1. Rad says

    I love Joe the Senator! His personal beliefs do not cloud what is right for the country. I wish more politicians would live up to his example.

  2. says

    I agree with RAD. Aside from the occasional gaffe, I have always felt that Biden is actually the best person to be President.

  3. Shan says

    Hey all you Log Cabin Republicans reading this. Maybe you should watch just in case Sarah Palin comes along too. Oh wait thats not going to happen since she just tolerates you.

  4. Joel says

    As someone who has voted for, volunteered for and donated to the Democratic Party for the last 17 years it will be a sad day for me on Nov. 4th when I vote for the Green Party. Both Obama and Biden s opposes Proposition 8 based only on the fact that it would write a restriction into a state constitution and not because they support Gay Marriage. Living in California I cannot vote for anyone politician who doesn’t believe in my right to marry. I’ve recently canceled my monthly autopay donation to the Dem Party.

  5. 24play says

    Short-sighted much, Joel?

    Oh well, you live in CA, so it’s not like your vote for president matters anyway. But I’m sure crazy Cynthia McKinney will be glad to have it.

  6. says

    As disappointed as I am with Obama and Biden’s lack of support for gay rights, I’ll still vote for them.

    A vote for anyone other than Obama is a vote for McCain. Plain and simple.

  7. patrick nyc says

    Plus we know how much the GOP loves us gays. At least the Dems don’t use us as bait to rally the vote. That and it’s clear how Palin tolerates us.

  8. seriously says

    i love biden and obama, but i don’t get why they don’t stand up for us one minute, then stand up for us in a diluted way the next. it’s disappointing that it’s on constitutional grounds that they oppose prop 8.

  9. Leland Frances says

    Yeh, Joel, you go ahead and do what millions of others did in 2000, vote Green. So what? That only gave Bush fils the White House, resulted in the deaths of thousands of Americans and Iraqis, nearly bankrupted the world, further destroyed the environment, and, lest we forget, stirred up such a tempest of homohatred that marriage equality has been constitutionally banned in nearly 20 states.

    Those with a roaring righteous indignation hardon like you are FAR more dangerous than our proclaimed enemies, because throwing away your vote makes you their accomplice.

    It was clear months ago that marriage equality was not a dog that would hunt in this election. I’ve been involved in gay activism for decades and know that it is ultimately the US Supreme Court that will resolve the issue of marriage equality, and if you’re willing to give the choice of who will fill the upcoming vacancies on the Court to John McShame—Trolodytes who most certainly would vote against it [remember McShame doesn’t even support domestic partnerships], because those appointments will be for LIFE—don’t wait until November 4th—kill yourself now, fool!

    Speaking of gay fools: still waiting for that announcement of the $67 Million Lesbian Ellen writing a check instead of more of this soft sell which does NOTHING to offset the viscious lies saturating California TV airwaves.

    Pretty pathetic when a poor boy like me has given more to NoOnProp8 than she has. She probably spends more on dog and cat food in a year than my pre-tax salary.

    Forget the puppies! Can’t you hear the gays crying, Clarise?

  10. says

    Marc — I think by promoting her very public wedding and creating a vehicle for someone like Joe Biden to express his disgust for Prop 8 is doing much more than your dollars and negativity will ever do for gay rights.

    Tearing a hero down. Must fill a whole somewhere in your soul.

    You have no idea what or how she may have donated in an anonymous fashion.

    But we do know she is doing this.
    Marc — what have you done that you can point us to ??

  11. Mike_in_Lancaster says

    I think sometimes the only reason I come to towleroad is because of an everlasting hope that Leland will post a comment.

    It should be a requirement that he comment on every item on the site…even the ads.

  12. marc says


    My comment was sarcastic you dolt.

    Posted to the whiny bitches who keep blasting Ellen for not doing anything about Prop8

    Try to keep up will you?


