News: Barack Obama, Tea, Malaysia, Village People, Wedding March

road.jpg Sarah Palin repeats “Bridge to Nowhere” lie for 10th time

road.jpg New Obama ad questions McCain’s honor.

road.jpg Fifth annual gay and lesbian ‘marriage march’ crosses Brooklyn Bridge.

road.jpg Ultra-orthodox vigilantes are Jerusalem’s brutal bullies: ” Some residents say the self-styled “modesty squads” are spreading terror among those seen as straying from the strict moral code demanded of the ultra-Orthodox in the more conservative neighbourhoods of the Holy City. There life revolves largely around the study of holy texts and a strict dress code that has men sporting black coats and wide-brimmed hats and women covering their heads, arms and legs.”

road.jpg Britney Spears’ new album will be called Circus and is set for release on December 2.

road.jpg Prince William wants to be a full-time military man.

<Beanoroad.jpg Dennis the Menace comic toned down in late 80’s to avoid accusations of gay-bashing: “Euan Kerr, who edited the children’s comic between 1984 and 2006, admitted that he took some of the menace out of Dennis in the late 1980s. ‘I definitely felt a sense of responsibility in making sure the characters did nothing that was easily imitable,’ he told The Times. ‘The evidence is that kids understand a comic is a comic and that it isn’t anything like real life. But the relationship between Dennis and Walter was always one that worried me.’ Executives at D. C. Thomson & Co, publishers of the Beano, decided that the victimisation of Walter could be interpreted as offensive.”

road.jpg San Mateo County to formally oppose Proposition 8: “The Board of Supervisors is set to vote on a resolution opposing Proposition 8, as the ban on gay marriage is known on the ballot, at its Tuesday meeting. Barring any unexpected positions, the decision will bolster positions taken by the board in previous years. While none of the resolutions carry any legal weight, the stances send a clear message to the county of where its elected leaders stand in the contentious election battle.”

road.jpg Jennifer Hudson to marry I Love New York contestant “Punk”.

Ronaldoroad.jpg Cristiano Ronaldo wins gold shoe, reveals golden bod.

road.jpg Robert Greenwald: Release John McCain’s health records.

road.jpg Malaysian police raid massage parlor catering to gay men: “An anti-vice police team led by Chief Insp Mohd Rozi Aziz raided the well-known centre at about 10pm on Saturday and found the men, in their 20s and 30s, in various rooms getting massages. Six of the men were released, while the remainder — the operator and masseuses — were arrested. The centre had been raided at least three times over the past year. OCPD Asst Comm Azam Abd Hamid said the operation codenamed Ops Rose was aimed at curbing immoral activities and ‘cleaning’ up places such as these.”

road.jpg Village People get their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in front of the Scientology test center.


  1. crystall ball says

    you know something, there’s so much talk about palin and mccain, all the bad stuff, etc. and yet when i put on my psychic hat i still say that the republicans are gonna win the election, don’t ask me why, and i know you all think i’m crazy but that’s what i see. we shall see.

  2. says

    I have to agree with crystal b…i don’t have faith in the electorate and I don’t trust the Republicans.

    As for the bridge to nowhere thing, she is kinda telling the truth. At first, she did say Thanks! Then she said No Thanks! She is just over-emphasizing the No Thanks! part. She’s a joke and an insult.

  3. 24play says

    Crystal Ball is just another nameless troll stirring up doubts about Obama/Biden—both on this blog and cut ’n’ pasted on others.

    Racking up the POW Points in hope of winning an Official John McCain Camo Sunhat.

  4. Rad says

    Crystal, trust me, I think Obama/Biden are the most incredible ticket that we have seen in decades. Conversely, the GOP is offering the most apocalypticaly destructive ticket

    But I have to agree. They are ignoring the rhino in the dining room, and as I’ve posted before, it’s the issue of race. If Barack is going to win in any way shape or form, ALL the bases have to unified. Get on board, marginal thoughts or not. There has to be an unconditional rally the likes we have not seen since Clinton trounced Bush, Sr in 1992. This notion I continue to hear that “Barack was not MY democratic choice, so I am just not going to vote!” is BULL SHIT. We need to pull it together… or else.

