1. says

    I will ignore Jason’s rant, as we’ve all read his lunacy before. It’s amazing how one person can say the same thing over and over in so many different ways.

    There are plenty of entertainment and business moguls in California who, as the most immediate and direct beneficiaries of a win on Prop 8, should be the primary monetary supporters of the effort. I don’t know, maybe there are lots of GLBT folks across the country who have way more money than I do, but I’m getting tired of being hit up for donations every 20 seconds. I support the causes, and would donate if I could… but it’s just not in the budget right now.

  2. givemestrength says

    Andy, I have never before in my life advocated curbing free speech but as this is your personal blog I would urge you to exercise your moral right to delete JASON’s comments. He is essentially a spammer, ranting on about the bisexuality even when nor relevant to the topic. He never contributes in a positive way, is always commenting at the top of the board and is just painful to have to scroll through.

    Consider him like a single-purpose account vandal on Wikipedia and just blank his posts.


  3. says

    Milkman and Givemestrength,

    I have noticed the trolling Jason has done on this site and although I try to allow everyone, even those I disagree with, to express their thoughts, I came to the conclusion this morning that his purpose was only to incite and not to add so his comments were deleted. Unfortunately, some commenters have floating IP addresses (which may be the case with him). I also have my eye on a few other commenters who behave the same way. I’m sick and tired of those who use this forum only to try to incite argument, incite hatred, and neglect to use it to inform constructive discussion. People are free to disagree with me and the content on the blog. I can’t always monitor all of the hundreds of thousands of comments on the site. But when there is a pattern of misuse, commenters will be banned or the comments deleted. Sorry, I’ve had it.

  4. tom says

    Unfortunately, our nitwit, green behind the ears mayor…arrogantly screaming in his gravely voice…’its coming, whether they like it or not” is going the trick.

    His endless arrogance is killing us, yet again

  5. Eric says

    You forgot to include Madonna on your list. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!

    I just donated $200 myself….we are so close to make history!!! Call ALL your friends…talk about prop 8.

  6. Mike says

    All through this I’ve had problems understanding how people could actually support this proposition…and I thought their ad was extremely lame – riddled with half-truths and lies. Can my fellow Californians be so ignorant to fall for such tripe? I’ve sent more $$$ and hope it turns the tide – but honestly, if people are so lame to be inclined to support this, I don’t know what we can do. Obviously, we are going to have to turn up the volume because the current “soft” approach doesn’t appear to be working. Why not just call them all out for the bigots they are? How would they like someone telling them who THEY could marry? Or telling them they aren’t entitled to all THEIR rights. What a bunch of hypocrites. Protect marriage? Why not ban divorce then… I’m sure that would really be a popular proposition. NOT! Tina Fey had a very good statement on Saturday regarding how ridiculous this was… I think it was something along the lines of… “I believe marriage is a sacred institution between two unwilling 17 year olds…” Again, what a bunch of hypocritical nonsense. (Sorry for the rant, I’m pissed!)

  7. Tralfaz says

    Thanks everyone for your donations. We went to a fund raiser over the weekend with Lily Tomlin and that event raised $25K. They had a sponser that would match dollar for dollar, so we ended up rasing $50K.

    And I agree, there’s plenty of big buck celbs that need to pony up …. NOW!!

  8. peterparker says

    ANDY…thank you so much for keeping this issue at the forefront here on towleroad!

    There are three anti-marriage propositions on the ballot this election season–in California, Florida and Arizona. We will lose in Florida and Arizona. However, California is still winnable, but only if we ALL support No on 8 with our dollars and our time!! Even if you don’t live in California, the vote here in November on this issue will affect you because what happens in California often eventually happens in the rest of the country. Please donate!!!!

    Yesterday I donated $500. I plan to donate more today. And I am also volunteering my time to phone bank for No on 8. I urge everyone across the country to do the same. Andy provided a link to make it easy for you, so let’s make this happen!!!

  9. CJ says


    Thanks so much for taking a stand and voicing your opinion. I appreciate your work which is why I am a daily reader of your blog. As you stated it is important to keep an open dialog for debate, which is why individuals who do not agree with your opinion are welcome and essential to Towleroad and in society. However, comments from Jason and “The Queen” have taken away from the effectiveness and purpose of your blog (as well as a few others). It would serve to learn how to talk to others instead of simply trying to raise the “boiling points” in order to incite off-topic debates. It’s as unnecessary as McCain’s personal attacks on Obama. Thanks for your efforts and thanks for making Towleroad great!


