1. Derrick from PHiily says


    you mean one of those “power bottoms”? Yeah, but he’s not the “booty hygiene” type. No, Miss Inhofe aint no enema enjoyin’ girl. He likes it “Brokeback” style: whatever happens happens.


    this is the face of the Republican Party. I wish it was the face of Chuck Hagel, Charles Grassly, or Olympia Snow…but no. THis is face of the Republican Party.

  2. bosie says

    The Republican party are just trying to get us to unfocus from this election….BULLIES….and I hope he isn’t gay because we don’t want his “asshole” in our community…..

  3. Paul R says

    Yeah, be sure to use plastic images, since images of actual couples celebrating their lives together might make people realize that we’re human. In fact, keep all your positions plastic—flexible and willing to whip in the winds to change with political tides. Assface.

  4. Okie says

    Some of us in Oklahoma are working very hard and doing everything we can to get Mr. Inhofe out of office and getting Mr. Rice elected so don’t blame everyone in our state for our crappy politicians.
    Mr. “Global Warming Is A Hoax” Inhofe is an embarressment to our state but he isn’t the only one in Congress that needs to retire. It’s very hard to get a Democrat elected in a Republican state, but we do have a Democrat Governor so anything is possible.

  5. DR says

    I met Andrew Rice on Monday night at a fundraiser and was very impressed with him. He is exactly what this country needs to move forward, not more of the same BS.

    Here are some of Inhofe’s beliefs:
    – He has called global warming “the second largest hoax played on the American people, after the separation of church and state”
    – He has compared environmentalists to the Third Reich.
    – He has received over $1 million in donations from the oil and gas industry, which he is unapologetic about and has said he wishes he took more.
    – He is against gay rights. He is in favor of a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, against adding sexual orientation to the definition of hate crimes, and voted against prohibiting job discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

    Inhofe needs to go.

    Help Andrew replace Inhofe by going to

  6. CK says

    Inhofe – just another fucked up Republican asswipe! Good luck to Andrew Rice, let’s hope he sweeps the prick Inhofe aside and relegates him to the garbage heap of lousy politicians, where he belongs!

  7. Drew says

    Well, Inhofe may not have had a gay or divorced member in his family, but he used to have a gay chief of staff when he was in the House! :) Not sure he knew that, though, which makes it even better, although the chief of staff was a closet case.

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