no practical value. Prove me wrong. McCain and Obama know which way Illinois is going to go. The candidates ceased campaign in my state. The only reason they come here is to raise money from their supporters. My understanding is that neither candidate is spending money on ads here. I don’t understand the maverick reference.

  12. Chris in SF says

    Please, the SF Examiner is a free rag that gets dumped on everyone’s doorstep whether they want it or not. It’s sort of like unsolicited take out menus you find dumped on the doorstep. No one pays attention to it.

  13. Cj says

    I’m not surprised, the SF Examiner is owned by a Rupert Murdoch wannabe conservative, Philip Anschutz.

    In 2004:
    “San Jose Mercury News: The San Francisco Examiner has been sold to a wealthy Denver businessman in a $20 million deal that could reshape the Bay Area’s media landscape.

    Meantime, the Chron reports that Philip Anschutz, the Examiner’s new owner, donated $10,000 to Colorado for Family Values and is reportedly a generous supporter of the media watchdog group Morality in Media.”

  14. mike says

    The SF Examiner is nothing but a newspaper to wrap fish in after a day out on the Bay. It’s a newspaper whose time came and went years ago. As for endorsing McCain, it won’t matter. This week past has exposed Republicon perfidy for all the world to see. All McCain proved was that he is in need of some serious med adjustments. He also showed just how OLD and crotchety he really is. He gets elected, he’ll last maybe six months and then it will be 3 years and 6 months Sarah Moose, I mean, Sarah Palin. President Palin. Has a nice, alliterative ring to it, doesn’t it?

  15. mike says

    The SF Examiner is nothing but a newspaper to wrap fish in after a day out on the Bay. It’s a newspaper whose time came and went years ago. As for endorsing McCain, it won’t matter. This week past has exposed Republicon perfidy for all the world to see. All McCain proved was that he is in need of some serious med adjustments. He also showed just how OLD and crotchety he really is. He gets elected, he’ll last maybe six months and then it will be 3 years and 6 months Sarah Moose, I mean, Sarah Palin. President Palin. Has a nice, alliterative ring to it, doesn’t it?

  16. says

    I don’t know why some on here are obsessed with the Queen being poisoned by toxic tampons. I thought her dried pink bits couldn’t use tampons anymore; methinks she’s OD-ed on bad estrogen supplements. Consuelo is spiking them with Drano…..

    Andy filed a great report despite his (and the majority of his readers) maddening frustration on the shenanigans of the McSame/Pale-in-Comparison campaign.

    Keep up the great work Andy – I’m soooooo addicted to your blogsite I’m going to start a support group to deal with the night hours when you’re not blogging!

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