  10. crispy says

    Peterparker, don’t write off Arizona just yet. The most recent polls say 9% are still undecided, and AZ Together just launched a television campaign on Monday aimed directly at undecided voters.

  11. Rick says

    I’m from Ohio and I’ve donated twice. I can’t give a lot, but I can’t let something this important pass without giving SOMETHING. If everyone nationwide just sent $5.00, think of all the money that could be used. This isn’t just a California issue to me-it’s one that effects us ALL.

  12. JerzeeMike says

    Even though I lost my job last week and don’t know where my next mortgage payment is coming from I donated again this morning. Every little bit helps, right? No excuse for prominent celebrities to NOT get behind this fight. If we lose this fight they should be publicly ostracized.

  13. David B. says

    As I’ve been saying for months now, they and EQ CA are wasting all the money they’ve got with poorly conceived and ineffective TV spots in way too heavy rotation throughout CA. The spots are misdirected and soft-fuzzy-nice. Meanwhile the opposition has a finely tuned spot that CA voters are responding too.

  14. Michael Bedwell says

    THANK YOU, Andy, for this desperately needed appeal for donations to try to defeat what has, predictably, turned out to be another “holy war” against us. It might not be truly “holy” but with their pre-organized legions of churchgoers and GIGANTIC and TAX-FREE coffers we are definitely up against a powerful army.

    Might it be possible to keep this thread at the top of the site for a couple of weeks, or create a pro bono banner ad for donations? Thank you.

    Sadly, Jason is not the only one exploited the issue to grind his own demented axe. Someone has use it to attack SF Mayor Gavin Newsom. As you’ve repeatedly shown, such as in your wonderful exclusive interview from the Dem Convention, the gay community has no better straight ally than Newsom. It was HIS courage [at great political cost beyond SF and 1400+ death threats] that resulted in gay marriage equality becoming a reality in San Francisco. Whatever happens in November, MIA Ellen & Portia, as well as Phyllis Lyon & Del Martin, & George Takei & his partner, and over 10,000 other gay couples would not now be legally wed. [And soon MIA Melissa & Tami.]

    Passage of Prop 8 won’t neutralize their marriages but it will not just prevent any in CA in the future but set back for years the national movement for marriage equality and ALL gay civil rights.

    You might not live in CA. You might not even want to ever be married. But this fight is YOUR fight, too, if you ever want to be a first class citizen. Please give whatever you can.

  15. Michael Bedwell says

    And the diarrhea just keeps flowing.

    1. The ads. The Queen has her head so far up her ass that not only is her TV reception limited but she can’t even remember which shit she’s trying to stir again. Anti and pro Prop 8 ads are all over TV markets in California. “Pro” means against gay marriage equality so I doubt any of “all [their] money” is “going into somebody’s gay swiss [sic] bank account,” but ja never know [see Ted Haggard, et al.]

    2. Brit Elton. Nothing would prevent him from headlining a huge fundraiser to help save marriage equality in three states. The flowers alone for his 60th birthday autofellatio er dinner in NYC last year cost some $80,000. But I’d be happy if just more of the native born rich gays woke up and coughed up. SHAME!



    We can still win in California!

    But we need every single person who lives in California who is reading this (ESPECIALLY THE GAY CELEBRITIES, or by proxy their publicists/assistants) to volunteer for phone banks/host a house party fundraiser/give a generous donation.

    AND, everyone living outside of CA (like Andy) has to donate whatever they can. When was the last time you heard about one of these gay marriage amendments actually being defeated at the polls? NEVER. BECAUSE IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED. Every single time voters have had the chance to vote to support us, they haven’t.

    But California is different, and the polling shows that. WE CAN WIN!!!

    Someone please forward this post to the publicists/management for Ellen, Rosie and the others Andy mentions above. I know someone reading this has that contact info.

    P.S. I move that, along with JASON, THE QUEEN in her current iteration should also be banned.

    For example, see the above comment that repeats for at least the third time her misinformation about where money donated to the Prop 8 campaign is going. (FACT: It is being used to buy TV commercials in one of the most expensive markets on Earth.)

    Does anyone second my motion?

  17. JJ says

    Thank you for this post. We must all do what we can, and many wealthy gay Californians, especially those who are famous, really could and should spearhead this fight.

    Adding Ellen/Portia’s wedding picture was a nice touch, assuming Ellen has any shame. She really was brought to tears about that dog she allegedly abandoned as she recalled. I also recall however that she never not even for a day supported the writer’s strike. I’m no longer her fan.