  13. Mr. E says

    A Log Cabin Republican is now in charge of No on 8. We’re doomed.
    But seriously why such the guilting of queers to support No on 8? I’m going to vote no and I donated money, but this is not a life a death situation. This is not like the Briggs initiative in the 70’s that would have cause queers to lose their jobs. Prop 8 isn’t really about equality it’s about semantics because even if it fails gay marriages will STILL not be recognized federally, people! You still wont be able to file joint federal taxes and god forbid one of us has a ‘husband’ that is not a US citizen. It won’t help for immigration. State gay marriage is basically a moot point untill it is recognized FEDERALLY.



    YOU CANNOT MAKE AN “ANONYMOUS” CONTRIBUTION TO THE NO ON 8 CAMPAIGN. STOP SPREADING THIS FALSEHOOD! State campaign finance laws require all donors to provide, name, address, occupation and employer — and that then becomes public record.

    No one is unappreciative of the things she has done; however, we are SHOCKED that, as a lesbian with SIXTY-SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS who just got married, Ellen has not stepped up and given a mega-contribution to help keep her marriage legal.

    AND AGAIN, for the umpteenth time,

    Why, pray tell, would ELLEN make a ‘private’ contribution? Especially if she isn’t scared to support the campaign with a PSA, blog post, etc.? PLEEEEEASE, someone present a credible argument, if you have one.

    What the fuck? Is she saving every penny for that Sixty-EIGHT million-dollar mansion she’s had her eye on?

    She is not so stupid as to not know that her $1 MILLION-PLUS donation would be an immense PR help, and unbelievable fundraising and volunteer recruiting catalyst for No on 8.

    She is just not doing her part, and it saddens me.

    RJP3 & MARC: What are YOU doing to help defeat Prop 8, besides shamefully defending Ellen’s SHAMEFUL INACTION??

  15. Bruce says

    I think I love Leland!! Leland do you have a blog, that would be priceless I’m sure. Keep up the good work.

  16. crispy says

    Actually, you are quite wrong about that.

    Our very own Leland Frances admitted yesterday that he contributed under a different name. As well, Perez Hilton (not his real name, duh) appears on your precious public records.

  17. Leland Frances says

    Reality Recap For Ellen’s Puppies:

    1. The law forbids any anonymous donations.
    2. Yes, she could launder the donation through someone else’s name but:

    a. What the fuck would be the purpose of her doing that? She’s out of the closet, personally, and verbally against Prop 8.
    b. It would be stupidly counterproductive of her to do it for whatever reason because she’s smart enough to know that hoi polloi are inspired by the donations of celebrities to give themselves.

    3. No one’s trying to “tear down a hero.” With wealth and influence comes responsibility. SHE has recognized that herself and has chosen to use it for other causes:

    a. She and Portia hosted a huge fundraiser at their Bel Air estate for Prop 2, the animal care initiative, and she was all over TV about that [local news; Extra; Entertainment Tonight, etc.]
    b. She’s recorded telephone messages to be used to raise awareness about cancer. Imagine what a bang the phone bank calling No On 8 could get if she did the same for them? Why hasn’t she? Does she have to be asked?
    c. Have you forgotten the notorious nervous breakdown on air that she had over who would get to keep a puppy? Isn’t our and her ultimate civil right even half as important to justify her time, her resources, her wealth, her tears?

    4. There’s as much argument to be made that IN ITS VACUUM her publicized wedding HELPS Prop 8 as much as it might hurt it. Face it, most voters are stupid. They read about her getting married and deduce that option is inalterable for all of us going forward. They see the frightening “The faggots are coming! The faggots are coming! Bar the church door! Lock up your children! Vote Yes on Prop 8!” ads and assume that is only about stopping “the homosexual agenda.”

    Her “soft sell” about 8 is the equivalent of putting flowers in the barrels of the enemy’s guns.

    Let’s dance.


    P.S. Fuck you, MR. E.