  5. JJ says

    I think the readership of this blog would be served by a daily post of a link to an unbiased map of the electoral college voting pattern — state by state…such as at’s election converage. This will put the truth about the upcoming election before the blog readers. I think the former confederate states are definitely going McCain, but who cares if Obama loses Texas by 1 or 30 points, he still loses Texas only once. McCain can’t get more than the electoral college votes alloted by that state regardless of his margin of victory.

    The truth appears to be that there is no way McCain can win in the electoral college. If you can show me different please do.

    Also, please more skin pictures of Rinaldo. He is scrumptious!

  6. Rad says

    JJ, I would love to see the map of the electoral college and how it actually works.

    I am uncertain as to how it works, though. My understanding was that it was a body of individuals whom represented a cross section of the populous, established by our founding fathers to provide and EDUCATED vote at a time when our country was not cohesive.

    In the past several elections, I’ve watch as the POPULAR vote determined if a candidate would win the ELECTORAL votes in a given state. Hence the 2000 and 2004 election debacles. What purpose does the EC serve, then, if populous majority rule still reigns?

  7. David says

    Speaking of the electoral college…

    Can you imagine what would happen if the Dems won the college and the Repubs won the popular vote, aka the opposite of the 2000 election? I thought the Dems handled the 2000 election rather well considering the situation. But the Repubs? Oof. For now, I’ll ignore that scenario.

  8. sugarrhill says


    I’m not sure what your question is? The total electoral college votes decides the president. Bush won in 2000 becuase the Supreme Court decided that a recount didn’t benefit Bush. Bush won the popular vote and the electoral college vote in 2004.

  9. Banne says

    I hate to break it to you, while the SC ruling essentially ended the question of who won in 2000, it seems fairly certain after investigation that Bush would have won Florida regardless, albeit by like 1,000 votes. Of course there are the questions of hanging chads and voter disenfranchisement but as much as we like to think they stole the election, he actually had more votes in Florida than Gore.

    As for Palin, I have to agree that she is technically not lying about the Bridge to Nowhere and if you actually do some research into the chronology of statements she is on record for regarding the bridge or a bridge, it’s pretty clear she never once voiced support for a 300 million dollar bridge. Early on, before it was even planned, she supported A bridge in general terms. I have not seen any actual proof that she ever supported it after it was clear how much it would cost the American people. Just because Rachel Maddow or Keith Olberman claim it is a lie doesn’t mean it is. And once you guys realize Americans DO NOT CARE about that sort of issue, the sooner we can win this election.

    As for Rad’s comment regarding the strength of our current ticket, I think you are crazy. He’s polling worse currently than our ticket was the last two election cycles. This is now by all indications an electoral college free for all. If it was the strongest ticket we have put out there, we’d be winning and we aren’t. I think Al Gore and John Kerry were great people and politicians but until Democrats realize you can’t win the electoral college without someone on the ticket who can relate to the people who live in swing states, we are destined to lose. Palin was a perfect choice to edge out the two “elitists” on the Democratic ticket out of the way in those states.

  10. Dback says

    JJ and Rad, go to, and they have a map that’s updated daily.

    I think David’s right on–I could easily see a reverse of 2000, with McCain winning the popular vote and Obama winning the electoral college. My, wouldn’t that be revealing, depending on how the Repubs handle it.

    And Biden and Obama have come out swinging on economic issues this week, which is where this election will be won. It’s ’92 all over again: “The economy, stupid.” Folks who remember life after Bush I (which in retrospect doesn’t seem that bad, compared to life under his spawn) will recall Clinton raising taxes on the wealthiest earners in America–those who’d gotten richer and richer under Reagan/Bush. Presto, the economy took off like a rocket. Put McCain and his wealthy family and 5 houses up against Biden and Obama and their working-class roots, and McCain just looks more and more disconnected from reality.

    Having said all that, Obama had better encourage some of the donors at Striesandfest tonight to pony up for the Gulf Coast relief as well, lest he also be tarred with the “elitist” “out of touch” brush.

  11. Tyler says

    The republicans are toast. The only way they will win is if they steal the vote like they always try to.
    VOTE ALL DEMOCRATIC !! Vote with absentee ballot, and take it to the main post office, don’t drop it in the corner box,
    make sure it is a real ballot.
    If you are REPUBLICAN please do not vote.
    We liberals will cover your ass and get your rights 4 you, even though you would never do it for us.

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