  18. Leland Frances says


    The exact figure YES ON FASCISM has raised is still uncertain because “the group’s financial report was so large that the California secretary of state’s office was unable to immediately load it onto its Web site.” – SF Chronicle.

    Later guesses put it at $27 million, from TWICE as many donors as No On 8.

    PS: Though donations for and against Ellen’s pet Prop 2 are about even, the latest polls shows it ahead by SIXTY-TWO PERCENT. So, in the last three weeks before election day, unless she expects a pig to escape and eat Suri Cruise on live television, I think we can be confidant it will pass so she can turn her attention and checkbook toward helping save marriage equality—and her reputation.

  19. Mike says

    Go to and ask her where her donation is! Also I agree that Madonna should donate. She does live in Calif part of the year and has made much money from “the gays” throughout the years. She charges almost $400. for a ticket to her current tour.

  20. peterparker says

    ANDY…thanks for removing JASON’s posts…while JASON was clearly irritating and always advocated against the interests of the gay community, he was also batshit crazy…no one would have fallen for his schtick…on the other hand, THE QUEEN is much more subtle and therefore more dangerous than JASON ever thought about being…THE QUEEN always casts doubt on advocates who are working for GLBT causes and tries to create the impression that politicians who are hostile to the GLBT community might be better for our community…please start removing posts from THE QUEEN!!!!!!

  21. Bill Perdue says

    The future of same sex marriage rights in California depends on two things.

    First is the failure to mount an all out effort to take the battle into the Black, Latino, Asian and immigrant communities – abandoning that effort will cost us the election. This situation has to remedied yesterday.

    Second is the necessity for fund raising and in line with that we
    should demand that the Obama campaign turn over $1,000,000.00 to No on Eight every time he talks like a bigot and shoots off his mouth about how he, McCain and ‘god’ agree that we don’t deserve the right to marry because we’re second class citizens.

    And Ellen should donate, as should we all. But don’t wait for her; she’s your typical liberal; a Summer Soldier when it comes to GLBT rights.

  22. DairyQueen says

    All I know is the No on 8 campaign needs to pull it together and change their ads to some less warm and fuzzy to attacking the yes 8 lies. I know this cost money, but I can’t believe there isn’t one person in LA who is in the “industry” who could donate their time in creating a new ad.

    I think the No on 8 campaign should get everyone who is doing the phone banking and put them out in front of every gay establishment (especially bars) with a money can asking for donations for No on 8. Every beer bust charity event, circuit party, street fairs should be donating to Prop 8. This is getting serious folks.

  23. le_sacre says

    i had my doubts during the summer about what the NoOn8 campaign was doing, but those doubts were lain to rest once they got the volunteer movement going this fall. they are very smart and very well-organized and absolutely doing their best. and by the way, it’s a conscious choice not to use attack ads–attacking and accusing put people on the defensive. we are trying to draw the undecideds in, not make them defensive.

    in an economic situation like today’s, it’s easy to say, “Rosie should donate–i’ve got bills to pay!” but we all have a responsibility to stand up and do our small part. there are a whole, whole lot of us small guys–if we all gave what we could, it would be more than the celebs could ever match. next time you pull out your credit card, think to yourself:

    what am i spending on instead of fighting equality? how many more precious seconds of ad time could i get for NoOn8 if i ate in instead of going out this month? if i put off that trip to the mall? if instead of going out to a movie or a bar/club with a group of friends one night, i persuaded them all to give those bucks instead?

    i also want to point out this:

    you can support the cause and increase its visibility at the same time by getting a t-shirt, cap, button, or bumper sticker. there are still too many voters out there who don’t even know what prop 8 is. let’s make sure they find out before they get to the voting booth. be visible!

  24. Gianpiero says

    Andy, thank you for the length and passion of this post. In direct response, I too made another donation. Thanks also for the collection of information and for keeping this issue prominent. The status of the campaign is not covered enough outside of the blogosphere, and the No on Prop 8 campaign itself–although rightfully frequent in its requests for money and volunteers–does not do the best job in providing information on its own site, in suggesting its strategy in these last crucial weeks or (as others have noted) in responding forcefully to distortions and attacks from the other side. I continue to believe that it’s important for all of us to share our PERSONAL voices, our individual stories with the people we know in order to help defeat this. We have to remind people that they are not voting on an abstract issue, but on something that affects real people.

  25. Brix says

    I was at the gay & Lesbian Task Force event at the Beverly Hills Hotel a couple of weeks ago where Gus Van Sant was being honored. He pledged a BIG donation to No On 8, pulled out his check book and wrote the check himself right there. I was at the next table and witnessed it.