    Are you leading the charge to get gay marriage recognized at the federal level?

    Oh, you’re not? So, what would you say are some catalysts that might help sway public opinion and move the country towards wider acceptance?

    I myself would venture that having gay marriage fully legalized in the largest state in the country would be a fantastic catalyst. (Especially when the sky doesn’t come crashing down on us afterwards.)

    Thank god we have come so far since the 70’s and the Briggs initiative. That’s because people didn’t listen to nattering nabobs such as yourself, and were actually proactive in taking these steps towards full equality.

    Tell all the 11,000-plus people married here in California so far that Prop 8 is about “semantics”.

    Better yet, come over to West Hollywood on Saturday morning, where hundreds of volunteers will be working to defeat Prop 8, and tell them that it’s a “moot point.”

    And then turn around and run, because there will be an angry mob behind you to run you the fuck out of town.







    You can give up to $99 cash, in which case the donor slip you fill out could potentially have a different name than your own.

    Otherwise, you are giving a CHECK or CREDIT CARD information WITH YOUR NAME ON IT.

    Next thing someone is going to say is that Ellen set up an off-shore corporation and contributed through a Swiss bank account so nobody would find out!

  20. marc says


    Don’t drag me into your stupid game just becuase I made a sarcastic comment about Ellen doing absolutely nothing to the whiners who keep on whining.

    My contributions to society are none of your business, and I don’t have to prove anything to you.

    I’m glad you’re fired up, angry and passionate about prop 8, but get off your horse!

    How can you go about demanding things from people?
    Are you like that at work and home too?

    Must be a high-blood pressured life you live.

  21. crispy says

    Oh, I haven’t suggested that she did or should make an anonymous donation. I was just pointing out that no matter how much you use all caps, you are still wrong.

    Try being less shrill. Your message might be better appreciated.

  22. Leland Frances says

    Having been among her harshest critics here, today and in the past, I’m happy to be among the first to applaud Ellen for, according to a new story just posted by Andy, having finally done what’s best: purchasing broadcast TV time to air her PSA. Hopefully, it’s not too late. IF the time she bought is equal to that of the Yes on 8 fascists, she could singlehandedly turn the tide back in equality’s favor and deserve our eternal gratitude.

  23. el polacko says

    so let’s recap : biden and obama staunchly oppose equal marriage rights (obama says he’s too christian to support us) BUT they want marriage rights in california to remain intact… orwell would be proud.

  24. Derrick from Philly says

    el palacko & Roscoe:

    you guys talk as though you’ve been a recognizable oppressed minority for hundreds of years, and denied the right to marry. We’ve only been considered a legitimate minority group for a few decades. Most people, especially the Sarah Palins, don’t even consider us to be in existence as mature human beings. Atleast Biden and Obama consider us to be a legitimate minority, and not just silly boys who’ve never grown-up– just playing with other boys.

    Ask John and Sarah what they think of us.

  25. Dana J says

    OK here’s the breakdown of this:

    Joe and Obama oppose gay CIVIL unions, they don’t oppose gay MARRIAGES. I had to listen closely to the wording from the debates but palin is against gay marriage period. Biden and Obama want gay marriage to be upheld and have the same rights are heterosexual marriages. with civil unions it’s not recognized at all. I have several gay friends who could only have a civil union and hate the fact that they cannot get married and be recognized as a married couple with the same rights. Biden doesn’t oppose gay people getting married, he wants for them to be seen as a MARRIED couple with all the rights and privileges. He did try to come out and say that but him being a politician and I guess fearing a backlash or something he came out sounding like he was against it. Palin might not oppose gay marriage too, but it sounded like she flat out said I’m against gay marriage.

    I wish politicians would get that right, it’s like the whole abortion thing, it’s all about wording.

