1. Andy says

    Is this guy openly gay? What is his story, other than he is hot? Is he dating someone famous?

    I am just curious because he generates a lot of postings on this site…

  2. Joe says

    I agree with Will. I had poured another cup of coffee and settled in to click over to some new NSFW photos of my husband Chad. What a disappointment. The day is ruined.

  3. sparks says

    “Hey Andy, don’t you ever have pictures of MEN, all i ever see is boys. Is that what you prefer?”
    – RYAN

    Wow man. You must truly be a shriveled, wrinkled up piece of granpappy meat to look at someone like Chad White and think “boy” — I mean, this is clearly a full-grown man.

    Save your complaints for sites which only feature anorexic guys barely out of high school.

  4. Paul R says

    I would pay lots of money to have a three-way with him and C. Wentworth Miller, then get confused about who was whom.

  5. kyhle says

    no one has a chance with him trust me! saw them together the other day.. and fuck.. she is fierce! they both have those angelina lips! yum! channah we love you!