  26. says

    Somehow I think that BIG RICH entertainers with gay children should step to the front lines here. I know Barbra and Cher do a lot but this is crucial turning point for the rights of every gay and lesbian out there.

    Brad Pit and Steven Spielberg are major heroes and are to be commended. This sounds strange but the really powerful people in Hollywood have more power than they know and yet they don’t use it to help the cause. If Barbra, Bette, Liza or Cher performed a benefit against Prop 8 it would make all the difference in the world. They owe us nothing and have been there for us before but they can change history. Hollywood can you hear me?

  27. NAT Gozzano says

    Proposition 8 is going to pass no matter how much money we raise unless we start hitting back hard! The no on 8 people are political novices and are being creamed in the ad wars. Yes on 8 ads are working because they use tried and true fear tactics in clear simple messages. No on 8 needs to cut the warm and fuzzy, incoherent crap and start driving home with this message: “Don’t let the Mormon Church and right wing fundalmentliasts rewrite our state constitution to reflect their extremist religious views”. They need to use the extremist’s crazy quotes and news clips to brand prop 8 as a right wings scary Trojan Horse, and fast. Anybody out there who cares should contact the No on 8 people and let them know loud and clear that they better start getting tough and smart, like the other side, or this things going to slip away from us forever! Be afraid, be very afraid, cause if we don’t shake this up we will lose!

  28. dezboy says

    Gavin Newsom was an asshole for saying what he said. I told my husband when Newsom first spoke out that his words were going to be used to defeat gay marriage and I was right. He may be well meaning but he is a complete asshole when it comes to human nature.

    And why are you silly queens surprised that Madonna and Auntie John did nothing to help the gay marriage issue. Have you forgotten how they both jumped in to support Eminem when he rapped about killing faggots? Do you really expect them of all people to help gays in our time of need. Puhleez. Wake up!

  29. Rey says

    I fully agree with PETERPARKER – THE QUEEN is ridiculous and consistently ruins the Towleroad experience.

    Like this most recent post I’ve pasted below. Care to figure out how many aspects of it are completely off-base? For somebody who claims to live in CA (because that’s the only place one would see a Pro or Anti-8 ad, right?), not only is “her” understanding of the actual amendment incorrect, but you’d have to pretty much be only watching Fox News to not catch the ads that are running to defeat this disgusting proposition.

    If her comments aren’t banned, I say we just go all Piper Laurie on her: THEY’RE ALL GONNA LAUGH AT YOU!

    so they’ve raised 25 million… what for… apparently nobody is able to explain to me what they need all this money for and i haven’t seen any pro 8 tv ads, just the anti ones… is this money going into somebody’s gay swiss bank account… i think an investigation is called for… like the one they’re doing on wall street.

    Posted by: the queen | Oct 8, 2008 12:06:54 PM

  30. pippin says

    How do we know famous people aren’t donating to the cause? Some people donate but don’t publicize their donations. Maybe some of them are modest?

  31. Jason Young says

    I just donated from Arkansas. We are going to lose here where they are trying to ban “unmarried” couples from being able to foster or adopt including god-children. But winning California is more important and at the very least gives me a refuge from this place once I get sick of being a second class citizen.

  32. akaison says

    That ad was pathetic. How do you expect people to take us seriously if all we ever do is produce shit that’s well- crap?

    It was like watching a bad gay film about gay marriage. Piece of advice- not everyone is into camp. Camping it up and trying to use humor when you want people to take you seriously is tonally a mistake for obvious reasons.

    Did anyone pass this ad around beyond to friends who share their sensibilities about what may work with the straight community?

    By the way- Bill is right- if you are trying to affect the black and latino community – you should be target messaging rather than producing crap like this. It’s a relatively cheap affair. Go onto the black and Latino radio stations. Talk about it there. Debate them on their own turf. The gay community needs to grow up.

  33. what says

    For the first time in my life (as a 30 year old) I’ve solicited my siblings and parents to donate. It was awkward as I’m a CA resident and they are not, but I think it’s worth it.

    Never thought I’d do something like this as my parents are conservatives in a swing state, but it’s well worth it and for the first time, it’s (my being gay) bringing us together.

  34. says

    I’ve done the same thing as Akaison. This vote will definitely have ramifications outside of California.

    People like Dan Savage, advice columnist in Seattle, and many organizations in Washington, Oregon and beyond are encouraging people to donate to “No on 8″

    I’ve donated and even have created my own “No on 8″ poster at

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