  26. Mr.E says

    Wow, how vile you are Showmethemoney! What is up your skanky ass? PROVE to me that this is not about semantics. Why don’t YOU, you piece of shit, explain to the Matthew Shepards and Gwen Araujos out there that the 20 million dollars that could have been spent on educating tolerance and acceptance of queers and transgenders instead went to help out mostly privileged white people. Oh, that’s right, you can’t! Because they’re DEAD! Murdered because our leaders would rather focus on semantics rather than education.

    And what I do or don’t do for my community here in the Castro of SF is none of your damn business. I am quite satisfied with the service I do for my community, where it’s most crucial! I help keep the Castro safe from murderers and bashers-being able to ‘marry’ my lover doesn’t help that much.

  27. el polacko says

    dana j.. you have it completely backwards. biden and barack are “against discrimination” BUT are staunchly opposed to equal marriage rights. it was, you may recall, the one issue that both he and palin agreed upon.. much to the amusement of all.. at their debate.
    .. and derrick : palin has said in interviews that her closest friend and confidante (other than her hubby) happens to be a lesbian. i doubt that she considers her friend to be less than human.
    reel in the palin derangement syndrome a little.
    .. and btw, biden’s fundraiser is 5 THOUSAND dollars a plate, not 5 hundred. will any of that money go to ‘no on 8′ now that he’s told ellen he’s against it ??

  28. noah says


    Will you people just stop fighting over trivial stuff?

    First: DeGeneres is giving $100K for a PSA

    Two: Both Obama & Biden oppose prop 8. The support gay rights! In particular, full marriage equality under federal law in the form of Civil Unions. Obama stated in his interview with the Advocate magazine he could not get enough votes for marriage but could get them for Civil Unions.

    Obama also explained that he was following the architecture used by the Civil Rights movement. This meant, using the legislature to pass laws that were feasible given the country’s politics and the Supreme Court to move the rest of the way.

    As another poster commented, the REALL battle is in the Supreme Court! For godssake, stop being so lazy and read google Loving v. Virginia. Also, read Obama & Biden’s positions on gay rights:

    Seriously, why do we have to have the same arguments day after day? Get off your lazy asses and go to Obama’s web site and READ!!!

    You’re on a web blog, how hard is it to google gay rights?

    Instead of making up stuff or speculating read what he says!

    Then try to do the same at John McCain’s website. You won’t find zilch! Why? Because queers, gays, lesbians, transfolk are “icky” and don’t matter unless they are hired, boot licking underlings or suckers willing to vote for them.

    Some of you folks are so focused on “marriage” that you forget that MOST gay Americans can lose their jobs and be denied housing because of their sexuality. How about worrying about those millions of people and the legislation that can protect their lives, too? ENDA! DADT! Anti-hate crimes law! along with DOMA and marriage/civil unions.

    Read a history book and learn how EFFECTIVE Lyndon Johnson was in getting the MOST important Civil Rights legislation passed: voting rights, fair housing, employment rights, etc.

    Marriage rights came from the Supreme Court!!! To get justices who will vote for us means getting a Democrat in the White House.

    Do yourselves a favor and stop speculating and read Obama/Biden’s plans:

    Focus on the BIG picture! We have to win the White House to control the Supreme Court!! If we don’t get liberal judges on the Court, we’re screwed!

  29. Jay says

    Seeing as how Ellen is one of MANY other out celebs haven’t “ponied up” like they’re “supposed” to, I wonder if they know something we don’t about the NO on 8 campaign’s situation. Looks like she preferred to have control over the output of the message and thus plunked $100k down for the PSA herself, thus making sure it didn’t put forth anything she didn’t agree with. Frankly, her free publicity for the pro-equality effor on her show is worth more than any monetary donation could be.

  30. says

    Hmmm somebody’s not paying attention, Jay!

    I’m frankly pretty impressed that Biden, the #2 person on the ticket, is willing to come out this publicly and spend political capital on Prop. 8.

    Of course they won’t say they’re for marriage. That would not be politically wise at this point, but they will work for equality and against denying rights already granted.